Thyroid Imbalance & Fidelity to Soul Frequency

How I always come back to Granddad’s words; Conv. with Granddad on how to balance the thyroid; The thyroid is an indicator of frequency stability; Sleep-Waking states; Forced frequency vs natural frequency; How do you know when you’re being manipulated?

Dear Ed,

Many times in my life, I’ve been told by the medical establishment that there’s no cure for me but hospitalization and life support till death. For example, just before the day I had two cardiac arrests on the same day at the age of 18, I had been told the only treatment for my condition was hospitalization and constant monitoring to prevent a heart attack which my body already weakened by years of heart trouble would not be able to recover from.

I was advised to face that I would never be able to do things others did – like climb up many stairs without stopping, do vigorous dancing, have sex, give birth, and so on.

My Granddad however would have none of it. He didn’t turn a hair about any of it. His rock-like confidence in the ability of my body to heal inspired me – well it was all I had then because everyone else was getting ready for my funeral anyhow.

From then on though, I began to respect what he said about things rather than what the women’s magazines and books I picked up at the news agency by people with a lot of Phd.s, said.

In my journey of healing, I’ve read and tried many forms of healing, and I’ve read up and studied mainstream biology and botany text books to a point you’d find it hard to find a student of those sciences has done.

The best research is done by a person who is actually life-threatened by a condition, rather than someone whose job it is.

But always Ed, I’ve hit walls, walls where “science” doesn’t make sense, where something supposed to work, doesn’t work, and then I’ve come back to what Granddad said. Luckily for me, I loved and adored him so much, I have in me the memory of even his breathing between his words. So now he’s moved on, I still remember what he said and taught me.

His confidence Ed, in the body’s ability to heal, if the spirit wants to heal… It’s just been a great foundation for me in my life and I suppose, it’s the one most important thing to pass on to others – because once our own spirit decides to heal, sooner or later, one way or another, we WILL.

Granddad demonstrated this to me in my body. He would say “Semper Fi.” That’s short for “Semper Fidelis”. Which means “Always (Semper) Loyal (Fidelis – fidelity)”. I recently found out that US Army veterans say that to each other a lot and think perhaps it’s an Army motto.

But Granddad would say it to me with many deep soul meanings, like, “I’ll always be loving you.”

One of those meanings he explained to me one day, was that, the body is always “Semper Fi” to the soul. And I was like, “Oh no!! I’m a mess then!” And he said, “Your soul will never STAY a mess, my love. You are fed by a fresh eternal spring.” And I went on to understand that if my soul kept healing, and my body was going to be Semper Fi to my soul, my body would heal too.

It’s been so long since Granddad said that to me. He said it to me at a time I was writing letters to be given to my loved ones when I died. Some of those I wrote the letters to have died. But here I am still.

Ed, this is the longest introduction to a topic I’ve written so far, but it’s just so important because the foundation of anything is so important and this is my foundation that my Granddad gave me and this is why I do what I do.

Getting to the topic;

This week I was looking at an advertisement on Youtube that popped up, advertising a supplement for thyroid healing. The ad showed these shocking statistics on how thyroid problems are so common and I remembered Granddad telling me about how the thyroid glands work, or rather let’s call them ONE being in two parts – like the heart has four chambers but is one heart.

This is something that came up when I was studying the mainstream endocrinology text books to understand hormonal imbalance.

I was sort of brain numbed out because for all I was reading, I simply couldn’t really understand the thyroid. All I really got was that when it was overactive, the metabolism of the body got faster, making people lose weight faster, causing male hormones to be produced more, often resulting in changes to bone structure; and when it was under-active the metabolism got slower making the person be sluggish, put on weight and all the complications that come with a sluggish system.

So Granddad sorted it out for me in a way I could understand and I’m typing it up now for posterity. I’ve based my treatment of my own self for a unstable thyroid gland on this and have done very well. Especially considering the medical establishment has no cure whatsoever for thyroid imbalance.

Me – I already know the thyroid is the body’s frequency regulation device. And frequency regulates the metabolism (how fast or slow the body works).

Granddad – Yes.

