The Element of Time-Focus

Dear Ed,

I told you as I finished my previous book – Soul Memory – that I would write in detail about the last three of the eight elements I described.

The first five elements are somewhat well known. Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Friction or Sexual Desire.

That was those five elements, Ed, that most people have heard of.

But there are eight elements that I know of, which I have not just learned of from my Granddad (the dude programmed me with stories from the age of three) but have also explicitly experienced myself.

They are Time Focus – the element that manifests as Phosphorus in the body, and causes us to manifest and be held in a certain point in eternity as long as our soul wills it; Dream-Sleep – the element that physically causes our weight to increase when we’re asleep, the heaviness we feel on our eyelids and which runs our biorhythms; and Buoyancy or Second Wind – the element which when it  leaves the body at death flattens and increases the weight of the body as a result.

I wrote about these three together in my book “Soul Memory in the Elements of Time Focus, Dream-Sleep and Buoyancy”.

Here I present the section on Time Focus. It’s something I feel deserves special attention on its own.

The Element of Time Focus

Ed, I cannot describe to you in words, the sacred awe with which I approach the subject of the Soul of Time. This is not a topic for me to write to you about, like an intellectual topic. This is something far more than that to me.

When I was born, Ed, my mother passed away half an hour later. I was never to know her physical hug, the sound of her laughing, singing, the compassion and sympathy that only a mother can have for a person. I was never to hear her voice calling me home, never to see pride or joy in her eyes for me, never to eat anything cooked by her, never to know her as a person. When a person loses their mother, if they haven’t met their soul-mate yet, they become homeless in this world.

My father was separated from me in a story too lengthy for this writing.  But I was never to know the warmth of his presence in my daily life, feel that sense of security that only one’s father gives a person.

I grew up very alone, deprived of physical warmth and care. As I grew up, because of circumstances to do with my being a subject of rituals for trauma harvesting, I was kept isolated, held hostage by essentially cold entities who did not love me and were just doing their job being nice to me. Pleasant behavior can never replace love, no matter how pleasant it is.

I was prevented from making friends with who I wanted to be friends with, prevented from being with people who could understand English (my first language), and in general prevented from social interactions of my choice.

What saved me, Ed, saved my very soul from the brink of the annihilation of the living death, that giving up on love is, is my soul’s seeking of love beyond time.

I know this could sound really… flaky… Ed. But I don’t really care. I’m telling you the truth.

I was thirteen when one day I felt so very lonely. I climbed up the roof of the house to the very top and sat there under the stars and spoke loudly to God. I cannot remember my words but my heart cried to God for love. I felt love out there… beyond the stars, and my soul tried to reach beyond the beyond because I knew someone out there loved me.

I knew because when I was eight and had left my body during an extremely traumatic experience, I experienced this tunnel of strong magnetism pulling me, but a being like a cloud wrapping around me prevented me from going into the tunnel.

That was God and I knew that love was out there somewhere.

Someone had loved me so much, who had stood against the strong pull of the tunnel ahead, holding me back.

Call it Time, call it Space, call it “Another place”… It’s just that there is something beyond this realm and our everyday awareness; a HUGE something with all kinds of possibilities, that can make up for every lack we experience here.

We have loved ones there, and there’s a connection from there to here, that we have in our bodies, a very real connection.

Worldwide, Ed, people find strength to live their lives by connecting with love beyond the limits we’re given.

This is a fact, Ed, no matter what anyone says.

And that capability we have in our souls, to connect outside of the mental limits, with our souls, to the great beyond, that is the element of Time Focus in us.

Our mental sense of time, Ed, is set by the sunrise and sunset, a phenomenon local to our earth, just a small place in the huge universe.

Our mental sense of time is programmed by the clock; 12 hours of AM and 12 hours of PM; Then the days of the week, then the months and then the years and decades and centuries.

The whole thing is such a tiny, tiny part of actual REAL time which doesn’t just go in arithmetic progression such as 1, 2, 3, 4; but also expands outwards in other progressions.

In REAL time, Ed, our heart beat sets the pace, our breathing in and out, our metabolism; our cell frequencies. When these change, our “Time” changes and fluctuates.

The lowest unit of Time is called a “Kaal” in ancient Indian philosophy. They say that a Kaal is the time taken by an atom inside a cell to make one rotation of that cell. Some define it as 1/ 60,000 th of a second. It is however, a word to describe the hypothetical smallest unit of time, which is infinite.

