Clock Error or Confusion in Cell DNA Time, Holistic DNA Recovery

Clock Error, Central Body or Primal DNA Time, Time Dead Substances, Sexual Energy Anomalies; Conversation with Granddad about what makes cells fall out of time; DNA Recovery with Herbs,The use of DNA to unite or Impose Group Consciousness or Trauma; Emergency DNA Recovery with Urine Therapy 

Dear Ed,

A few days ago I forgot to turn the power on on my laptop and went to bed. When I woke up the battery had gone down to zero and the computer had turned off. I plugged it back in and turned it back on.

Everything looked normal. But when I tried opening a web page I got an error. It said. “Clock Error.”

My computer’s time had gotten set back to 2011! This was clashing with the browser which is in 2022. So I had to change the computer’s time to now.

It made me start to write a long passionate description of clock errors in our body and a conversation I had with Granddad and so on, to you.

Here it is.


For many days now, Ed, my spirit has been noticing like never before, the element of Time in all physical matter, especially my body.

This is a very simple thing, and understanding and working with time in the body and body cells can make such a huge huge difference to health and well-being.

I’ll describe this as simply as possible.

We have a central body time, that comes with our DNA. Our DNA exists and functions in that point in time in eternity. Our first cell made up of our parents’ dna – them both being in the same time at the moment of conception, carries and functions according to this time.

All of our cells that then come from that first cell, all carry and function in that same time.

Our unique physical features are born of and represent this primal cell time.

We interact with others in other cell times, but our body maintains its own cell time.

When all of our cells are functioning at the same time, there is seamless energy flow and functioning of all organs and systems.

Artistic representation of how how it is when all cells have the same central time.

When some of our cells are not functioning at the same time as others, or living parallel times we have energy clashes, flow restrictions, dysfunction and eventually death.

An artistic representation of blocked and anti-natural energy flow caused by differing cell times.

Now Ed, in our perfect universe, everything is flowing according to universal time. When we’re exposed to matter from other times, so to speak, we interact with that and it’s a beautiful experience. We don’t lose our own body time because of interaction with any matter from any other time.

What causes problems is when we’re exposed to matter that does NOT have an energy field carrying any time, ie. artificially created DNA.

I call such matter “Time Dead”. It might have “nutrients” and a chemical composition that gives it the mechanical functions of “life”. But it does not have a place in Time outside of its already set physical rhythm.

Our bodies do not even work with such matter.

It is why lab made vitamins and supplements are simply passed out by a healthy body after just a little sampled for maybe a few days.

The body doesn’t count time dead substances as substances at all and will reject them.

What happens though, is after a certain point, if a body is bombarded by time dead substances and/or entities, and the body is in trauma or shock, or cut off from other healthy bodies and natural energy fields, some of our cells get confused about what the time is and could start functioning according to different times.

Time Confusion and Sexual Energy Anomalies

One of the first manifestations of time confusion in the body is sexual energy anomalies. Sexual energy is the basic vital energy that’s stored in the body. It’s what we begin to use after our first flush of fresh energy is used up.

It’s the difference between someone who can dance for ten minutes before they need some refreshment, and someone who can lose themselves in the music, to dance till they’re refreshed by the dancing itself.

When we start needing replenishment way too often it means our sexual energy is blocked up.

Think of how as children we played for hours. We lost ourselves in what we were doing. It’s not just about passion and joy and fun. Our whole body was involved in what we were doing, because all our cells were functioning in the same time.

Most adults today have two or three different times in the body. This is literally physically like being possessed by two or three demons, each pulling the body and mind in different directions, while our soul and basic body struggle to get on on our own life path.

How do our cells fall out of base body time really?

I asked Granddad about this Ed, at a time when I barely understood what an important topic it is.

You see, Ed, Granddad was a sort of expert on time, because he’d just seen so much of it. And it was from the perspective of anti-aging, mainly bothered about my various skin problems that I asked him about it.

Somehow Ed, it always happened that whenever Granddad came around, my skin problems used to disappear. A few weeks after that they’d be back. I said to Granddad one day, “Whenever you’re around I look different for a short time. My skin looks completely different…”

Granddad – And that is true for me too. When I’m with you I am young again.

I was sad for a while Ed, inside when he said that, because it was a painful fact that Granddad had lost his wife and daughters, then his granddaughter my mother, and had only me in the world. If the rest of the family were alive, his life would be full of us and he needn’t travel half way around the world to spend some time with me, and be happy again.

Granddad showed me the photo of me he used to carry in his passport that used to be in his pocket all the time. (He traveled a LOT.)

Unfortunately I do not have a copy of that photo to show you. It was of me about three years old, the time Granddad found me again.

Granddad said, “When I’m not with you, I look at this photo and I remember my time.”

That’s how this topic came up.

