Holistic Lucid Dreaming; Datura & Brugmansia; Dissolving Conscious Brain resistance to the Subconscious

How to start lucid dreaming spontaneously without the energy drain and hormonal imbalance; Dissolving the conscious brain’s resistance to the subconscious brain; How upward facing Datura and downward facing Brugmansia help resolve identity crises to remove energy blocks.

Ed, lucid dreaming, or being aware in one’s sleep, with that, “I am dreaming this,” awareness, is something people seek out when they feel they’re unable to come to grips with something in their waking state, when they sense that there’s something happening in their dream state that they’d like to become mentally aware of. For example, a whole lot of people feel attacked or drained in the dream state and want to learn lucid dreaming to defend themselves.

And then there are many who sense the power of working with the subconscious brain and want to consciously use it.

I, who have a very active brain in my waking moments nearly always was thankful for a nice deep long thoughtless sleep, a break from the constant mental activity.

As a teenager and later I kept a dream diary after reading a book about dream interpretation. But it didn’t make the big impact in my life I thought it would and it did take up a lot of time every morning as soon as I woke up, to record the whole dream, so I eventually stopped.

However, the fact is, you cannot go very long experimenting with herbs without falling into lucid dreaming at some point or the other. And so it happened to me without me actually seeking it out consciously.

A person on an internet group asked about this yesterday and it was interesting – the responses. One guy said that putting Tiger Balm on his forehead aided lucid dreaming. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know about that. I do understand that stimulating the cells of an area, as Tiger Balm does could, over the forehead cause the brain to be active even as the body sleeps.

That thing there – keeping the brain active even as the body sleeps – so it registers in the conscious mind is one way to have lucid dreams.

On the other hand, having tried several herbs to do that, I can say with surety that it results in brain fatigue and fog in a few days. It also can mess with the body’s hormonal levels.

The sleeping brain does a whole lot of hormonal balance and glandular housekeeping and clean up work in the body. I treated several cases of swollen and enlarged pineal glands a few years ago caused by not allowing the conscious brain to rest enough. As I myself had an enlarged pineal gland in the late 2000s I know intimately the trouble it could cause.

There was this man, George, who’d been told he’d need surgery because his pineal gland was so enlarged. He contacted me in a panic because the last thing he wanted was brain surgery! He was only twenty two! Six months of herbs to support deep sleep (Spikenard, Snakeroot – Rauvolfia Serpentina for example) and focusing on getting deep sleep (turn the lights off or down at 6 pm, use a dimmer software on the computer) fixed the problem.

What was most interesting though, was how, after those six months, George emailed me from Chile! (He was from Michigan originally.) He told me that he had found a clarity about his path in life that he’d never experienced before – not even when lucid dreaming – through the months of deep sleep, and that he was now SPONTANEOUSLY having lucid dreams.

Unlike before, when he’d had a lot of crazy dreams he couldn’t understand, and dream trauma, he now was lucid for particular dreams only and able to follow up on them in waking reality. Needless to say his hormones were balanced like never before and his overall health had progressed from his being barely functional to being able to do mountain climbing.

That was what I’d experienced as well, and I believe now that the key to holistic lucid dreaming, is in first treating sleep trauma. This is done by:
1) Supporting the conscious brain in resting;
2) Repairing brain damage caused by repeat sleep trauma over the years and
3) Dissolving resistance to the subconscious brain help a huge deal

While I’ve mentioned the herbs for the these in this article: Traumatized Dream States and Sleep Trauma & Recovery with Herbs, I believe that it’s the third point – dissolving resistance of the conscious brain to the subconscious brain – that’s what begins to make a person able to spontaneously have lucid dreams that are of true spiritual significance, which can truly heal the body and change our lives.

While a number of herbs are available to dissolve the conscious brain’s resistance to the sub-conscious, the one combination that’s my absolute favorite because they came to me when I needed them and pretty much broke through the walls between my conscious brain and subconscious brain, is Datura and Brugmansia.

Now I know those are technically two separate herbs. Datura’s flowers look upward. Brugmansia’s flowers are called “Trumpet flowers” because they look like little trumpets, and they face downward.

Datura flowers face upward. Picture Source
Brugmansia flowers face downwards. Picture Source

They are close, close relatives though, and the combination of them, WORKS AS ONE to help us find that place in us which faces both upward and downward.

Herbs like Mugwort and Wormwood simply make the conscious brain relaxed and conditioned enough to register dream experience. They’re powerful in their own way alright.

But the Datura – Brugmansia combination is for those with severe and deep, conscious brain resistance to the subconscious.