The more you zoom into something, the more you see that you can zoom in more. You’re only stopped by the ability of the instrument you’re zooming in with.

So a Kaal is basically the smallest unit of time a person can possibly comprehend or experience.

To put it all simply, Ed, our awareness of where we are now in Time is a function of our soul’s ability to zoom in and zoom out and zoom this way or that in the infinity of Time.

This element of Time, Ed, is as physical as it is a soul element. It is experienced as luminescence in the body. Luminescence is something like “shiny” Ed, but more of “shines in the dark” or “shines while being dark at the same time.

We can experience luminescence at that point in the early morning when the air is pregnant with the light of day but not yet visible; Or when the evening is bright but full of the darkness of the night setting in.

It is that which gives a person a primeval glow that’s not exactly brightness.

In the body, Ed, it manifests in the form of Phosphorus, a substance that glows in the dark. This substance plays a critical role in the very structure of the bone cells, bones and therefore the body itself. The shape and size of us starts with phosphorus, the manifestation of the element of Time in our bodies.

All the luminaries of the sky, Ed, the sun, moon, stars, these are all light emitters through the function of Time Zoom. They are light moving, but seem stationary, or their paths fixed because of the place in time we’re looking at them from.

At different times in history the sky was different. The stars over the Tropic of Cancer now were over the Tropic of Capricorn a long time ago. LIGHT MOVES.

Speed in modern physics is based on the speed of light; the time taken by light to get from Point A to Point B.

Distance and Time and Speed are calculated as related to each other.

Our being here at this Time, now, is basically our awareness holding a particular configuration that focuses our awareness here, just as we can focus our microscope on a tiny insect.

We can zoom out to see many insects, we can zoom in further to look at only the insect’s wing, and we can even zoom elsewhere and see something else altogether.

Our soul zooms in and out and here and there; does this all the time, only we’ve been blocked from giving respect to our out-of-time experiences. It gives us too much freedom, exposes us to influences outside of the control of those who want to control our consciousness and energy and lives.

Our modern lifestyles are designed to hog our attention and keep our Time Zoom focused on things others consider important, but which might not be a priority for our souls.

In this world I’m nothing but another orphan with a tragic story, Ed. But in the reality of my soul which experiences Time beyond this that my mind has been restricted to by contemporary education, in my soul, Ed, I am a loved daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, grandmother. I am supported by love, by those who have blessed me before, who have wished me well, who have understood me and who have shared my soul purpose.

Imagination never fed a hungry heart, Ed, it only whets the appetite. But actual soul experience of connecting to love, to strength that is beyond time can and does feed a hungry heart. I’m not the only one who has experienced this.

It is a poverty of soul, Ed, that we’ve been kept in, where we feel separation from those who love us who have passed on. The real tragedy isn’t that our loved ones have moved on leaving us here. The real tragedy is that we feel separated from them, and are unable to experience the timeless bond between us.

It is suppression and weakening of our Time Focus function that causes us to feel so disconnected and separated from our loved ones.

How do we strengthen this ability to expand beyond any one given time?

We become aware of being timeless.

It sounds really deep, Ed, but it’s very simple. It’s the simple realization that we can actually never be IN time.

For example, at the time I type this it is 4.36.51am.

Wait, it’s 4.36.55am.

Wait, no, it’s 4.37.01am.

Wait no, it’s 4.37.05am.

You see? The second we say, “It’s this time,” it’s already no longer that time.

So we’re not actually in any time ever, except in our heads.

Our bodies have their own clocks, set by our soul. That’s how, if you ask someone, “How long have you been here?” They’ll say, “About twenty minutes.” How do they know that? How does anyone know how much time has passed, who isn’t constantly timing themselves?

How does a pregnant woman’s body know at which time to supply which nutrient for the baby’s growth?

How do our bodies know anything to do with time?

Our own eternal internal soul clock keeps our own timeless time.

All tension in the body and psyche comes from time conflict in our cells; when our mind is imposing a certain behavior on our cells and body and psyche based on a mental idea of time, when in fact we are timeless and running on our own eternal soul clock.

In my book “Sara in the Wheelwork,” I wrote about how Ari, a soldier who got knocked out on an operation, was in a coma for three weeks. When he woke up, he felt he’d been sleeping for about four hours. He was stunned by all the changes that had happened around him in the three weeks he’d been sleeping, when he had experienced only about four hours.

