Deep Gut Tension, Energy Blocks in the Core – Herbs for Release

How we develop tension in the deep gut or core of the body; Symptoms of the level of tension here; Breaking out of the cycle of self energy draining; 7 Herbs to release deep gut tension of particular causes, and break the habit of holding the tension in

Dear Ed,

At a time such as this when everyone’s energy field and our human consciousness seems to be turning and tossing about like we’re all in a blender, one of the basic things that helps everyone deal with all the change and new situations arising, is to release deep gut tension.

The area I call the deep gut or core is the area in the middle of the body, in the abdomen, usually abut 2 inches underneath the belly button and pushing against the backbone.

The very central seed of the lotus tattoo is the point on the backbone against which the central point of gravity of the body just inside the body, usually is. Picture Source

The vast majority of those who have any sort of energy blocks that cause fatigue and hormonal imbalance, sexual energy fatigue, and so on, have tension locked up in this area.

It is notoriously avoided in most talk about releasing muscle tension, because it isn’t exactly muscle tension but nerve ending and energy field tension. You could have a proper massage, and sit in a sauna or hot tub and do the whole spa treatment and still have core tension intact. It’s because it isn’t so much a physical matter as a matter of energy and consciousness.

How we develop core tension or core energy blocks,

are through sexual-emotional trauma, being energy drained at a young age, being energy drained through deception in relationships, severe identity crisis such as caused by displacement or discovering your accepted identity was false, and all shock that affects us on a primal level.

The body decides not to release energy until we have figured out exactly how we’re going to use it. Unfortunately without enough energy we don’t have the ability to figure out how we’re going to use energy if we had it. It’s a loop. A trauma induced loop.

At the root of it, you could say that those who have core tension, have been shocked and vital/sexual energy drained and are now keeping tense to avoid that happening again.

The following are all my personally tried and tested methods to release gut tension. The herbs release core gut tension, but you need to take them regularly and in small doses (ie. take the energy field of the herb) – over years – or find some practice such as deep breathing and core awareness, to undo the HABIT of holding tension in.

Herbs to Release Energy Blocks in the Deep Abdomen or Core

1) Spikenard
2) Lily of the Valley
3) Tiger Lily
4) Damiana
5) Night Jasmine – Nyctanthes arbortristis
6) Pulsatilla
7) Caraway Seed

Now each of these works on a different axis of the body and in a different way, so find the one or two that you need and have them. Your instinct will guide you to the dosage. Follow your instinct.

Energy blocks in the core manifest in different areas of the body depending on how concentrated the energy block is in the area of tension.

The symptoms of lesser tension in the core are full body ache, chronic bouts of hairloss or alopecia, inability to concentrate or focus, low sleep quality, irritability and a general bad temper.

The symptoms of higher tension in the core are chronic digestive problems – swinging between constipation and diarrhea, hypersensitivity in various ways, nervous weakness OR numbness, widespread skin problems that do not respond to treatment or come back with a vengeance, bad circulation resulting in severe cramps and aches and drastic energy fluctuation – ie. very energetic – even hyper – sometimes and completely drained or blocked at others.

The path out is obviously not something that happens overnight as you have to accustom yourself to not hold the tension in the gut anymore – that’s a big personality change for you right there – but also to manage the fresh energy released.

A lot of people use herbs for release of gut tension, but because of not being able to manage the energy released, immediately go out looking for a vampire to energy drain them, or do it themselves. For example, as soon as I had a release of energy, I would find the videos of movies that broke my heart and watch them again and cry out all my energy, then go to sleep completely exhausted. This cycle would go on and on.

You can come out of this cycle of energy draining

by consciously pursuing pleasure and truth. When you’re pursuing what you love, you cannot be drained. When you’re pursuing truth, you cannot be drained no matter how harsh the truth is.

Deception or lies, basically unreality of any kind, is what drains us. Energy cannot work with what doesn’t exist. 

