Treating Organ Wall Weakness Holistically; Displacement & Isolation

(Letter to Ed republished for valuable insight on the cause of the loss of organ wall strength, leaking organs such as in the case of leaking gut syndrome, and a little bit of history on how my Granddad investigated the Wasting Liver Disease of the 1800s and how I came in touch with the leaking organs energy pattern.)  

Ed, in the past few decades a new sort of condition has become common. It isn’t being marketed by the media yet because it’s practically impossible to “cure”.

It’s what was only before experienced in the days before death due to aging. When the organs of the body lose their tightness if you will, and begin to leak cells and the substances into the surrounding areas.

A large number of cancers, especially lymphatic cancers are caused by those cells that should never have been there in the first place, that leaked out of organs.

Leaking gut syndrome is perhaps the only “leaking” condition widely known in our times. It is not its own cause, but is caused by the same thing that makes all the organs of the body not maintain their walls properly.

In the early 1800s, my Granddad told me, there was a condition going about where people’s livers would decay inside them. He said that it was at the time akin to something like a curse because people simply couldn’t understand what made an otherwise healthy person suddenly one day bedridden and soon after, dead. On autopsy they’d find livers gone black. In those days that was seen as severe poisoning, yet they could not find which poison had caused that.

Granddad said there had been no remedy found for it and that the news of it had been suppressed and the cause of death fabricated to point to other causes. “Consumption,” was one such cause used to cover the sudden liver decay. Often completely unrelated causes were listed as the cause of death. The more money you could pay, the more “respectable” the cause of death would be.

In one case of a very important family’s 25 year old son developing the condition, they actually did the blood transfusions of the time and found that the liver was so decayed it dirtied up the new blood of the body as soon as it could.

You know Ed, how that disease became “history”? They suppressed information about it so that it did not become a “psychologically spreading disease” (what we call “psychosomatic condition” in our times) and made sure that those who had it stayed isolated and didn’t reproduce before they died. Because they concluded that it was an inherited tendency.

Granddad said that they were successful to some extent because when there were no more children of those who carried the decaying liver condition and very few people in touch with those in the asylums who had the condition, it seemed to have gone away.

Later on – forty years on – a strange thing was recorded. Ed, in those days, “news” among the common people didn’t come from newspaper or town criers. It was carried by merchants and tradesmen. They traveled a lot and their physical products were not their only value.

So around the mid-1800s, about forty years after the decaying liver disease was almost forgotten and a new generation was dominant in society, a merchant ship which had docked in Plymouth from its travels between Siam (now Thailand) all the way around India and then Africa, had gotten chimpanzees or monkeys. Granddad couldn’t be sure which because back then people didn’t know the difference much, so the story was told with some saying chimpanzees and some saying monkeys.

These were from, “The Horn of Africa”. Four of them. They began a tour of the south of England – something like a mini circus. They’d be invited to fairs and the like. The owner was a cloth merchant who’d been fascinated by monkeys and decided he could make a lot of money showing them around England and Wales.

So Ed, what happened next was no secret among the common people because those monkeys were very popular among common folk.

That man, his uncle had died of the wasting liver disease in the early 1800s. He hadn’t been born then, and his mother had been just a little child when her elder brother had died. There had been no case of the wasting liver disease in their family after his uncle had died.

But now Ed, one by one the four monkeys died suddenly – each time a big loss to the merchant, and the news was that each time they found a liver gone black and releasing its decayed cells into the surrounding area.

This never made it to the mainstream news Ed, but people spoke of it a long time and that’s how my Granddad knew of it – because those monkeys had been a great attraction.

Now you know my Granddad. This sort of thing always fascinated him. So when he became a librarian for a while, with access to books and records the general public can only dream of getting near, let alone understanding, he looked into the matter.

And Ed he found investigation records. The owner of the monkeys had suspected poisoning to sabotage his business, and an investigation had been done quite thoroughly. And you know Ed, one of the investigators had brought up the connection of the wasting liver with the merchant’s uncle’s death.

And my Granddad found that in the case of the monkeys, it hadn’t been just the liver, but also the spleen and pancreas.

Now Ed, this is becoming a very long story so I’ll get straight to the point now.

This phenomenon of organ wall leaking is a sign of organ degeneration or premature aging. Those who investigated it, including my Granddad concluded that it was caused by DISPLACEMENT and loss of connection to the earth field, not genetic inheritance.

There IS an element of psychosomatic or consciousness transfer however. The energy pattern stays in the consciousness of people AND animals and their near and dear ones, running right down to our day, and gets triggered by actual displacement, OR the feeling of being isolated and cut away from one’s earth.

