Herbal Treatments for Equine Cancer

Cancer, an unfortunate part of equine life in modern times, need not be the end of a happy and successful life for your horse. The immune system of a well-supported horse on natural feed and TLC can recover from almost anything.

These herbal recipes are powerful immunity boosting support for your horse, whether he or she is going through the chemotherapy and radiotherapy processes or not. Skin cancers are dealt with both internally to support natural immunity and recovery from cancer, while powerful ointments are used externally to deliver the nutrients locally to the affected areas for local healing and regeneration.

In the wild your horse would’ve taken care of themselves, now we need to bring nature to our pets and herbal treatments are one way to do that.

Every individual treatment is personalized using a combination of homeopathic Bach Flowers which are at least (or perhaps more) important as the physical herbs themselves, because they address the underlying factors which allowed the health defect to develop in the first place.

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Custom-made Herbal Treatment - Alternative Medicine for Cancer in Horses by Herbalist Caraf Avnayt

At no extra cost, have Caraf prepare a treatment with herbs chosen for your horse’s individual needs. It takes just a few minutes.

Order a Custom Prescription Herbal Treatment for Cancer in Horses Now
8oz-226ml Super anti-oxidant Blend – Pomegranate Leaf, Fig, Quis Qualis, Grape Seed and Papaya Leaf
8oz-226ml Custom Prepared Herbal Treatment with Bach Flower Remedies

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