Technically speaking, we can never lose energy, but when I say “energy drain” I mean the brain cannot understand what to do with the result of energy that’s invested in affirming or believing a lie or a deception. Because there’s no equivalent of that in our energy field to tie that energy to, to keep it part of our system. So it’s just hanging there unrecognized. That’s how we got the energy blocks in the first place.

So when we’re taking herbs for energy blocks consciously decide to invest energy in what brings us pleasure and truth.

A lot of us take a long time to give ourselves permission to use our own energy to pursue pleasure. Work it out for yourself – because you have to decide – one way or another. Do you deserve pleasure or not? Do you feel right about using your energy to get pleasure or not?

The vampiric conditioning of decades has been to make humans refrain from investing energy in pleasure or finding personal truth. We’re taught we should be doing everything from saving others, to saving the world, to the polar bears, chimpanzees and penguins and glaciers and afflicted of all kinds, and that we ought not to be pursuing personal anything – whether pleasure or advancement, until all these “problems” are solved.

Everyone has to work this out for themselves – how do you want your energy to be invested?

Now with awareness of what you really want your energy to be invested in, you can start having herbs to release energy blocks in the core or deep gut tension.

1) Spikenard

This is for those whose energy field has been so shaken and attacked that they feel unable to live a normal life like others. We recover, then relapse, recover, then relapse. To the world we look like anyone else, but we feel so under attack, so soul-tired, so deeply tired.

We have great passion inside us and make huge leaps towards what and who we love, but tiredness and soul pain short circuit us sooner or later.

Great passion, trapped like a lion in a cage. You need Spikenard.

Spikenard Root
The first time I touched Spikenard. 

Spikenard makes energy in the core available to go wherever it needs to go. I love this herb. It brought me back from the dead many times and changed me and my life forever. This is one of my best friends, seriously a shelter in the storm. You can read more about Spikenard in my article: Do not try to control Spikenard ; Energy Releasing Deep Healer

2) Lily of the Valley

Take only very very very diluted doses. One tiny drop of many times diluted, twice a day and in emergencies.

Convallaria or Lily of the Valley, is for those with severe damage in the gut and heart caused by trauma started in childhood. The very nerve endings in these places feel exposed and hurt.

Ed, when a little baby goes through pain, and cries and cries; But there is no soothing of that pain, and the baby falls asleep out of tiredness.

Those who need it will understand what I just said. Unrequited yearning.

Lily of the Valley is the consciousness of that baby hope, what makes a little baby hold your finger, expects you to hold them and love them.

It releases tension in the deep gut and core caused by repeated disappointment, loss of hope, betrayal of those we trusted and so on.

3) Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily – Lilium Tig. is for those whose energy fields have been destroyed or shattered brutally and often suddenly or unexpectedly through a process similar to or actually death.

If you have experienced energy field or soul destruction where you only barely continued to live in the body, you could collect energy up in the gut because you fear the same thing happening again and do not want to invest your energy until you feel certain it won’t happen again.

If you’ve been destroyed, you know it.

The consciousness of the Tiger Lily is the consciousness of life through death. A re-starting of the manifestation of you – even if it is in the same body.

Some people seek destruction of their personality and ego – perhaps because it was based on a lie.

When I finally faced the truth about my birth identity – at the ripe age of 27, I found I simply couldn’t continue holding my truth and being the personality I had become when I believed in a false identity.

I chose to destroy my personality and my fake life. I invoked destruction to help me. I knew if I didn’t, life would do it for me, so I got proactive about it and went into it myself. For years, I sifted through the wreckage of my being, taking out lies, breaking and restarting, breaking and restarting again and again.

Hopefully Ed, not everyone has to go through that. But for those who do, Tiger Lily is the consciousness of New Life through death.

4) Damiana

Turnera diffusa – is for those with a tendency to go backwards. Let me explain.

