Herbs for Paralysis, Palsy caused by Nervous Trauma or Vibrational Attack

A description of how I used a plant poison for first-aid with a heart attack and to save my child Gabriel from paralysis brought on by vaccination; Herbs that work on a frequency level to rehabilitate the nervous system from shock and trauma patterns

Dear Ed,

In the days I was recovering from my severe heart trouble, there were times when I felt another heart attack could come on any time – particularly stressful situations. I knew I had to have first aid ready. That’s when like never before I realized the power of herbs. Until you’re about to die and a herb helps you, in our times, it’s hard to see them as much more than a healthy choice perhaps.

But there I was – severe heart pain gripping me. I couldn’t move an inch for the pain, perspiring crazily. I was alone and there was no one I could call for help.

That’s when I remembered Granddad telling me that plant poisons – those that cause paralysis in “food” doses – taking them in small doses is the treatment for paralysis.

Now what is a heart attack but a sort of paralysis of the heart? A nervous spasm of the heart that leaves it unresponsive?

My hands were on the table, I was sitting on the chair, which was one of those office ones with wheels. On my other table to the left were wild weeds and pine leaves I’d brought in and strewn around the room because I liked the smell.

I felt sure by instinct, that at least one of them was a poison.

I was losing consciousness because of the pain and I couldn’t sit my back up straight. I couldn’t move my upper body. What I could do, was maneuver the swivel chair on wheels I was sitting on, to push back and then turn to the left to the side table where the bundle of wild weeds was.

At this point even if what I took killed me, it wouldn’t have made a difference because I knew if my heart stopped this time the chance of it sparking back up like it had twice before was very low.

I clenched the first leaf I felt and with a huge effort stuffed it into my mouth. It smelled fragrant. Before I could even close my mouth I felt its smell go to my head.

In the next few seconds as the sour juice of that one or half a leaf I’d put in my mouth made my tongue sting, my fingers lost their grip of the table’s edge and my head came down on the table. I felt the cool wood against my cheek and closed my eyes. I thought I was going to die and was calm about it.

In the next few minutes though something like a warm cloud seemed to burst in my chest and lungs and spread through my body. Suddenly my frozen heart seemed warm and as if it was surrounded by warm heat but not uncomfortably. I took a long deep breath and realized I could move gently.

I later found out that what I’d eaten was Datura Stramonium. It started my journey into the wonders of this plant they call a poison but which has saved my life so very many times and in so very many ways.

Ed, some people laugh at me because of my fastidious and what they call “naive” “faith” in herbs. But in truth, when I had no one to help me, they were the angels that God, my parents, and all who love me, sent to help me.

I don’t care to be “professional” about something that’s so personal and close to my heart as to be sacred.

I was to have possibly one of the worst experiences of my life to do with paralysis, again, in 2015.

Gabriel was a toddler then,

running around the place, dancing, laughing, beginning to speak.

When one day I made the biggest mistake of my life.

I didn’t get out much in those days and I was worried that Gabriel wasn’t getting enough time out as he should. I pretty much begged someone I trusted, to take him out for a few hours – a long drive, a shopping mall, just an outing.

We were then living in South India, on the coast. From the day Gabriel was born, in North India, to all the places I’d moved to from then to that place in South India on the coast, we had been hounded by groups of “social workers” – sometimes banging at our gate in groups of twenty or so, demanding to put polio vaccine drops into the baby’s mouth.

I was well aware of how the polio vaccine drops work. The particular vaccine is banned in the US for causing paralysis, and the subject of a court case in India against the Bill Gates Foundation accused of causing sterility, paralysis and other debilitating conditions through vaccines via the WHO.

Here are just a couple of links that come up on the subject on Bing – I do not endorse the publishers of these links – just posted here to give you an idea of how big the issue is that even mainstream media has been forced to acknowledge it as an issue.:

Oral polio vaccine causing paralysis in kids: Study – New Indian Express – 2020

47,000 children in India (at least) paralyzed by a polio vaccine banned in the US in 2000 and in the UK in 2004 but still pushed by the WHO, UN and Gates Foundation for the rest of the world, as “the benefits outweigh the risks”. (Tell that to a parent whose child can’t walk or talk.)

I simply refused to allow Gabriel to be exposed to it. I’d seen as a teenager, healthy children in the neighborhood become atrophied and one even lose sight after getting that vaccine.

Most people are somewhat aware of its dangers and to force it into babies, babies that are not taken to doctors and hospitals where someone drops it into their mouths without asking the parents (yes, that’s what it’s come to, Ed), they have these huge groups of threatening looking “women” who go house to house when they hear there’s a baby been born or there’s a small child, and bang the gate and call for the baby to give it the drops.

Often they’ll block the entrance of a road so you HAVE to give the child the vaccine or not be able to pass that way.

It takes a stern decision and a steel backbone to protect your child. You can’t speak to those mobs – even if you have a rudimentary grasp on the local language.

Yes, Ed, that’s how far they’ll go to push vaccination. Outright physical assault threatening.