Me: What I want to know is, what makes it go out of whack. I know it’s affected by everything, but what makes it SERIOUSLY start malfunctioning?

Granddad – Have you got that picture of poppies still on your desktop?

Me: No… I’ve changed it.

Granddad – What about that picture of sunflowers on the wall?

Me: Oh I removed that YEARS ago, I have other pictures now.

Granddad – Which flowers’ pictures do you have around you these days?

Me: Uhmm…. none right now, Granddad. I do have real plants you know.

Granddad – You have changed your habits, haven’t you!

Me: I’ve grown up!

Granddad – That’s what makes the thyroid seriously ill.

Me – What? Growing up and changing tastes?

Granddad – Growing up and pretending to have changed tastes.

Me – Oh please.

Granddad – You know you want pictures of flowers everywhere.

Me – Sure I do, but I’ve got other pics up now and there’s only so much wall space.

Granddad – (Silence)

Me – Ok, I get it. But I don’t understand it.

Granddad – You want the theory to type up and sound smart on the internet, don’t you?

Me – Exactly.

Granddad – You should have said so. Now listen carefully. And don’t jump in for at least a few minutes.

Me – Okay.

Granddad – There’s no such state as only sleeping or only waking. As long as we’re in the body, we’re in some combination of sleeping and waking. At any time, the most sleep we can get is 50%. And the most awake we can get is 50%. So we’re always both asleep and awake.

The thyroid is the sleep-waking ratio indicator.

What are called “waking activities” – such as digesting food, breaking down food and absorbing nutrition, and processing conscious thoughts, these are associated with the waking state frequencies. What are called “resting activities” are all those preparation activities before the waking work begins.

Me – I know what you mean. At the Dragon restaurant where I worked a few weeks, the cook used to spend hours before opening time, chopping up all the vegetables and meat and making sauces. This was so when the restaurant opened and customers came in, he could very quickly put together dishes, he already had all the raw materials ready.

Granddad – So that’s what our body does in the resting frequencies. The thyroid is the indicator of which frequency we’re in.

Me – The thyroid is ot the controller or switch? That’s the impression I got from the textbook.

Granddad – No, it’s the controller of signals to make the hormones that trigger off activities. But that’s its reaction to the body’s frequency state. The thyroid is an indicator.

When an indicator indicates something, you don’t try to change its indications and say the problem is solved. You actually solve the problem and the indicator works well again.

Me – Oh my…. Ok, I’m getting it now. So you’re saying the thyroid itself never really falls ill, it’s just an indicator.

Granddad – Nothing of you ever falls ill – everything is an indicator. Get that straight Cara, or you will go penniless trying to fix yourself.

Me – I’ll try.

Granddad – What you have to remember so far is this – The thyroid is the indicator of the state of waking or rest the body is in.

When there is metabolic imbalance that matches the symptoms of what they call thyroid being overactive or underactive, it means the body is not smoothly changing from one frequency to another.

Me: You mean like someone isn’t waking up from deep sleep by going through the sleep stages, but is getting shocked awake?

Granddad – Exactly like that. But this happens even while waking. Through shocking.

Me – I see, so this is some sort of – I don’t know – regular shocking causing sudden changes of frequency?

Granddad – If you shock the body regularly, the body adapts to that lifestyle. Man can survive in environments where he shifts from fast asleep to fighting off a predator in a matter of seconds. Our instincts kick in faster than you can imagine. In fact, my love, we are really never shocked because before something happens to our bodies, our spirit senses it and our frequency is already changing – before our mind is aware of it, to face the change.

Me – So what causes the problem then?

Granddad – Do you remember the rollercoaster ride you wouldn’t get on?

Me – Oh that… Granddad you know those makeshift rollercoasters are not to be trusted.

Granddad – Yes, but they would hardly be out to murder people like that. It would’ve ended the fair and they’d never be in business again.

Me – Yes, but a fat lot of good that would do me after something happened to me on the rollercoaster.

Granddad – You trying to be safe these days?

Me – I’ve never been a risky type Granddad!

Granddad – (Rolling his eyes.)

Me – What! I’ve been such a good girl and you know it! Name ONE not safe thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Granddad – I can’t remember one SAFE thing you’ve ever done.