Many people experience this falling out of mental time, especially when asleep. It’s because when we become completely relaxed and in the moment, we fall out of mentally imposed time, into our own soul and body clock. Various things we’re programmed mentally into believing will happen with the progression of time, don’t happen when we’re outside of the influence of that programming, such as in deep sleep or meditation or deep joyful actions such as making love.

There are people who are so passionately involved in their work that they go superhuman hours, even days, awake, lost to the progression of time around them, and are none the worse for it.

Nature is such that different beings exist together, each in their own timeless body or soul clock. The imposition of a fixed time on living beings, has resulted in people shutting down little by little the ability to communicate with those in different time cycles from ours, ie., cut us out of sensing beings from other time dimensions.

Living beings of different time dimensions manifest differently and when we mentally are closed to the existence of beings of other time dimensions, we stop sensing and interacting with these beings.

It has caused serious deep depression in people; this being cut off from interaction with other time dimensions. Our ancestors lived a sweetness of life, filled with stories and experiences of interaction with fairies, nature spirits, souls reaching out across time. It has been just a century or two now that beings from other time dimensions have been outlawed from our public consciousness and those who speak of such interactions treated like there’s something wrong with them, and demonized. What a horrible and inhuman thing it is.

We’re like children put in a boarding school and told that our families don’t exist because they’re not recognized as existing by the boarding master; because they aren’t our height or size and don’t wear the same uniform as the inmates of the boarding school. Many children have stopped being able to see anyone not wearing a uniform.

Many of our talents depend on interacting with other time dimensions. It’s safe to say that most creative processes can only work when not limited by time. “Thinking outside the box,” literally means “thinking outside the limits of the current common consciousness”.

A baby is conceived when a man and woman’s energy fields vibrate together at the same time. The soul of the baby is vibrating at that time and cannot be conceived at any other time.

A most basic cause of infertility is that the man and woman’s energy field – made of both soul and the body the soul has manifested – are unable to vibrate at the same time, or that time is not the time that their genes need them to be in to match the soul of the baby’s.

The ancients had an elaborate system to read time. They did it with astrology, the zodiac; acknowledging not just the sun and moon, but the planets as influencing time in our bodies and lives.

This however, can never be an exact science, simply because the universe is always changing, has changed since these sciences last evolved, and these sciences do not take into account, infinity.

We, children of the infinite universe will never be restricted to any time.

We only cause ourselves tension and stress when we restrict ourselves to any sort of time.

What I’m saying, Ed, is that;

We cannot actually be in any time, because as soon as it’s a time, the time has changed.

We have an internal soul eternal body clock that runs the times of our lives. Any imposed mental static time clashes with this soul time, causing us tension and various problems. This internal time reckoning system is flexible and therefore we can connect with beings in other time dimensions.

I didn’t know all this mentally, Ed, for most of my life. But I’ve been sensitive to it because of spending my childhood and teenage years in isolation and prayer on my own, often fasting.

Fasting increases awareness of one’s own body or soul time as the food carries its own atomic structure or body time and not having food inside in a dominant way, gives us free time from dealing with the food’s time, to increase our awareness of our own time.

In fact, Ed – juicy side thought – Overeating is often us struggling to keep connection with a time dimension that our soul and body is not vibrating to anymore. We use food to connect to the environment and if we find we’re not able to connect to a particular frequency, we are attracted to the foods that carry that frequency to heal our connection. Unfortunately for us, very few foods now available to us have their natural frequency still, so all they do is provide work for our bodies to digest.

We don’t even know if we like something or not, and our bodies don’t recognize – say an apple for an apple – if it’s not vibrating at the frequency our soul expects it to…. Based on…. Guess what… MEMORY FROM ANOTHER TIME.

Also, sometimes we want to connect to frequencies we once found safe or pleasurable and eat the foods that made us vibrate to that frequency. However, our soul not being willing anymore to be connected to that, causes the body to react to those foods like they’re poison now. Those foods are in fact poison to us now. We develop inflammation through the body and could collect water and fat to deal with the constant inflammation, making us put on weight.

People who left a safe and nurturing emotional environment for a shocking and difficult one, often put on weight trying to connect to the old environment for security.

This was an excerpt from the book “Soul Memory in the Elements of Time Focus, Dream-Sleep and Buoyancy”.

This excerpt is also part of a smaller book, a Kindle Only publication “The Element of Time-Focus.”

Descriptions of the soul elements of Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Friction and how to release the memory held in them in our bodies, is in the book – Soul Memory

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