Our life energy flows out into our body. It’s happening all the time. But if something has happened that makes us think we’re wrong in the way we manifest our energy, wrong in our opinions, wrong in the way we approach a man or a woman we’re attracted to, wrong in our sexual expression, wrong wrong wrong wrong; this makes us start holding back energy in the gut because we just don’t want to be wrong again.

Our confidence is broken and we really prefer our energy to go backwards, to regress. We’d rather live in a hazy mist of “never here and never there,” “no news is good news”… You get the picture.

Energy timidity often shows up in sudden emphatic bouts of self affirmation – which fizzles out soon enough.

The consciousness of Damiana is, “I’m right to feel how I feel.” Simple.

It is my favorite herb for those with sexual trauma that has resulted in heart problems. The person desires but rejects the sweetness of life – the little that is there – because of being so afraid that they’re wrong about it.

Lack of confidence in our own instinct – emotionally, energetically, sexually – that’s what Damiana heals.

It is especially helpful for those wanting to quit nicotine addiction. Any drug that gives you a temporary feeling of being confident, of being a valid person with valid opinions and being; Damiana can help you out of that dependency into really finding your own confidence and your own instinct.

5) Night Jasmine – Nyctanthes arbortristis

Ed, I cannot tell you how I love this tree. I had it in a pot when I lived in the mountains. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it, but it grew near my table – the one at which I started the big leap of faith that writing and talking about my inherited field of energy medicine from herbs, was, for the first time in 2009.

This beautiful tree starts blooming and sending out a fragrance I can only describe as heavenly, about seven in the night – well after dark ie.. After a night of magic, at exactly 4 am every morning, it drops all the flowers that bloomed through the night, forming a carpet of flowers on the ground.

Some have named it “weeping tree” because of it’s dropping its flowers like that. But I don’t find the dropping of flowers sad at all Ed! It’s been just joy and beauty to me. I have felt the absolute joy of the tree at the showering of the flowers. It’s pure pure love!

Picture Source

Ed, what an experience it is. Many times I stayed awake all night just to experience the moment it dropped its flowers. Other times I stayed there working till maybe midnight just so held in the arms of love. And when I came back in the morning, there was a little carpet of flowers. I’d collect them and put them in a tray on my table everyday. Later I’d make a light tea out of them.

It’s got a long history of treating all kinds of things, but the thing I love the most is how it holds up the flagging parts of our energy field that are disconnected from our core.

See Ed, one reason for the holding of tension in the core, is the inability to contact the rest of us from there.

This contact breaks off when we’ve faced trauma that has splintered us – so we function in pieces. At any given time, we are not fully in what we’re doing, because there are parts of us – numb or silenced or not participating, or even AGAINST what we’re doing, or just not convinced it is worth it.

Listlessness because of doubt, a lack of surety, a feeling of despondency that won’t lift even when we do what we believe we want to do… all of this means we’re not connected up properly.

This beautiful tree is so connected up that in one second about 4am, it releases every flower that bloomed that day, to fall.

That’s a complete lack of doubt. That’s unity inside, that’s, “I know I what I want.”

6) Pulsatilla

Wind Anemone I believe is what Pulsatilla is called otherwise.

I’ll never forget how, when I was in labor giving birth to Gabriel, I was in labor about thirty four hours and I discovered his little foot in the birth canal – meaning he was feet down. I was devastated – because when the baby is head down, they come out easy and quick, the head being the heaviest part of them. Being originally sperms, or swimmers, it’s natural for them to propel their head out, kicking for movement.

But when they’re feet down it’s a whole other deal. A natural birth with the baby’s feet coming out first, could take hours and hours – and I was close to fainting.

That’s when I took Pulsatilla. I was so tired, so devastated, I really didn’t expect anything to come of it. I felt I was beyond any help.

What happened was, Gabriel was born two hours later, taking about six seconds for his head to come out first, a break of about six seconds and then four seconds for the rest of his body to come out.

He’d turned over in the womb!

Babies do that on their own by instinct. It’s when the womb is so constricted with muscle tension that they cannot turn on their own, that they’re forced into awkward positions.