Me (almost howling in misery) – What do you mean!!

Granddad – A safe thing to do according to me – would be to invest in stability. What have you done to invest in stability?

Me – What are you talking about!

Granddad – All I’ve seen you do is chase after highs and try to be at frequencies you like.

Me – What about doing yoga and breathing exercises everyday! That’s investing in stability for sure. What about all the meditation I’ve done!!

Granddad – That’s all you attempting to right your wrongs.

Me – I’m devastated Granddad. Devastated.

Granddad – Naturally. It’s a devastating truth. You don’t invest in stability of soul. You just take it for granted. You believe the rubber band holding you to life will pull you back from whichever crazy trip you’re on.

Me – Well yeah. What’s wrong with that.

Granddad – The rubber band’s pissed off.

Me – Granddad you ought not to use language like that.

Granddad – The rubber band’s pissed off.

Me – Okay. Is the rubber band the thyroid?

Granddad – In a way.

Me – So the thyroid’s pissed off because I’m going through these extreme frequency changes and not investing in stability?

Granddad – The thyroid’s the indicator of the pissed offness level of the soul, at being stretched to be in frequencies that are not faithful to itself.

Me – Wait, wait, wait. The soul is stretched to be in frequencies in that are not faithful to itself?

Granddad – You remember when you were fifteen or sixteen, that time you met me after Sunday church?

Me – I met you after many…. which day was this?

Granddad – You remember you put your head down on the restaurant table and said, “I’ve cried so much my head hurts?”

Me – Vaguely….

Granddad – You went on to tell me that there had been a “healing” service and the mic had been passed around to people describing their problems and you’d gotten so moved you’d cried and cried. I had to get you to drink two beer glassfuls of watermelon juice to replenish fluids.

Me – Oh yes… that happened a lot Granddad. But that day was bad…there was this boy…

Granddad – Stop it right there. If your mind had been Semper Fi to your soul you wouldn’t have been in that frequency of sorrow that did not match the rest of you. You wouldn’t have lost energy like that.

Me – Well, come to think of it, it was some sort of emotionally working up game that used to be played in that church. Everyone gets worked up and cries and stuff.

Granddad – Ok now, what’s the one verse you remember from the book of “Song of Solomon” in the Bible?

Me – “Do not awaken love until it so desires.”

Granddad – And why should you not?

Me – I don’t know… because the rest of the system is not ready?

Granddad – Exactly. And by “love” there in that book they mean sexual feeling.

Me – Oh.

Granddad – Yes.

Me – You mean…..

Granddad – Yes, I mean that faking sexual feeling is the same as the emotional working up in that juicer-blender of a church you used to go to.

Me – Damn.

Granddad – Anytime you’re not being Semper Fi to your soul, you’re putting your system in a frequency it cannot support, draining it of energy reserves. This makes a body that should be in a waking frequency, slip into sleeping frequencies to re-make the raw materials that have been lost – making the body sluggish.
If this happens too much, the body could go into severe stress and behave like it no longer needs the quality raw materials made in the sleeping frequencies and starts living off the lesser quality raw material made in waking frequencies that’s only intended for emergencies. That’s an overactive thyroid.

Either way, the result is systemic dysfunction, low quality new cells everywhere, that break and bruise and stop working.

Me – Granddad does this have something to do with osteoporosis and bone fragility?

Granddad – Anything that’s a result of low quality cell reproduction is because of this.

Me – Ok, so you’re saying that my mood being manipulated, changes the frequency of my system and this leads to full body low quality everything?

Granddad – When your mental experience does not match your inner soul experience you are stretching things. If you do it too much you develop a thyroid type – or rather frequency disorder.

Me – But what about if I’m very depressed and I try to lift up my mood by watching something I like or enjoy? Is that manipulation? How I do know what’s manipulation and what’s just me taking care of myself?

Granddad – If you DESIRE a state or frequency, it’s not manipulation no matter how you go about reaching that frequency. But if you do NOT DESIRE a state or frequency, but feel compelled to hold it for some reason, that’s manipulation.

Me – I don’t like the frequency I have to be in when I go shopping.

