Abnormal Blood Clotting – Holistic Treatment

What causes Abnormal Blood Clotting; Holistic methods to prevent micro blood clotting, support wound resolution, new cell formation; Emergency herbs to support the passing out of blood clots

Dear Ed,

I am saddened and alarmed by the rise of abnormal blood clotting worldwide as a cause of dysfunction and death in people of all ages.

I have been exposed to things that cause abnormal blood clotting very much; this was long before it was something spoken of as it is today. I had to find ways to cope and heal and stay alive.

It’s being presented, Ed, as something that no one can do anything about really, when that is not so.

An understanding of what causes the body to start micro clotting or make big clots in places they aren’t needed, and addressing the problem holistically can make all the difference.

What is Blood Clotting?

Blood clotting is a wound healing mechanism of the body. Where the body finds tissue torn and blood seeping out where it shouldn’t, the body forms a matrix of fibers to work like a gauze or net or mesh, over the opening, and become thick enough to stop the bleeding, till the injured cells around can heal, and reproduce enough to cover the hole. Once that’s done, the blood clot dissolves and in passed out.

A mesh net. Now imagine this even thicker, till it blocks blood from leaking out, so a wound can heal.

Every month, a woman’s womb forms an inner lining to cushion a baby if a baby is made. At the time of the month when it’s clear there’s no need for that cushioning, not that month anyhow, the womb discards the inner lining which comes out as blood and some clots. So most women know what blood clots are like. They’re just thickened blood and then they melt as flow out.

What causes Abnormal Blood Clotting?

1) Micro or Repeated Tissue Damage, Unresolved Inflammation
2) Failure of New Cell Formation
3) Sluggish blood oxygenation and circulation causing the blood clots to stay coagulated instead of being broken down and passed out

1) Micro or Repeated Tissue Damage, Unresolved Inflammation

Blood clots don’t just form on their own, Ed. The body has to perceive damage or a wound, to start blood clotting. If we aren’t actually wounded physically, we need to look at what’s causing the body to “cushion up”.

In the past, Ed, every now and then, I used to hear of it in the aged. That someone developed a blood clot in the head because of an accident in old age and that it resulted in migraines and then surgery. Not one of the people I knew back then ever lived more than a few months after brain surgery to remove blood clots. Not because the surgery had failed but because the actual cause of the clot has not been addressed.

The thing the medical industry refuses to publicize, Ed, is that electrical, radiation assault and even emotional stress can in fact cause the body to start making blood clots.

Our body is not plastic or stone. It is a living matrix that is sensitive to the environment, to our feelings, to magnetism and electricity and radiation.

When a body that is used to a generally gentle environment suddenly gets exposed to one in which there is immense electromagnetic radiation assault, or even just crazy stress, it can result in parts of the body getting inflamed.

If the inflammation is not resolved and addressed, it could cause tissue and matrix loss locally, resulting in the body calling for blood clotting to plug the area till new cells are born to fill up the gap.

So when we see that it’s essentially a problem resolving inflammation, if we want to prevent abnormal blood clotting, we simply need to learn to resolve chronic inflammation by calming the body.

In my article Healing Chronic Inflammation of the Nervous System I’ve described it all a little more clearly.


1) We need to give ourselves a sense of emotional security.

This is the sort of thing the medical industry never tells people. But it’s so critically important. ACTIVELY WORK OUT WAYS TO BUILD YOUR EMOTIONAL SENSE OF SECURITY.
Cook the things you loved in childhood, eat those fruits and vegetables. Connect with family and friends. Do whatever it takes to build an emotional sense of security. Wear crystals and jewellery that comfort and encourage you. Put things up on the wall that comfort you, that remind you of how loved you are.
You just HAVE TO care for yourself like this.
More: Anxiety Triggered Inflammation – 3 Decisive Ways to Break the Cycle

2) Research anti-inflammatory foods and herbs and work on getting some of them.

Depending on where your inflammation tends to be the most, there are herbs and foods that specifically help in those areas.

A general idea is; Inflammation in the
Bones – Good Fat and Oil, Symphytum or Comfrey, Lemon, Limes (all the Phosphorus and Calcium foods)
Joints – Devil’s Claw – Harpagophytum, Turmeric, Ashwagandha
Skin – Plantain (Plantago), All the Vitamin C foods
Nerves – White Willow Bark (SAlix Alba from which aspirin is made), Gingko, Gotu Kola etc (More here)
Gut and Digestive System – Aloe Vera, Non acidic fruits like water melon, Slippery Elm Bark powder, Liquorice, Dandelion
Kidneys, Bladder and Water System – Oats, Horsetail (Equisetum), Uva Ursi, Buchu
Lungs – Sarsaparilla, Mullein, Elecampane
Heart and Blood Circulation – Gingko, Cactus, Hawthorn, Rosehips

This is just a quick off the top of my head list of foods and herbs I KNOW, HAVE TRIED AND PROVEN to help in some severe situations. There are so many.