Pulsatilla releases deep gut tension, or rather, diffuses the magnetic build-up of trauma in the deep gut so the organs there can breathe again and relax and contract and just function normally again.

It’s like someone opened a window in the deep gut. Like the tension was a bubble and someone pricked it.

It works for both men and women.

It relaxes the entire muscular system.

I’ve recently been re-discovering how the tongue is so connected to our core that releasing tension in the core releases tension in the tongue and mouth. Most people don’t realize how much tension in the tongue and mouth affects our moods, our ability to taste food, and our lives in so many ways.

I’ve found Pulsatilla to be an amazing help with nausea, morning sickness and so on, all of which are a result of the shifting of the center of gravity of the body – whether because of motion sickness, sudden change in altitude, or a baby in the womb moving Mama’s center of gravity around.

It makes us able to get center of gravity stability.

7) Black Caraway – Nigella Sativa

From cradle to coffin, what makes a heart beat? For what does our life energy ever flow?

One of the biggest causes of deep gut tension is our energy not being able to flow out from there because of lack of primal motivation.

Frequently I make medicine for those who live in more or less pleasant circumstances, do not lack what they need, don’t feel restricted in pursuing their dreams, and are more or less healthy. And yet they have this one or these few things that simply ruin everything for them. That break their morale, make them question everything they have inner faith in, make them suicidal even.

Frequently they actually have identity crises because they’ve not been told the truth about their birth or circumstances surrounding their birth.

When I first started writing in 2009 about the various conditions that manifest in our lives and actual bodies because of carrying false identity, and how deception about our identity affects us, I thought, Ed, that there would only be a very small little number of people that would get or need that. After all, how many people can there be who were kidnapped, stolen, adopted without papers, adopted within the family or adopted with papers but the information hidden or made through sperm and egg donors? That sort of thing?

I was and am still stunned, Ed, at how very many people have read my odd article about the topic over the years and realized that their mental idea of their birth circumstances, did not match what their body was saying, and began the laborious journey back to finding the truth about themselves. You would be amazed Ed, at the sheer huge number of those displaced at birth – it’s a true pandemic – has been for decades now.

It’s such a thing, Ed. It breaks your pride in a sense… To realize how much a product of our parents we are, and continue to be no matter the other circumstances of life. But such is the nature of life. We’re nothing if not the emanation of our parents becoming one.

But so many have found, that in our primal being, and the truth of our birth, is the key to our reason for living.

It goes together – the truth about us in this life, how we came in, and why we came in at all. It’s spun together to make us.

When our spirit’s vision of us doesn’t match our mental vision of us, our energy is unable to flow freely. We begin to depend on external sources of quick energy manipulation just to get by. All kinds of problems are created in the body as a result.

The awareness – that our primal self is the only self we’ll ever have, our real self – and that we need to honor our primal being, makes our energy able to flow out.

The consciousness Black Caraway carries is a laughing joy at the acceptance of primal being. It helps us vibrate closer to our own primal being, thereby allowing energy to flow out.

Picture Source
Picture Source

No wonder “Blackseed Oil” or the oil pressed from the seeds of Black Caraway or Black Cumin, is used to cure just about anything. You’d be amazed at the testimonials on the internet about it.

What cannot be cured if we allow our primal energy to start flowing out?

I put 1/3rd of a tspoon of the seeds into my tea everyday. You don’t need much of it but it does no harm at all. The key is to have it with awareness.

In conclusion:

While herbs can influence energy flow in the moment, to sustain that, we need to change our habit of holding tension in the core, and manage the energy that’s released to pursue pleasure and truth – because we can’t lose energy that way. This means actively pursuing change in ourselves.

I repeat it because deep gut tension or energy blocks in the core are not your average everyday problem. It takes time and change to get out of the habit. And it is so worth it.

Now here is a beautiful picture of a Peacock with his feathers outspread – a beautiful show of the outflow of primal energy. What it is in the core of us is reflected in each of our cells.

Picture Source

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