Coffeebush for Anxiety caused by Deep Gut Tension; Freedom First!

How I first heard about Coffeebush or Leucaena leucocephala; Anxiety caused by deep gut and digestive tract lining dramas; A sign that your recent radical decision is right; Freedom First! 

Dear Ed,

Plants flower and fruit not so much by the season as by their instinct. Just as fertility in humans is influenced almost completely by spiritual conditions – so it is with plants.

Therefore whether in season or out of season, when a plant flowers, it’s a message and it’s timely. Even more so when it comes into our awareness.

One of the plants, classified in many places as an invasive weed for its fertility and virile growth – (almost 10 feet a year!) – in flower right now is the Coffeebush, or Leucaena called “Ipil Ipil” in some Asian countries where it spread to from Mexico, “White leadtree” in other places.

There was this 10 year old child I came across in 2009 when I first started making energy medicine over the internet. The child was of Asian descent living in Canada. He’d developed this itch and then an infected spot on his left foot – an infection caught they supposed, by swimming somewhere. It was about 2 inches long and an inch wide, and was white with infection. Nothing they did could get rid of the infection and the child couldn’t wear shoes anymore as a result. The patch was just where sandals or slipper straps would be, so this child had to go bare feet to school or not at all.

He ended up dropping out of school for that year. Two surgeries were done, the results of which were a big wound, now black because it got infected worse.

I need hardly tell you how this all must have troubled a child of ten and his parents.

The parents gave up on physical anti-infection agents, and looked to holistic healing. Ed, if anyone takes the trouble to look to holistic healing, nine times out of ten it’s because the approach of treating a problem only from the physical aspect, failed.

On a business trip to New Mexico, the father took his child along, to give him a break from the boring life now always at home. There they came across this street performer who got to talking with them and with who they had coffee.

He told them his grandmother had had a spot like that on her FACE for thirty years and that it mysteriously disappeared when a cloth dipped in a holy well in a church had been brought and kept in the house. One thing led to another and the child and his Dad found themselves in this little old church with a natural spring that had healing properties.

Before they even got a cloth dipped in the water, as they sat in the back of the church, the child began to feel better. He started saying he wanted to play football not study, study, study, all the time. That he’d felt choked in his chest every morning when he went to school and that he felt angry with his parents and grandparents for always telling him to study and never appreciating his skills on the field.

On the average day, the Dad would’ve brushed all this off, but in that place, in that atmosphere, his heart listened and he promised his son that whenever he got well, he’d support him in playing football.

The wound dried up in about a week, making it possible for the child to wear shoes again. The scar was still there a few months later, but it simply wasn’t an issue anymore.

Why I mention this here, is because the photograph of the church showed this tree – Coffeebush or Leucaena (that means “white topped”) growing all around – old trees.

I just love how trees grow all together. What a beautiful mess nature can be.

This tree is a potent consciousness, and atmosphere carrier of FREEDOM as a PRIORITY.

We are so conditioned in our times to accept limitations to our freedom of being, our freedom of spirit, freedom to express emotion, freedom in general.

Freedom has become something of a luxury, with Safety replacing it. A safety not based on instinct, but based on fear and hearsay and anxiety.

For me, this tree is a reminder that Freedom comes first, if we must live at all.

This tree in its young days is very easily uprooted by storms and rain. Yet it doesn’t mind because it just goes on growing and growing. Freedom first.

It is a potent anti-anxiety medicine – a member of the Mimosa family. It strengthens nerves and improves immunity for that reason.

It does what Granddad used to call “curdle the stomach.”

Often we have stuff lining the inner linings of our digestive tract that gunk up the place and prevent us from being able to digest things properly, absorb nutrition from the food we’re eating, and heal wounds inside such as ulcers.

ANY sort of digestive tract inner lining drama, the tea of the leaves Coffeebush will heal by gently stimulating the cells, like vinegar breaks down grease but a lot more gently.

A good majority of anxiety and related conditions, can be relieved by relieving tension in the walls of the deep gut. It’s especially useful for when you’re anxious with a feeling of wanting to throw up or feeling choked.

It helps all kinds of poisoning caused by bad yeasts. Bad yeasts are those which aren’t natural to the human body, or those which are natural going totally out of hand because of some sort of imbalance in there.

And those cause anxiety too. A feeling of being overwhelmed by circumstances.

But the thing I love it for the most

Which is why I’m writing this, is how it shows up – whether in real life on your walk, or in your email inbox 😉 – when you’re at the cusp of making a decision, or have just made one in your subconsciousness, to remind you that FREEDOM IS A PRIORITY and that you’re right in your choice even though you feel anxious or worried about it.

Not always are we thrilled when we make radical decisions in our lives. In fact we can be so scared we actually stall acting out on the decision and wait for a sign. The decision hangs about in our subconscious mind and we sort of know it’s there but we swing between acknowledging it and pretending we didn’t make that decision.

The subtlest changes in our consciousness can both cause and heal us.

When we’re moving in inner freedom, our body heals and supports us. When we’re restricting ourselves, our body stays tired and doesn’t support us.

I believe in the spirit of plants as they have looked after me and guided me all my life in the place of my parents. I never take them lightly because I have seen them in all their moods and I have experienced their power of spirit.

I share this soul information, Ed, with you, and all those who need the confirmation that their recently made radical decision based on spiritual freedom and instinct is the right one.

Freedom is natural.

Apparently the seeds in its pods can be roasted and used like Coffee. Forgive me, Ed, but I’m at the point in my life where I admire and love Coffee from a long long safe distance (I want to have my teeth in working order till the day I die and having lost one precious wisdom tooth to coffee I wish to take no further risks), But I cannot honestly imagine anything being a replacement for the hallowed Coffee, such is my true love.


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