And I wanted to know what makes us fall out of time… Why can’t my skin be well all the time and not just when Granddad was around.

Granddad – Cara, you’ve been to a theme park haven’t you?
Me – Yes.
Granddad – You liked it?
Me – No.
Granddad – Why not?
Me – I don’t know. It was thrilling and all but I didn’t feel particularly happy after it all. Actually, every time I went I came home feeling sad and disappointed.
Granddad – Those thrills are nothing without someone who turns it all into feelings.
Me – You’re so right. The whole experience depends on who you’re with, not what you go through physically.

Granddad – Your mother and I went together on a cable car ride over a mountain valley.

Me – Wow… really!

Granddad – It was one of the most wonderful times of my life.

Me (really sad again and not wanting to be) – What’s this got to do with the time of our body?

Granddad – Our cells take on the time of the moments of joy in our lives. We then want to live in the state we were in the moments of joy, so cell by cell, we align to that consciousness, that time.

And then if we don’t find those experiences coming back to us, if we find ourselves held hostage in unpleasantness day after day, in dead or joyless moments, we begin to feel like that’s what life is all about. We could then begin to believe we belong in those zones of emptiness and deadness and strangeness.

Me – Yeah. I understand this. This is what happens to me.

Granddad – This is how cells begin to lose time a little. But it’s not how cells begin to carry a whole different time.

Me – Like a parallel country within the body?

Granddad – Indeed. That happens when your time of trauma is seized upon by those who find you malleable in that state, and who suggest that you look good there, that it’s your place, it’s your identity, it’s your destiny.


Granddad – My child, these are old methods to enslave the free. When you’re little they tell you that you look good wearing a uniform like everyone else; that you’re a good child when you take orders going against your nature. When you’re adolescent they tell you to suppress your energy and fight your instincts. Later on they tell you you were wrong all along in doing this and that and the other.

Don’t be corrected by others, Cara. Love doesn’t tell you to be any different from your nature.

Me – But Granddad, how can a person learn and improve if not corrected?

Granddad – My love, when your body is sad, it doesn’t learn anything.

Me – Hmmmm. I see. So what I understand is that I’ve been convinced into patterns of behavior that are not according to my nature and this has affected my cells into holding a different time that my basic body time.

Granddad – Not really. It’s more than about patterns of behavior. It’s about being psychologically subjected to pressure to be someone you’re not. If at some time you believe that being you isn’t going to get you where you want to be, you get into a state of looking for examples of who to be, if not you.

That state of mind and consciousness, causes various body cells to not hold their own cell time assertively enough, and they could then take on the time of those strong energy fields around that they’re not able to resist now because of feeling confused about themselves.

Me – It’s like how we get affected by peer pressure isn’t it?

Granddad – Yes, but in extreme ways. Imagine if you joined a murder squad out of peer pressure. Imagine if your body and mind started living in that consciousness of feeling powerful because you took someone’s life and you can’t wait for that rush again.

Me – Granddad that’s such a gross extreme idea.

Granddad – Not in the world out there, Cara. That attitude of killing others, attacking others, forcing others, overcoming others, that’s commonplace out there. It’s in common language now. “Kill it,” means “do it”. “Wreck it,” means “do it.” “Make a killing,” means “earning well.”

(Note from now, Ed – Having seen those Big Brother – Bigg Boss etc reality shows, I really understand what Granddad was talking about.)

Me – Granddad so you’re saying my cells fall out of time because I get influenced by these attitudes that are against my soul?

Granddad – Yes, and what’s against your soul, is against your truth. There’s your illness right there.

Me – Granddad I recently had an experience in meditation where I could clearly percieve that the person I used to be before I decided to accept my birth identity was a sort of fake personality that I still carry sometimes out of habit. And I saw that a lot of my health problems are because my body couldn’t ever be ok with that fake personality of mine.

That fake personality used to accept bastards because that’s how the fake family I grew up with was – wickedness and evil was accepted so long as it was dressed well.

But the real me doesn’t accept that sort of thing, doesn’t laugh and joke and be pals with evil.

Granddad – Layer upon layer, my child, you will find the same thing. Your body refuses to partake of what doesn’t suit your soul.
If it is forced to, just for survival, it will split into the parts keeping your own body time, and parts holding other time and consciousness patterns.

Me – That’s how Autoimmune problems happen, I suppose.

Granddad – Yes.

Me – Granddad, you remember the time I asked you if you were a vampire?

Granddad – Lovely day it was.

Me – (Laughing) – But you remember what you said then?

Granddad – Did I confess? If so I do not remember it.

Me – (Laughing) – No you didn’t confess. You said you’re not, not a vampire because you do not eat as often as others. You said you’re not a vampire because you do not drink the blood of others for your life energy.

Granddad – Blood carries time, Cara. Those who have their own body time, don’t need to take on another’s youth or age or time.

