Herbs for Oxygenation; Breathing Distress, Fatigue, Kidney Rehab, Diabetes, Edema etc.

Letter to Ed about how cardiac stimulants like codeine and other opioids kill, and listing 7 herbs that help the blood carry oxygen better all around the body, for recovery from all the malarial “fever” symptoms like breathing distress; kidney disease, chronic fatigue and so on. 

Ed, I recently read with anguish a historical account of what can now only be called murder. A woman struggling to recover from the loss of a child, was found low in energy soon after. Bedridden out of sorrow more than any physical problem, however, she was given a physical treatment for ‘dropsy’ – which is basically the swelling or water retention that is common after childbirth when a woman is not able to get back into normal movement which oxygenates the body.

This is often accompanied by pain – the sort of full body pain usual when you have the flu, or the sort that’s called “fibromyalgia”, or migraines, or liver pain.

Just as is well documented now, the heart stimulating treatment – codeine (an opiod drug) – used over a long period resulted in kidney disease, diabetes and other organ function and finally led to death as the body was unable to take the assault of higher and higher doses of the stimulant drug.

Anything that artificially stimulates the heart IS HARMFUL in the long term. Such treatments are to be used in times of extreme emergency only.

Mild stimulants like coffee, or herbal teas are really as far as one should go when there’s a long term problem.


I apologize for the caps Ed, but I’m writing as my heart wishes. People DIE because of misusing stimulants.

These days there is a lot of awareness about the danger and damage – and death caused by opioid drugs. In 2017 a Public Health Emergency caused by massive misuse and abuse of prescription opioid drugs was declared in the USA and in 2018 a huge initiative to stop the abuse of opioid drugs was launched.

While opioids have been called out to some extent, there are other anti-inflammatory drugs – such as Ibuprofen – that are still being used where they shouldn’t be and causing serious kidney, pancreatic and other damage.

Too often Ed, in moments of desperation, we end up taking treatments that are damaging to the body – and unfortunately nearly all allopathic drugs are damaging when taken more than perhaps a day or two in times of emergencies. They’re violent Ed, there’s no other way to put it. They’re not recognized as natural by the body and are the equivalent of a knife cutting the body and taking something out. That procedure might have its uses sometimes, but on an everyday basis, that’s just murder.

What always wrenches my heart Ed, is how easy it is to recover from almost anything, with herbs – just normal herbs that are nowhere near as expensive as prescription drugs and most certainly won’t kill you or damage your organs. They take a little longer no doubt, the healing process isn’t very pretty or posh; But they work.

I have tried these herbs Ed, and I write about them because I know how powerful they are.

Cases of atony, or unresponsiveness of the system, breathing insufficiency, clamminess, Ed, of the palms, soles of the feet, chronic scarring – wounds and scars that take forever to heal, and a feeling of “thickness” or hardness of tissues here and there, PHOTOSENSITIVITY – or not being able to handle sunlight without crazy allergic reactions (a lot more than sunburn, or the tendency to get tanned real quick) – these are all signs of low oxygen in the body.

Think unexplained unresponsiveness, lack of motivation, chronic fatigue, kidney disease, liver disease… any organ dysfunction.

In all these situations, the first thing to do is increase oxygen supply to the body.

Naturally fresh air, is SUPER important. But aside from fresh air, here’s what can help:

Herbs for Oxygenation of Tissues

1) Artimisia Absinthium or Wormwood

Absinthe is made from Wormwood  Picture Source

While this herb was used to make a most abrasive drink called “absinthe” historically (it didn’t have a very good reputation) taken as a medicine – as tea or tincture or in oil, this is one of the most amazing aids to oxygenation in the body.


No matter what the problem, supporting circulation, releasing knots in the nervous system is only going to help. I have it on my kitchen counter in a bottle of vinegar for any emergency.


A close relative – which works very much the same is Southernwood or Artimisia Abrotanum, native to the US.

When you take this herb, in a decent restrained dose, it’s just as good as any painkiller – believe it or not, it’s sometimes worked on the level of cannabis, and without the after-effects on the nervous frequency where the body has to come back down to normal frequency.

I have used it in pregnancy safely, with only good reports, and used it to aid natural birth in dogs.

Any time there’s clamping, clamming, coagulation of tissues, difficulty breathing for example, it’s a great first aid.

Just a very little is enough. You’re interacting with a living being of consciousness here. You just need to come in touch with the consciousness of Artimisia Absinthium.

2) Papaya Leaf

Now I know this is not something available that easy but I’m writing about it anyway, because who knows Ed, the world might change – it’s changing a lot. I ought to mention what works whether it’s available easy at the time of writing it or not.


Ed, papaya leaf is famous in the tropics – or used to be before the medical system choked out memory of home remedies – for healing the acute drop in blood platelets that’s been associated with malarial fever for nearly a century now.

It is my belief that before the bio-terrorism weapons of today – viruses and the like – mosquitoes unleashed early in the previous century were a form of bio-terrorism.

We have a whole lot of documentation of malaria-like diseases described in history, “mal-aria” meaning “BAD AIR” in Italian (ie. lack of oxygenation) but it was only around 1882 that the mosquito insect was identified as a carrier of the parasite that causes the range of symptoms associated with “BAD AIR”.

An interesting round up of the history of Malaria is here – published by Duke’s University. The page mentions how Chinese physicians were treating BAD AIR with surprise surprise WORMWOOD. But apparently, the World Health Organization believed that treatment to be “lost”, (how convenient is that, Ed?) and decided to use DDT worldwide in swamp areas, instead in “the fight against Malaria”. Another stunning display of brilliance and good intentions towards all mankind of course, funded by US taxpayer money.