Anyway Ed, long story short, whether threatened or not, I don’t know, but the person I trusted with Gabriel that day for this short outing, brought him back having taken the vaccine.

He came back burning with fever about 7.30pm and lay down in bed.

He was always enthusiastic about every meal but that night he showed no interest and wouldn’t eat. I thought maybe he’d eaten something outside that had filled him.

At 2.30am I knew something was wrong. He was breathing different, still burning with fever and his legs were limp. He seemed to be not just sleeping but like he was unconscious.

I tried to gently wake him but he didn’t respond much. It was very unlike him.

At 3am I put some medicine to bring down the fever in drops into his lips and he didn’t react at all.

I panicked Ed. I knew something was wrong. I know how he sleeps – he moves his legs. His legs were limp, the energy in them gone down to almost 9% of what it usually is.

I knew his nervous system had been hit very bad by something. I knew that if I delayed getting the energy back into his legs, get the nerves going, the connection to the central nervous system could shut down resulting in paralysis that would be almost impossible to recover from. Nerves not in use atrophy. And in the developing years, the child could develop the habit of not using them, so they just never develop.

My instinct led me to Datura Stramonium. I’d extracted it into oil and it’s my painkiller when everything else fails.

My fears were confirmed when I began to massage Gabriel’s lower body with it and he didn’t respond. His legs were limp. I prayed and prayed and massaged him and there was no response from his legs.

By 5.30am however God gave me a reprieve. Gabriel turned over and opened his eyes. The fever had gone down a bit. He ate a bit of a cookie and then cuddled up with me and slept.

The next three weeks Ed, I found out that there is absolutely NO treatment other than the common treatment for fevers and pain for children with reactions to vaccination, especially paralysis. You’re your own there. It’s your bad luck – you and your genes are the problem. The callousness of the medical system is PHENOMENAL. They actually expect you to believe your child accidentally got paralyzed out of the thin air.

Once you experience what vaccination can do to your own child, if you have a heart, you’ll never again support or promote it no matter who recommends it or why.

Ed, Gabriel was paralyzed waist down for 3 weeks.

Three weeks of hell. I cannot imagine Ed, what those parents go through when their little one who was so well just a few days ago is suddenly debilitated like that.

He stopped speaking Ed. He seemed to regress into the stage a baby is in at 6 to 8 months.

His life teetered in the balance as fevers raged and went up and down.

That’s when I proved to my own self all the things I’d written about before, making medicine for others’ children suffering with reactions to vaccination ie. energy body splintering.

That’s when I understood like never before that it’s not just about chemical assault but that there’s an attack on the genetic make-up of the body causing hormonal dysfunction which causes severe energetic, mental and emotional upheaval.

The vaccines children were given in the 80s when I was born were NOTHING in brute force compared to these days.

And for three weeks Ed, I used every herb I had, to both soothe and stimulate Gabriel’s shocked and failing nervous system.

Three weeks after the attack, Gabriel got on his feet with my support and began the slow recovery from the paralysis. It was the end of the next year before he could walk again and it took three years before he could walk for more than ten to fifteen minutes at a time and run.

Gabriel a few months after the paralysis when he could stand for a while at the window and look out.


His milestones to develop speech and learning were all missed as his body spent all its energy simply keeping alive, processing food, and re-developing motor control. We had to go through all the stages a baby goes through to start moving about, all over again.

He’s now considered “nonverbal ASD” (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and I on an everyday basis understand what so may parents have been screaming their guts out about since at least the nineties.

He’d developed severe strabismus of the eyes after the vaccination – non-alignment of the eyes that’s usually treated with spectacles but only becomes worse as time goes by. In children you can’t treat it with spectacles or exercise. This has been resolved simply with the herbs for paralysis that I gave him in general. It did take 3 years and I learned firsthand how our eye reflect the attacks our nervous system is going through even before other parts of us to.

This article however is about the herbs – the angels – who are the only medicine I know of that can be relied on to rehabilitate a shocked nervous system that has gone into paralysis.

A point to note is – these herbs work more on a frequency level than on a physical level.

When you’re treating the gut – say for a stomach infection, or a wound, herbs with physical substances that soothe and fight infection are great. However when you’re dealing with VIBRATIONAL ATTACK, you’ve got to use herbs that work on a vibrational level.

These have been classified as poisons because their effect when taken the ways herbs that work more on a physical level are taken, can cause serious problems and even death.

Herbs for Paralysis and Palsy caused by Nervous Trauma

1) Datura Stramonium or Jimson Weed


The best way to use Datura – according to my experience – is to extract it into oil and then massage the area its effect is needed in.

Always remember to drink a LOT of water anytime you use Datura or it could cause dehydration and the collection of all you want to get rid of, inside the body. Constipation as well.

I’ve written so much about Datura over the years – here’s the like to the second most popular page on my website: Deep Space Datura – Pain Relief, Truth Serum & Divine Justice .

