Personalized Herbal Treatment Programs for Pets

To have me prepare a holistic healing treatment program for your pet, please fill the following form and submit it.

You will receive a page asking you to pay the consultation cost of $99. Once your payment is complete you will receive a receipt from Paypal.

If you find you’ve forgotten something important you would like to add, please email me as quickly as possible with it. caraf AT

I will respond with a herbal treatment program tailor-made for your pet’s needs, taking into account all the conditions they’re facing.

I’ve had a lot of success with my approach because there’s a big difference between taking herbs for say – a stomach problem – and taking herbs for a whole-body state of discord.

You will have to buy the herbal tinctures I recommend, or order them from me separately ($99 per treatment), and give them to your pet twice a day at least.

My usual treatment program consists of:

-> Herbs to be give twice a day
-> Herbs to carry with you for emergencies and support in stressful situations.
-> The addition of herbal teas – usually Rosehips tea – for vitality support.

All this costs the average person between 30 and 50$ for tinctures that will last about three months, and often up to 6 months.

The treatment program will

-> Provide basic vitality support for your pet
-> Provide specific nutrition required to help them heal
-> Provide support for them emotionally, to deal with the situation

I offer free follow-up support for a week to help you fine-tune the treatment for what works best for your pet.

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of good feedback for treating pets as emotional and spiritual beings rather than clinically as bodies. It’s how my approach differs from others the most I believe.

Let’s get started.

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