We now have DDT resistant mosquitoes, the WHO still hasn’t “found” wormwood or papaya leaf – the South Asian traditional treatment for BAD AIR, and swamp life world over is threatened as the poisons unleashed through DDT have generational effects on the nervous systems of humans and animals worldwide.

But coming back to Papaya Leaf. Ed, in a situation where simply opening a window won’t help a person breathe deep, where it’s not a case of cramping of the lungs such as is common in asthma and bronchitis, where treatments given to kill infection are not helping the lungs return to their normal function, in those situations the extract of papaya leaf is powerful. It directly treats the blood, raising blood platelet levels quickly.

It’s a form of first aid I’ve depended on so much Ed, that it’s part of my Super Antioxidant Mix which I give as a tonic for every serious ailment I treat. Especially when there’s long term debilitation involved.

I believe there are some sellers out there who ship payapa leaf worldwide. But it would be just as easy to get some seeds off amazon or ebay – get the non-hybrid, organic type -you don’t want seedless papayas. They’re so easy to grow in a pot even. In a few months you’ll have some young leaves – don’t take all – just a small handful will do. You chop those up and put them into a bottle of say 500ml of vinegar. If you’ve got everclear or high alcohol rum or vodka, great. I prefer vinegar because I’m used to it and it’s the form I’ve used the most. Vinegar retains minerals which alcohol doesn’t. But alcohol has its medicinal effects on the lungs which can be helpful for breathing distress. In a few weeks you should an extract strong enough.

A few drops of this is powerful medicine to oxygenate the body.

3) Parthenium Grass


A plant classified as an invasive species is so powerful an oxygenator Ed, that I consider it THE winning ingredient of my melanoma skin cancer (spreading warts) treatment. It’s action is only rivaled by high THC cannabis oil or Bloodroot Salve – both of which are hard to come by or illegal in some countries.

In situations where there is tissue hardening (adhesions) where there is the build-up of scar tissue from repeat wounds, Parthenium Hysterophorus slowly causes the area to become open to proper blood circulation.

I have had it as a tea on an every day basis – about three pinches of the dried leaves in 2 cups of water – and found it relieving pain caused by sitting in one position for a long time – not to mention all the benefits of improved oxygenation.

It is excellent for those who are or have been bed-ridden, or who have to work at a desk job sitting long hours.

An indication of its suitability for someone is, they’re often claustrophobic.

4) Cinchona Tree Bark


Identified by South Americans to treat malarial fever and all other such maladies a long time ago, the extract of bark called ‘Quinine’ has been used for over a century for all kinds of fevers.

1905 Sears Roebuck Catalog, Quinine – Picture Source

Whatever sort of fever was going around back in the day, quinine dealt with it all. It is available in most stores, sometimes called “China”.

I’ve found it especially useful for those who get overwhelmed by crowds. The condition where you feel like you just came to the city from the country and everything’s too noisy, to loud too overwhelming.

It is strengthening, for those recovering from strenuous energy situations such as surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, an accident, a personal tragedy and so on.

Ed, it’s high time personal life tragedies be treated on the same level as road accidents and surgeries.

5) Chanca Piedra – Phyllanthus Niruri


This one is so bitter, I think it’s even more bitter than Neem leaf. I’ve never succeeded in giving it to Gabriel. It’s so unbelievably bitter Ed. But there are those who need it.

Look how delicate and sweet it looks – growing wild in a crack under the wall here. Don’t believe its looks!

It’s called ‘stone breaker’ for a reason. It breaks down stones – gall stones, kidney stones… you name it.

Ed, I was around someone who had gall stones and had a gall attack where the stones block the gall duct. You don’t want you or anyone you know – friends or enemies – to be in that situation.

Once or twice a year, have some Chanca Piedra as a preventative – a pinch of the powder once a day for 3-4 weeks – just to clear out any build up.

It does this by oxygenating the body.

6) Pata De Vaca – Bauhinia


A famous kidney healer, its leaves are shaped like kidneys – or lungs. This one changes the smell of the body in a few days as it oxygenates the body and causes the release of blocked up “airs” everywhere.

It is pure strength for the kidneys and other organs as well. It’s very gentle in its working – nothing drastic. Just basic angelic support. It’s part of every kidney support treatment I make because it’s just that good for EVERYONE.

7) Acorus Calamus – Sweetflag


I’ve heard all kinds of different accounts about Acorus Calamus. I never really remember what others say about it though. I’ve even heard that it’s banned or going to be in the US.

What can I testify to, is the sheer oxygenation power of this herb simply by balancing body temperature. One of the biggest impediments to blood give-and-take between organs and tissues and blood vessels, is differences in temperature in different parts of the body.

Those who sing often – especially performers – know the value of warming their throats and chests up to sing properly in the early mornings. The quality of the voice depends on air coming up from the lungs not encountering cold pockets.

Acorus Calamus is famous supporter of speech and voice function because of how it helps normalize body temperature (among other strengths).

No matter which treatment you’re taking, a little Acorus Calamus will help the body come down to a common temperature making that treatment able to work.

It is also an aid to de-stressing as a lot of stress is because of erratic blood circulation caused by temperature differences between various parts of us.

8) Lantana

Lantana is a powerful agent of oxygenation. It has an article all to itself here: Lantana – Lungs-Liver-Sexual Blocks, Radiation Flu Recovery.

In conclusion,

here is a poem by John Masefield (1878-1967) called




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