Granddad – Then don’t hold it.

Me – But I have to. Where I am, if I relax I’ll get hit on, cheated… all kinds of things. You have to maintain this high level of tension and alertness or you’ll get taken for a ride.

Granddad – It’s others that have to be in those frequencies to get through that experience. Now what you do, is instead of imitating them, find your own way of dealing with the situation.

(Update – I took Granddad’s advice and have used it successfully.)

Me – So what you’re saying is, “Stay in your own frequency – Semper Fi.”

Granddad – Yes.

Me – So what if I’m being emotionally or energetically manipulated and I don’t know it?

Granddad – Smell yourself.

Me – What? Now?

Granddad – Yes, go ahead.

Granddad – I’d try armpit – you’ve most likely put essential oils on your wrist.

Me – Yes I have.

Granddad – So that’s not your smell, is it?

Me – No.

Granddad – So smell the armpit area of your shirt.

Granddad – Now you’ve come in touch with your hormones when you’re speaking to Granddad. You’re happy, if a little shocked. You’re calm. You have hope.

But when you’re being manipulated in any way, your smell will change.

Me – Oh Granddad I know exactly what you mean.

Granddad – This is basic human survival. When the smell in your nose, when the smell in your head, changes, it’s a primal signal of a changed frequency. If you’re comfortable with the smell, you’re being Semper Fi to your soul. If you don’t like the smell, if you want to run to the shower, you’re being forced into a frequency your soul doesn’t find true to reality.

Me – Granddad I once was on the road. And there was this fight going on – and I sort of got emotionally sucked in because there was this woman yelling things and I felt bad for her. When I came home, I just had to shower. I felt bad because – don’t we all have our sorrows…. I don’t like the idea of wanting to wash out “negative energy” so to speak. I don’t – I cannot consider someone’s legitimate feelings however unpleasant as “negative energy”.

I really hate it Granddad when people push away other people’s hurts and complaints saying, “no negativity, no negativity.” But I felt like I had to shower when I went home that day.

Granddad – How many times have I told you not to mind other peoples’ business? And should you feel emotionally moved, or changed, and you don’t like the change of smell in you, you don’t stick around till you’re stinking. You don’t judge anything. You just say to yourself, “My soul doesn’t want this.” And you move away.


I don’t think I can add anything to what Granddad said. I just want to conclude Ed, with the summary of all of this. You know I’m writing this more for me than you.

– The thyroid is just an indicator of the frequency stability or instability of our system.

– We don’t heal the indicator, we heal the problem, which is frequency instability.

– Our frequency gets unstable when we allow ourselves to be in frequencies that do not match our soul.

– Our natural body smell is the best indicator of whether our soul is in sync with our emotional experience or not.

– Beginning to be faithful – Semper Fi – Always Faithful – to our souls is the way to heal and balance our metabolism. Our thyroid will naturally balance as a result.

That word Fidelis, or Fidelity means more than just “faithful”. Fidelity reminds me of a mirror. We ought to allow our body and mind to reflect our soul like a mirror. That’s what’s natural – that’s good health.

– Investing in stability means investing our time in, and doing things that match what our soul loves, even things like what we have on the walls around us.

Note: Now, Ed, you understand what an assault on our very health and well-being the suppression of soul expression is. Whether that’s mandating how we should dress, or what we should do, how we should behave, or forcing emotional states through foods and medicines that interfere with our hormones.

Basically Ed, changing our humanity by suppressing our freedom; teaching us to do it to ourselves (!), is what has caused such widespread metabolic disorders.

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P.S. Granddad wasn’t done on the topic:
Make Armpit Sniffing Great Again – Yeast and Healing, Fertility, Wellness

Also P.S. Interestingly the Poppy and the Sunflower are two energies famous for fidelity. The Poppy maintains its exact frequency half way between sleeping and waking – where it induces sleep while it itself is awake, inspiring us to be likewise faithful to our own frequency. The Sunflower is faithful to the sun, turning its head towards the sun as the sun moves through the sky. Its fidelity of focus inspires us likewise in focusing our awareness where our soul needs it to be for our well-being.

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