That is why Ed, as soon as I sense someone has organ wall weakness I treat them with herbs that help deal with the sense of isolation and being cut off from Earth.

And I recommend they get in touch with their earth again. It’s not possible to find your old earth connections sometimes. But you can make new connections.

Our parents and grandparents are our first experience of Earth so losing them or being physically far from them can count as displacement or being cut off from Earth.

The things we loved and enjoyed as children can help us make contact with Earth again.

Ed, Granddad told me he’d helped many old dogs live a longer time by having their humans put them on rugs out on the earth – in the sun if it was winter, or under a tree otherwise. Other times he’d have them find the dog’s parents or siblings.

With humans, Ed, Granddad said it wasn’t so easy.

You see Ed, the medical system does not recognize the condition or diagnose it. When a person dies of it they don’t mention organ wall weakness or decay as a part of what happened.

But the person senses it by the general feeling. And those who know to recognize it, sense it.

The thing about it Ed, is that once you have come across someone with that condition, you start recognizing it among others.

I’ll tell you about how I came to know of it. When I was in college, I went one day to a hospital as part of my volunteering to pray with those in very bad accidents etc. I’d been told that morning that there was this woman who’d tried to commit suicide by jumping off a high rise building.

Poor thing, Ed, she survived with almost every bone in her body broken. And there I was singing gospel songs while she lay immobile in that hospital bed, her entire body in a cast from her neck down.

And Ed, I said to her, “God must have a reason for you to live. That’s why you’ve survived.”

And Ed, she said to me, “What sort of life could I ever have now?”

And I felt so bad for her Ed, what could I say or do?

And you know Ed, I had fear of heights in those days, and they’d put this woman on the 7th floor (who was in there for jumping from the 7th floor of a building) and out of the window you could see how high up you were.

She asked me for a glass of water and I went near the window and got it with a straw and went back to her.

And then Ed, to my surprise – I sensed that her broken bones weren’t as serious a problem – you know bones heal, I’ve seen a lot of bones heal – but leaking organs?

And Ed, I asked her, “Why’d you do it? Why’d you jump?”

She said to me, “I was going to die anyway.”

And Ed she looked at me and I understood. Her connection to earth had broken. I couldn’t pry into her personal life and I was so overwhelmed myself. I was just 16 then.

Many years later again in a hospital room, this time of a person going through radiation for cancer, I came across the same thing. And the person confirmed it. They’d been cut off from their earth.

Over the years, I began to notice the pattern coming up again and again.

As someone who works over the internet I cannot very well wake up people in the morning and take them on nature walks to help them find their Earth connection. I cannot spend hours finding out what was their earth connection. More often than not their earth connection was a parent or loved one they’re apart from.

In our times with people working in cities or countries away from their parents you can’t tell people to go back. Those who do often find things have changed there too. Physical distance changes things.

The truth is, we simply have to find new ways to connect to our earth.

You don’t need anything external to do that, but I consider plants our own family and have been helped by plants at every stage of my life.

They are powerful as healers of consciousness and broken or torn energy fields.

I will end this letter with the mention of this one beauty among the five I’ve described in the article “Coping with Isolation using herbal energies“.

Monotropa uniflora, Indian-pipe
Monotropa uniflora, Indian-pipe
Monotropa uniflora (one-flowered Indian-pipe), Bristol, FL
Monotropa uniflora (one-flowered Indian-pipe), Bristol, FL

Monotropa Uniflora or “Ghost Plant”

Ed, this plant doesn’t have visible roots. But it finds a way to be itself in what’s an alien environment to it. Isn’t that something? It’s something impossible by the rules of how plants should be. And yet it’s there, doing it’s thing, fulfilling it’s destiny. Being so beautiful.

While the real way to reverse the trend of organ wall weakness, is to reconnect with one’s own Earth, there are herbs to help build the body’s energy field resistance, that work as an immediate aid to stopping the loss of cells from organ walls and inspire the organs to maintain tightness.

I describe these in my article on reversing the effects of artificial radiation or radiotherapy – as it’s the same principle at play.

Organ walls going loose is an imbalance where the energy is flowing outwards (positive polarity) too much and herbs which help inward flow (negative polarity) automatically help stop the drain.

A final point I have to add – this condition in my opinion can be inherited. I have found the sense of isolation experienced by a displaced ancestor and left unresolved, ie, connection to new Earth not established, has noticeable effects in his or her descendants.


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