Order – Custommade Cream – Skin Recovery from Nervous Trauma

This treatment is made specifically for one individual.

It comes in a box of 50ml or 2 oz. It is highly concentrated and has to be used by mixing with a cream/ gel/ ointment that you are already accustomed to and which you are sure you are not allergic to. It makes about 12 oz or 400 ml of cream or gel.

It is lightly scented by the herbs used or containers I used to make the extracts that were used for flower essences before. Creams with Pine Resin Spirits smell very strong. This will be massively reduced on dilution.

The total cost for consultation and preparation of this cream is US $199 + $30 Priority Shipping. You will be redirected to a payment page after you have submitted this form.

Please do not hold back anything you feel instinctively has caused part of the condition you are facing, even if it doesn’t make sense.