You need to find what calls your instinct… It could be something growing around you, already in your cupboards.

Granddad said, Ed, that it’s a principle of healing. Whatever you need is available and gettable. Don’t stress about what you can’t buy or get. What you need will come to you or be near.

2) Failure of New Cell Formation

New cells fail to form, Ed, if there is a lack of support for the new cells in the form of oxygen and in rare cases when the local DNA is not readable or truncated.

In case of the former, this is demonstrated in how long term smokers’ wounds take longer to heal than those who’ve been having their full supply of fresh air.

Oxygenation is critical for all body function.

A simply way to raise our body’s oxygenation level is to do deep breathing exercises. Slowly fill our lungs up to full capacity. Wait as long as you can and then slowly release the air fully emptying the lungs out. That simple.

People have been warning the world since 2020, that reducing the body’s intake of fresh air by using masks long term and through the day would eventually create a problem. And it has. Bodies have been slowly but surely reducing the quality of new cells, and failing to produce them fast enough.

Here is a list of Herbs for Oxygenation; Breathing Distress, Fatigue, Kidney Rehab, Diabetes, Edema etc.

The other cause of sluggish new cell formation is a problem reading DNA or damaged dna locally. The damaged cells are damaged in such a way as to have lost the pattern to follow while making new cells.

This is very common in radiation damaged cells, which is why those who have been through radiation (especially as part of cancer treatment) tend to develop new cancers and tumors later on.

I described Holistic DNA recovery in my previous letter to you, lst week, Ed. Clock Error or Confusion in Cell DNA Time, Holistic DNA Recovery;
Heavy Metal and Neuro Toxin Poisoning – First Aid and Recovery with Herbs

I know it’s a lot of reading but I just say it all, Ed, because such is the time, that we never know if we’ll have another chance to share what we know that could help someone. Some little thing may be retained by their memory and arise when needed into the conscious mind.

3) Sluggish blood oxygenation and circulation causing the blood clots to stay coagulated instead of being broken down and passed out

When new cells are formed, Ed, the matrix of blood cells at the site of the wound need to be transported out. This again requires robust oxygenation and circulation.

One aspect of this that I’ve found is that erratic blood pressure caused by unstable biorhythms often is a cause for people not being able to pass out what has to be passed out, so the cycle of wound repair is finished.

In the body, the pancreas manage blood pressure and dysfunction or weakness of the pancreas create conditions like diabetes, that impair wound repair processes. More on how to stabilize pancreatic function holistically: False Kisses and the Sugar Miasma ; Herbs for Pancreatitis

This erratic blood pressure and unstable biorhythm seems to be massively caused by the body holding tension in the area of the body connected to elimination – the lower gut or Colon and Rectum. I wrote to you recently about ways to break the habit of holding tension in that area. Colon and Rectal Nerve and Muscle Holistic Rehabilitation.

I have been packing all my herbal treatments in Magnesium Sulphate or Epsom Salts for years now, Ed, because a pinch of it morning and evening is like first aid for tension in the body.

Emergency Aid to relieve obstruction or tightness or sudden numbness that you suspect might be blood clots.

Wild Lettuce, White Willow Bark (Salix Alba), Nettle, Gelseminium, Acorus Calamus, Cactus, Hawthorn, GINGKO – DON’T FORGET GINGKO.

You don’t need much of these, just maybe 5 drops of each. But you need to take them regularly every few hours, or even every 20 minutes if that helps. The regularity and often-ness is important here.

This is solid information, Ed, that can save people’s lives – not just from death, but the quality of life and our function.

In conclusion

I’d like to remind you of just one thing from this whole write-up – It’s important to support your sense of emotional security. Everyone’s got really raw nerves right now because of two years of insecurity and media dramas to stoke up more and more fear and trauma.

A very real way to help ourselves and others is to nurture our sense of security, and hold peace.

I leave you with a beautiful painting by artist Ilya Repin. He was born in what is the Kharkiv region of Ukraine today but which was then part of Russia. They say he was the most famous artist in Russia, of the 19th century and his style of painting is now called the “Russian National Style”.

This painting of his wife in children, from 1879, is titled “At the Boundary”.

It makes me think, Ed, that no matter what is happening, we have these beautiful moments and times and places inside us, and we can choose to treasure those.

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