Me – Tell me about “Blood carries time.”

Granddad – Your obsession with blood intrigues me.

Me – I just feel that… ok, I’m obsessed with blood. But it’s because of this Granddad. You remember that guy I told you about who had his leg amputated and who had to get a lot of blood tranfused in because he bled out so much? So after all these years his facebook profile came up and I was shocked because Granddad, his energy field was completely different. He’s a different animal, Granddad. And I’ve been unable to get it off my mind, because I saw him before and after and back then I could see that something had changed. I thought it was the shock… It’s such a big deal what he went through.

But now what I saw Granddad was not the same person without a bit of a leg, I saw a different energy field, different everything.

It’s disturbed me. It didn’t feel right. I didn’t even say Hi or anything, just closed the window.

Granddad – Blood carries time.

Me – Is that why in the Bible God says one should drain out the blood from an animal before eating it? Because “the life is in the blood”?

Granddad – Yes.

Me – Is that’s what’s causing genetic problems Granddad? Medicines and treatments that use blood and blood products of other humans and animals?

Granddad – Those are not medicines my love. They’re marketed as medicines, that’s all.

Me – What do you mean they aren’t medicines?

Granddad – Medicines heal the body to be itself. These offer the illusion of healing but are actually akin to religious conversion.

Me – What? Like they convert the body to holding a different time?

Granddad – How do telephones work, Cara?

Me – Signals on a line, I suppose. Wave energy?

Granddad – There’s a receiver here and a receiver there and there are wire connections inbetween. These days all air is used as a medium of transfer. But you need a receiver here and a receiver there to be connected.

Me – Yes, ok.

Granddad – If there are receivers at two ends, no matter where on earth they are, if they’re connected, people at both ends can speak to each other.

Blood cells are receivers connected to DNA lines.

If you give a large part of the population things that carry blood cells that carry a certain time, and those begin to influence weak and tired bodies into accepting that new time as their time, not only do you have a beleaguered population ripe for use and abuse as they struggle to assert their own DNA time, but you have receivers in them constantly receiving psychic suggestion.

Me – This is how black magicians work, isn’t it? They slip things into people’s food and use that as a channel of consciousness.

Granddad – That’s mostly nonsense, Cara. Things are slipped into our food all the time. Why I once had a crow shit on my sandwich the second I unwrapped it, and didn’t know it for half the sandwich, because I was lost in thought. It makes no difference to my body.

It’s our consent that makes us vulnerable to suggestion.

Me – Is that why Swedes can have “Blood pudding” and be none the worse for it?

Granddad – Yes. It’s just food to them.

Me – Why then did God tell the Israelites not to have blood?

Granddad – Because we’d been subject to so much assault on our DNA that it was necessary to demonstrate the unwillingness to take on the body time and consciousness of another living being. Some blood lines have been so assaulted that they are hypersensitive to blood carried energy fields.

Me – That’s why some people are more allergic to some substances like dairy than others?

Granddad – Yes. The more assault your being and your ancestors have been through, the more sensitive you are likely to be to substances carrying energy fields and time that don’t match you.

Me – Is that why so many people are vegetarians and vegans these days?

Granddad – They are attracted to the prospect of being free from the karma of the cycle of breeding and slaughter that animals are put through to provide meat.

Me – Not because they’re sensitive to things that carry different body times?

Granddad – Plants, trees, are meat eaters.

Me – Oh.

Granddad – You get the body times of the things the plants ate to grow. It’s what makes some fruit taste different from another fruit, even though they’re the same fruit.


From there on, Ed, the conversation took a turn towards how no matter what we eat, whether meat or vegetables, we’re essentially eating the same things that are the building blocks of all matter in our realm. It’s the consciousness they carry that makes the difference. That consciousness shows in cell time.

We’re attracted to things that carry the cell time we want to hold or carry. That could be a traumatic time we’re attracted to, so we can release that trauma. That could be a moment of joy.

Granddad taught me not to judge what I’m attracted to. But to be aware that I AM attracted to it.

I began to realize how much I’m attracted to things that take me back to a time, a state of being when I was comfortably numb, cocooned in delusion. A safe zone I miss a lot. Potato chips (the supermarket crispy ones in mass produced bags) make me happy to this day because of the feeling of being cocooned away from reality. Being aware of it has helped me lessen my dependence on it and other comfort foods.

I have a nice cocooned think about what I really want in life. Do I want to feel cocooned or do I want to actually move to where I want to me? That sort of thing.

The use of DNA to unite or Impose Group Consciousness or Trauma

Something I have to tell you here, Ed, is that DNA has been used since time immemorial, in rituals to have a whole group or family or more come into the same Time, or same consciousness, to unite, and to either progress or be exploited.

Families eating together, people “breaking bread” together or having a drink together, are all ways of uniting consciousness and coming into the same time, because what’s eaten or drunk carries its cell time and all partaking carry that in their bodies for a while after.

