Colon and Rectal Nerve and Muscle Holistic Rehabilitation

What happens when feces isn’t expelled fully and quickly enough; Holistic Nervous Rehab of Colon and Rectum; Emotional and Energetic Causes of Limpness in the area; Amazing Core Contraction Exercise; Beautiful Pictures of Poppies

Dear Ed,

There’s a pattern of symptoms that include digestive insufficiency where a person is able to digest food, but not able to expel feces out fully from the colon and rectum, the final part of the digestive tract, before feces leaves the body. Food held in the colon is supposed to be sent out of the body soon, not kept there for hours. When it is held there for a long time, things that the intestines designated to be thrown out, including poisons and excessive nutrients, begin to be taken back up into the body and then are deposited around the body. This adds to the body’s clean up work, and in the long run contributes to the development of tumors and cancers.

In the picture below, the area through which I’ve tried to draw a thick red ribbon, is what I’m talking about.

I came across a tragic case of colon cancer recently, where the person had been experiencing this inability to fully throw out feces for years before reaching a point where it became a problem enough to go to a hospital for treatment and then getting diagnosed with cancer. Once a person is diagnosed with cancer, a fear psychosis sets in, fully fueled by those who make money off the brutal cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. It then becomes more and more difficult for the person to keep perspective and focus on healing the body by enlivening it, instead of attacking it to “fight” the cancer. There’s the constant pressure to just give in to the constant psychic suggestion that cancer kills, and lose one’s vital energy dealing with that assault.

We can prevent all these scenarios by taking care of our bodies and reacting to problems instead of living with them, using quick over the counter medications to control and push away the symptoms.

ANY LONG TERM DIGESTIVE AID is eventually harmful to the body as it trains the nerves and muscle of the digestive system to simply pass out food without breaking it down fully (causing nutritional problems); and causes the digestive system to lose the muscle memory of how to work on feces to properly and fully expel it.

Probiotics as part of a normal diet, taken in moderation, is fine long term. But the best thing to do is retrain the body to do all of its own work on its own without needing any external support.

The process is pretty simple – Use only natural digestive aids – Natural Probiotics (fermented food), Fruits with high sugar content as prebiotic, natural fermented drinks (homemade wines for example), herbs that support digestion – Garlic, Ginger, Fennel, Rosemary, Horseradish and so on.

When you’ve gone seven days with sufficiently robust digestion, begin to cut all the above from your diet slowly, while making sure you’re not burdening your body with foods that wipe out gut bacteria.

Most processed foods, and some meats contain antibiotics and other pharma products that wipe out gut bacteria. If after you eat something you find your digestion blocked, it means that food is either not being recognized by your body (its energy field is broken down) and/or it has something that’s paralyzed or killed gut bacteria. Identify the killers and do what you have to do.

You then rehabilitate the nerves of the digestive system. To rehabilitate the nerves of the digestive system, nerve healing herbs like St. John’s Wort (Hypericum), Lion’s Mane mushroom, Sage, Saw Palmetto, Cactus (stabilizes nervous frequency), Mimosa (balances electricity in nerve endings), Cypripedium (releases the pain in nerve endings that cause whole areas to go numb), Oats and so on. I’ve just mentioned some of the herbs that are commonly available that help with nerve repair. There are so many.

In cases where the digestive system is limpid because of long term use of pharmaceutical digestive aids/ laxatives and the person regularly experiences complete blocks, there is general chronic fatigue, the use of herbs for recovery from paralysis and palsy help revv back energy into the digestive nerves and muscle. I wrote about these in my article on how I rehabilitated Gabriel from the paralysis that set in after the unfortunate incident with vaccination.

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Emotional and Energetic Causes of Colon and Rectal Limpness

An understanding of the emotional and energetic causes of nerve and muscle atrophy or loss of sensation in the colon, will greatly help restore function. I have experienced the power of this myself. My own digestive system has always been hyper reactive to my emotional state and therefore I’ve ended up learning very easily what or which emotional/ energetic states cause which problems.

People who experienced trauma to the digestive system in the infancy and early childhood stage of their development, tend to have chronic digestive problems later on. The trauma could be anything from poisons that paralyzed the nerves to emotional trauma such as separation from a loved one, to not receiving a stable supply of mother’s milk in the vulnerable early weeks of babyhood.

Our expelling of feces is essentially a primal way we connect with our environment, an ancient method of fertilization of the earth after we eat that which the earth provides for us in the way of food; the completion of a cycle that holds our body firmly in the energy field of the earth for our lives.

When we are not able to receive food or expel feces normally, it tends to be reflective of problems with our emotional and energetic environment. We’re either not adjusted well, or we’re feeling threatened too much, or we don’t feel we belong there; we do not have a sense of security, basically. This keeps our digestive system and especially the colon, rectal area, as well as the mouth, tense and imbalanced.

We can resolve our problems with our environment by making our own little safe zone, OR moving to another environment, or even facing on a daily basis that we are in a state of flux, or change or movement. Once our soul feels assured that we’re not going to force ourselves to live forever in the unacceptable unsuitable environment, and as we demonstrate that by putting our energy and attention into the creation of, or movement towards our ideal environment, a lot of the tension will relieve, the herbs taken to support nerve health will begin to show wonderful results.

Constantly reminding ourselves of why we’re here, why we’re doing what we’re doing, helps. Putting it on the phone wallpaper, sticky notes around, all help.

I must mention here, that Epsom Salt or Magnesium Sulphate, that I now include in every treatment I make, is a most wonderful gentle support for all the problems associated with colon tension or dysfunction. The tiniest pinch of Epsom salt taken twice or thrice a day relaxes the nervous system, supports the heart, supports the elimination of toxins before they get taken back up into the body.

I also must mention that deep breathing, or diaphragm breathing, drastically increases the energy levels in the lower body and is a form of healing one can’t afford to ignore, for how amazing it works.

There is a simple exercise, Ed, which I have used and recommend for recovery from trauma in infancy or childhood, and sexual energy trauma or draining, no matter what the exact symptoms. It works for everything.

I better give it a name so I can refer to it later and link here. Ok, core contraction.

Core Contraction Exercise

Shock makes this whole low part of the body go numb. You do this gentle exercise for let’s say, just a minute everyday, as soon as you sit in your chair in front of your computer and just before you get up.

In this picture here, you see the pelvic floor muscle beneath, and the red ball in the lower gut area, my estimation of the general area a person’s center of gravity of the body is (also called “the core” by posh people).

So what you do is, feel your core, the center of gravity of your body, and then pull in from all around but especially the pelvic floor. Just pull in with your core. Everyone can do it. It’s an energy field exercise.

Now count to 10, release. Relax. Smile. Think of someone you love. Smile.
Contract again. Count to 10. God is watching, don’t count too fast. Release, Relax, Smile. Think of someone you love.

The thinking of someone you love, is mandatory, or your body won’t know why it should bother doing anything at all. That’s the real problem we’re facing. Body disappointment with life.

I leave you with two beautiful pictures of poppies. Poppies (highly diluted) are powerful medicine for nerves in a state of shock or numbness or palsy.

The first pic is of dew on a poppy bud just before it opened.

Dew on Poppy Bud – By Steve

I wrote about the beautiful poppy in my article: Thyroid Imbalance and Fidelity to Soul Frequency.

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