2) Digitalis or Foxglove

Digitalis or Foxglove, Ed, pops up everywhere the electric frequency is disturbed to heal the field. One of my best friends, Ed. A guide through days of such instability and upheaval. Those times I quite lost my bearing, lost sight of what matters, Digitalis brought me back to calm.

Digitalis works like acupuncture on the body. Now I’ve never let anyone poke pins into me. Except once when I was too weak to say anything. The time when I was 8 and was physically as good as gone (you read about it in my article last week: The Consciousness of the Failed and the Damned ) my Granddad poked a pin into the middle finger of my left hand (it still hurts there Granddad!!!!). I woke up from my unconsciousness and remember him quickly removing the pin before I’d notice it. (Ha!)

But he told me he’d done it to horses who’d fainted from extreme nervous stress and adrenal exhaustion – a particularly difficult sort of unconsciousness to wake someone from.

I asked him why he didn’t use a herb instead and he said he hadn’t had Digitalis with him at the time.

How digitalis or foxglove works is that – in small doses, it causes a sort of nervous depression of the body. Like turning down all the lights of the house. Only the room in which serious drama is going on – the people there won’t let the lights turn down. Now you can see where the drama is and send in help.

Digitalis brings particular areas of the nervous system where the frequency won’t stabilize, into the limelight of our subconscious awareness. This causes energy and blood to begin to flow there.

That’s what we need to recover from paralysis and palsy of all kinds.

3) Ignatia or Ignatius Bean


I wrote a whole article about it recently. The herbal prozac they call it. Our Body’s Thermometer & Strychnos for the Stricken – Ignatia

It’s invaluable for recovery of the nervous system from vibrational attack because of its reinforcement of the core or central areas of the nerves. It PULLS IN energy, sort of tightening nerve cells so that causes a whole lot of neuro toxins to be let go of.

It causes a demagnetization of nerves electrically stuck in trauma patterns.

Really Ed, it all sounds so … well.. whatever… But in reality, how it works! It’s something to experienced.

I hope you never have to. But those people Ed… I’ve been one of them… standing in a public place, your bus is about to come, you have to go on this journey. You’ve got to pick up your bags… the loudspeakers are blaring, there are people milling about… And you feel parts of you clenching and clamping… the taste in your mouth changes. You don’t know why you feel panicky… you’ve done it all so many times haven’t you?

That’s what so many people go through Ed… to do the little things that come so easy to others.

It’s a nervous system and heart not fully recovered yet and is vibrationally sensitive and raw.

Ignatia helps calm the trauma behavior of the nervous system and this gives that much required mental focus in the moment.

It’s invaluable taken regularly at all the times the person usually feels stressed, to re-train the nervous system out of trauma patterns.

4) Ash or Fraxinus Excelsior


This amazing tree vibrates at such a basic primal level, that it inspires the same in us. This puts us on the frequency to access our primal genetic dna – that which holds the key to our development – and which can help us re-develop when for some reason we’ve been broken down.

For a situation like paralysis or nervous debilitation, we need to tap into our primal genetic memory to be able to re-develop.

I’ve described it in some more detail on the page Herbs to change inherited energy patterns .

5) Parthenium Grass

Classified as an invasive weed, called names and shamed in public. You know the herb is something special when it’s attacked like that. A powerful supporter of oxygenation in the body. The clamminess that sets in with paralysis and palsy is greatly relieved by Parthenium Grass of the Feverfew family.

I haven’t reached anywhere near understanding the powers of this amazing plant. The power of oxygenation I guess. No part of us doesn’t respond positively to oxygenation. I wrote about Parthenium recently in my article – Herbs for Oxygenation .

6) Oleander – Thevetia Peruviana

For those with the long term tendency to nervous numbness, palsy and paralysis – especially when it includes paralysis of the throat and voice function, this is an angel like no other.

It has this ability called “apoptosis” where it triggers cell death of cells that shouldn’t be in the body. It’s powerful because it makes the holders of frequency that doesn’t match us, get treated as toxins.

Imagine the body is hypnotized out of trauma, Ed. Imagine someone that comes in and says, “THAT’S NOT YOU. THIS IS YOU. THIS IS YOU. BUT THAT IS NOT YOU.” Oleander works like that.

There’s always an identity crisis involved in changing long term nervous system patterns and Oleander’s frequency of crystal clear simple direct purpose helps expose all that doesn’t match our core life purpose.


My treatment of paralysis and palsy also often includes:

Cactus for heart and nervous frequency support, Cannabis Sativa or Hemp when there’s malnutrition anywhere in the picture (you wouldn’t believe Ed how many people who most certainly aren’t “poor” are malnutritioned), Blueflag (Iris Versicolor) to throw out poisons, Phytolacca or Poke Weed for the same thing, and

Activated charcoal powder – just a pinch at a time, brings any high strung nervous system down from crazy high frequencies.

In Conclusion

I leave you with a video of Gabriel running in 2018, 3 years after he was paralyzed waist down by vaccination.



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