Celebrity Alert: Voodoo Lily – Space Perception and Center to Periphery Energy Connectivity

Dear Ed,

Back in 2006 when I was living in the Himalaya mountains, I was fascinated by this plant whose leaves were arranged like a necklace.

While most trees grow straight up and have their leaves grow in straight lines out from the branch, this plant does things differently. It chooses a point in space near it and then it grows its stalk in a circle to form what looks like a necklace of leaves around that point.

It even makes sure that the leaves each grow to a particular size so the central one is the biggest and longest and on either side of it the leaves get progressively smaller. The two leaves at either end of the circle, touch each other completing the necklace.

You’ll agree, Ed, that this must take an effort and it’s nothing but an amazing clear intention of the plant to circle this point in space forming this ornate necklace.

The plant has to have a developed sense of space to do this.

It’s not easy, Ed. Humans for example can go well into the second and third year of life or even more to develop the ability to judge space and distance, without learning by bumping into something. My son Gabriel would put his hand out at me from across the room and expect to touch me.

To develop the ability to estimate and work with space, not only do we need a certain amount of brain development, we also have to have our entire energy field in solid tight contact with the center as is natural.

Athletes, dancers and the very physically aware, tend to have that sort of connection from the center to the peripheries.

But very many people today have that connection broken because of going through trauma or shock at some point. It is the a common cause of misalignment of the bones, dislodging and stretching of muscles and tendons, knotting and cramping of nerves and the uneven spread of flesh on the body.

For forever Ed, l had it at the back of my mind to find a herb that would support the re-connection of the peripheral energy field with the center. I knew it would come at the right time.

In my article Herbs for Re-connection and Recovery from Energy Body Splintering I’ve written about my usual power herbs Bamboo, Damiana, Black Willow, Spikenard and others that heal burned out areas and help the energy body connect up and conduct energy freely through again.

So I’m now adding to that list, this angel called Voodoo Lily, Sauromatum Venosum, in Sanskrit, “Sarpini” or “Sarppushpi” or “Teliya Kand”. I have called it the Necklace Plant as long as I’ve known it, but I like “Sarpini” because that implies a serpent that winds around a branch enjoying it’s vibration. Something like “tree hugger” but like only a snake can hug a tree.

I once had a half waking half sleeping dream in which I experienced that. It changed me and my life forever.

It’s a form of bliss one does not understand until you experience it. Imagine this beautiful natural vibration going through you through every cell of you till you and that vibration are the same vibration. It’s just the most amazing bliss of being in a body in contact with another body to where the vibration is one.

In our bodies, it’s that feeling we have when we’re connected up, so our very fingers and toes express what we’re feeling in our deep gut. Where our blood is taking our feelings all around our body in waves of vibration without restriction. Like when we’re doing something, so all in it that we don’t have any part of us going in any other direction at that moment.

Any experience we have, Ed, where we’re for those moments all connected up and focused, even if that’s a stressful experience (!) causes energy to flow through the body giving us relief from energy blocks. It’s why we can feel actually mentally de-stressed after an ordeal which took all our attention and focus for a while.

Now imagine being all in the moment like that a lot more, maybe all the time! Imagine the effect of energy flowing seamlessly through us like that.

I asked Granddad about it once. And he said to me, “The secret of being all in one place, is pleasure.”

You see Ed, our heart is always where we find holistic eternal pleasure. When we’re doing things with that pleasure as the focus, energy flows. No matter how important something else is, we’ll never be fully involved in it because the majority of our energy and attention will be where our heart is.

So the only way to be anywhere, to focus on anything fully is to focus on what is our pleasure, our joy, our bliss. That’s our center in space-time, in eternity, in infinity.

This beautiful plant Sarpini walks the talk, actually physically forms a necklace around its own beloved point in space.

My discovery of this angel has only just started Ed. Yesterday on our walk, Gabriel and I were both arrested by this energy field and I look down and I see this beautiful energy formation. I thought it was a truffle at first but investigation showed me it wasn’t. It took me a while but when I found out I was looking at nothing but the fruit of the plant I’d been so fascinated by for so many years, I was so thrilled. 

That’s it peeking out of the earth just next to the stalk of the necklace plant or Voodoo Lily. It’s a blurred pic because it began to rain just then and I wanted to put my phone away before it got wet.
Doesn’t it look like a truffle? It’s feel is beautiful. Like a microcosm of the whole universe. Like the universe moving through time. I could’ve just held it a long long time. 
Definitely not a truffle though. This is its underside. I could tell straight off – this is good for the teeth. I was right – several ancient texts speak of how it corrects calcium absorption problems – those ones behind teeth and bone weakness.


That’s when I cut it half.

After that I pinched a seed out of one of the capsules and bit it in half before spitting it out quickly. The place on my tongue that had come in contact with the seed immediately got swollen and burned and stung like crazy. Like needles pierced through my tongue. I washed the area with sea salt because I couldn’t find the charcoal powder and then ate some curd and rice to soothe it. 

It’s obviously a poisonous fruit. It’s actual chemicals don’t seem to be that poisonous. It’s the effect of the seeds. If I’d kept the seed in my mouth very much longer, my throat would’ve gotten swollen up blocking my air and I’d choke to death. 

There’s a bit on the internet about how this is a legendary fruit that’s an “extreme” aphrodisiac. I think that might be for men. What I sensed though is, its effect in our home field. It changed the whole house’s field and had this centering effect. I consider that a true aphrodisiac effect because you focus on what you want and how your energy is flowing instead of being distracted. 

It’s also supposed to change copper to gold. I don’t want to be a smart ass and be dismissive about that. You never know. Crazy things I never thought possible have actually happened. Only I think given how rare this plant is in the wild and the fruit of it too, maybe gold is easier to come by. One website said this fruit was last seen in 1982 in a Baba’s ashram somewhere and that monks and worshipers of Shiva ( 😉 😉 ) now use substitutes for this because it isn’t to be found. A video on youtube showed a herbal shop owner somewhere up in the mountains saying he only has a replacement for it, that it’s near impossible to get the real deal. 

One website said one has to be a great tantrik of great sexual force to attract this fruit and once found, the one who takes it, “aging will stop” for them. 

Now I always knew that I am something special and truly great. But it’s nice when internet websites confirm it.  

I don’t think I will be able to tell you if aging stopped for me, because it stopped when I was about 11 and hasn’t resumed since 😉 . Oh ok… well, in a few years we’ll know about that. 

What for me is very obvious is that there is simply no limit to the healing this angel can inspire, because of the simple powerful support of the center being connected to the peripheries and support of space depth perception.

It’s something I can’t even begin to write about… there are just so many things that could get healed by the energy field getting connected up like that. 

Because it’s obviously not to be ingested, I decided to make an oil extract out of it, with aloe added to take care of any irritation. 

That’s it chopped up in olive oil.

I’ve had a lot of success with poisonous herbs extracted into oil and used externally. You get the consciousness of the plant and it’s just something wonderful when you treat your skin like your soul, that it is, rather than a bag of leather. The results are on another level. 

Medicines massaged on, of this sort – the powerful nervines like Cannabis, Datura, and this one; they don’t go to your head like a drug. Instead they cushion the body, relieve pain directly at the nerve endings in the skin, boost energy flow and circulation. The release of tension caused by this body “awakening” is a lovely experience. 

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