This is most often caused by severe identity crises rooted in spirit experiences in life that the conscious brain simply couldn’t grapple with because the experience was not one that the person’s conscious identity could accept as being in harmony with themselves as they knew themselves to be.

A typical example of this is a religious person who believes sexuality is “the temptation of the devil,” having a very sexual experience involving taboo practices.

A young boy whose waking brain is focused on becoming a sports star has a spiritual experience in which he finds great peace as an artist – something his waking brain simply doesn’t consider as part of his identity.

A social worker and counselor has dreams in which she is a butcher of thousands of humans and enjoys it.

You get the picture… The conflict between the identity carried by the conscious brain versus the subconscious brain.

This results in a split consciousness as the conscious brain moves in one direction and makes the body and rest of the energy field move in that direction during waking hours, and the subconscious brain moving in another direction during the sleeping hours.

I’ve lived through it and it’s hell.

But that’s where Datura and Brugmansia found me and that’s why it’s my absolute favorite herb combination for dissolving resistance between conscious and subconscious brain, i.e., uniting what could be two separate identities fighting each other.

Every time I put the oil of them on or had the tea – a PINCH to three cups of water boiled down to one – NOT MORE – which I did together, it was like diving into murky water.

You can imagine what sort of spiritual strength it takes to dive into murky water. You can’t see how deep it is. You could die. You have no idea what on earth the murkiness is caused by. You could get sucked in and trapped and never escape.

Yet, somewhere beyond that slush of murkiness is something you want so bad, you’re willing to dive in.

In waking moments we’d go nowhere near the slush, but now in our sleep the subconscious brain says, “That’s where the blocks are. That’s where the action is. That’s where the clues to this mystery – so mysterious I don’t know what it is – are.”

The consciousness of these two, Datura and Brugmansia, says, “Let’s do it.”

The experiences one has in the realms that are home to Datura and Brugmansia, sometimes they are at such odds with waking reality that it could take months and years to process.

Our waking reality in our times can be accurately described as nothing but a prison – ask those who have experienced spiritual freedom. Our “lives” are restrained and controlled by a mental cerebral system that’s anti-fun, anti-magic, anti-emotion, anti-freedom, anti-expression and anti-human.

Our very introduction to others is on the basis of our temporary and passing physical features, the educational qualifications we might or might not have had, the “work” we technically are supposed to be doing and so on.

For a spirit constrained into the boxes these put us into, it can be quite a struggle to get out those atrophied parts of us and begin to learn to be fully a spirit manifesting a body again – rather than a body and a brain with a spirit that has to cause one crisis after another to get attention.

But back to lucid dreaming. It started for me with using Datura and Brugmansia in a tea, when I was feeling so very cold in the mountains one night and actually feeling like my joints were cracking – something like arthritis symptoms – simply because it was so cold. I put a pinch of Datura root and pinch of a petal of Brugmansia flower into the kettle just before it turned off when the water was boiled. About three minutes later I had the tea.

In a few minutes I was warm. And that night my journey into experiencing the murky waters of my suppressed subconscious accelerated like never before.

I can’t say it was easy. But then and now, I knew it was worth it. You feel like you have a parallel life when you begin to face your subconscious identity and eventually your conscious existence and identity breaks up, as parts of it that don’t vibe with your deeper sense of identity begin to be thrown off – sometimes violently.

But it’s all worth it.

I became a lucid dreamer without trying to, simply because I became accepting of my subconscious reality, which in fact is the holistic truth of who we are, rather than what the world says we are, that programs our conscious brain to believe we are.

How beautiful is this, Ed! Close-up of Pink Brugmansia. Source

In most places, you’d just have to take a long walk to find either Datura or Brugmansia or both. Otherwise, you could order the seeds online and drop them in pots if you don’t have garden space. They grow so easily most places.

Or you could simply use the seeds – about a t-spoonful of them to 200 ml of oil – heated gently over 3-5 hours is all you need really. Don’t strain the seeds out – let them stay in the bottle indefinitely. You massage the oil on in the late evenings or nights – because it is definitely sleep inducing.

This article describes how to make Datura Oil – Deep Space Datura – Pain Relief, Truth Serum & Divine Justice.

My son Gabriel – his subconscious and conscious brain having no conflict whatsoever – he doesn’t need to fall asleep to face his subconscious – so the oil doesn’t work like a sedative for him.

But for most adults it does, and if you have the tea, you could feel almost STONED – the effect going on and on for days and even weeks. SO BEWARE. Not more than the tiniest pinch in your tea!

The scent of them – is heavenly.

And now I leave you with this picture I found while searching for pictures of Brugmansia, that I simply cannot resist putting in here.

Squirrel at the bar – By Jean Weller

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