Herbal Treatments for Cancer Recovery and Prevention

These herbal recipes are powerful immunity boosting support whether you are going through the chemotherapy and radiotherapy processes or not. Alternative medicine is being used worldwide like never before to support those fighting cancer, those who are recovering from surgery and need support in preventing remission, and returning to normal function.

Herbs have some wonderful advantages when it comes to supporting a person with a cancer diagnosis:

  • Herbs are powerful natural support for recovery from the shock, strain and fatigue a person with a cancer diagnosis generally has to face.
  • Herbal treatments will not burden your body, make you tired and drained or cause side-effects. You won’t need treatments to recover from the good things herbs do for you.
  • If the cancer is caused by or aggravated by an acute lack of mineral nutrition, herbs are natural concentrations of those minerals, and herbal extracts are even higher concentrates that can in a few drops deliver what it would’ve taken weeks and months to assimilate and absorb through the digestive system otherwise.
  • If the cancer is caused or being aggravated by exposure to toxins, poisons and the overwhelming burden of processing chemicals through the body, herbs have the ability to energize the body to support it in processing and throwing out the toxins. Herbal extracts will also support weak and failing organs in return to normal function. Herbs have been used for these purposes since mankind was born and have evolved along with us the physical intelligence to deal with poisons.
  • If the cancer is spreading, herbal extracts, by energizing the whole body, can support the whole body in resisting the cancer.
  • Cancer is very often the result of long term trauma, blocked emotion and stress habits taking a toll on the body. Herbs being living beings themselves have natural intelligence in the form of hormones and subtle energies that are very like our own and which can stimulate the mental and emotional healing mechanisms we have in us. We have found that for recovery from cancer and staying cancer free, learning to change the way we react to stressful situations is very very VERY important.

Every herbal treatment for cancer offered here is one half of our complete cancer recovery program, a combination of two tonics – the first is a super anti-oxidant that radically strengthens the body, and the second is a tonic specifically supporting those organs or systems that are facing the brunt of the damage.They are to be taken together twice a day.

Skin cancers are dealt with both internally to support natural immunity and recovery from cancer, while powerful ointments are used externally to deliver the nutrients locally to the affected areas for local healing and regeneration.

Every individual herbal treatment is personalized using a combination of homeopathic Bach Flowers which are at least (or perhaps more) important as the physical herbs themselves, because they address the underlying factors which allowed the health defect to develop in the first place.

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Custom-made Herbal Treatment - Alternative Medicine for Cancer by Herbalist Caraf Avnayt

At no extra cost, have Caraf prepare a treatment with herbs chosen for your individual needs. It takes just a few minutes and is made up of:

4oz-113ml Super anti-oxidant Blend – Pomegranate Leaf, Fig, Quis Qualis, Grape Seed and Papaya Leaf

4oz-113ml Custom Prepared Herbal Treatment with Bach Flower Remedies

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