All religions use the sharing of food or drink as a form of uniting consciousness.

Most “secret societies” and occult groups take it further by sharing blood and blood derivatives, hormones – that directly carry the most potent and assertive cell time. This can be overwhelming, subdue a person’s individuality and make them susceptible to psychic suggestion like never before.

We are experiencing a mass ritual involving the use of blood derived substances in the use of pharmaceutical treatments for various conditions now, worldwide, whether that’s preventatives like the jabs, or hormone supplementation, treatment with blood transfusion, stem cell therapy and so on.

The truth, is, Ed, that people are not being told what the implications are of their bodies imbibing DNA that is NOT their own. Whether a person is susceptible to the energy effects and psychological effects of susceptibility to psychic suggestion, is a whole other thing.

The fact is on a physical level, you’re stressing the body in such a huge way when you allow DNA like that in, and you’re carrying the receivers for this huge trauma field, because contrary to what’s presented in the media, pharmaceutical ingredients are rarely got through “peaceful” means. They are got through the torture and murder of human fetuses for the most part – those humans that cannot cry out loud or defend or protect themselves.

Other than that, those regular donors to the pharmaceutical companies are not doing it because they like being experimented on and drained. They’re from populations kept in poverty and presented these options as the rare few ways to earn and survive. They are in a constant state of trauma.

However you look at it, Ed, the pharmaceutical cures, preventatives, supplements, whatever… they carry trauma and a false time, a time not of your own body.

Whatever they do on a physical level, one thing is certain, on a consciousness level they cause trauma, and hold us back to the trauma in our lives as a result. We can develop very skewed vision of our lives if we are unable to come out of trauma states and this affects us in so many ways.

The big question I had, Ed, is;

How do we assert our own cell time and hold it?

The simplest way, as usual, is to feel our center and be grounded.

We’ve been trained, Ed, to constantly look outside of ourselves for influences and guidance and leadership.

When we look inwards, connect to our own body, our own soul and spirit, that automatically aligns us with our own cell time.

The average more or less healthy person needs only change their attitude and consciously decide to hold their own cell time, consciousness.

For those however who have been terribly bombarded with various forms of assault on the system, and whose bodies are carrying different times, there is help in the form of herbs that encourage one’s awareness of their own energy field.

The whole raging success of Cannabis in treating disorders like cancer, has been in the way it raises a person’s awareness of their own vibration and consciousness.

Other herbs that have helped me immensely on my journey to asserting my own cell time are mentioned in these articles:

Me versus Me – Herbs for Autoimmune and Histamine Disorders

Energy Field Assault Recovery and Building Resistance with Herbs

Emergency DNA Recovery with Urine Therapy

In times of extreme emergencies, such as with aggressive allergic reactions, spreading cancers, growing tumors, something I have found immensely powerful holistically in breaking out of the downward spiral, is along with taking herbs, stopping the use of refined white sugar (over stimulating and therefore energy draining), urine therapy.

I typed #urinetherapy on twitter the other day to see what people were talking about, and got quite a shock. It’s being spoken of so derogatorily.

For one, Ed, it is an ancient method of healing, and diagnosis of diseases in all ancient cultures. Before laboratory methods began to be used to check for, say diabetes, urine was tasted by the practitioner to diagnose what the problem was.

Urine is water of the body, carries the consciousness and primal cell time of the body and carries the memory of all we experienced (that our minds might’ve suppressed or ignored). Tasting or drinking our own urine is a powerful form of self affirmation, assertion of our own energy field, reality and consciousness.

The world population has been trained to depend on medicine made from the dna and hormones of others, while disrespecting our own body’s medicine.

Urine or water captures our energy field and reflects it back to us triggering subconscious healing among other things.

There are a whole lot of opinions Ed, this way and that, about urine therapy. About how urine is a waste product (nevermind that all animals use urine as primary signaling, whether to mark territory, recover from extreme exhaustion, and so on. My dog who gave birth with no intervention of any kind, used to drink her puppies urine for days after their birth. But nevermind all that.) You see… that debate could go on and on.

The fact is, for the most part only those for who other forms of healing failed, try urine therapy, and the fact is, it works.

It’s the poor man’s medicine, carrying all the things the rich pay top dollar to get put in a pill.

I’m a herbalist, Ed, and I sell herbs. I need not mention controversial things at all.

But right now, what’s happening in the world, is a massive assault on people’s natural DNA and every day I see people suddenly talking about blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, beng debilitated for the first time in their lives and so on.

What’s happening is the body struggling to maintain its own DNA profile.
In those situations, even herbs you order online may not reach in time.

This is my personal experience Ed – that when you are unable to get a medicine, a real medicine to heal you from your environment, your body will make it for you. If you need it, your body will make it.

Sipping a drop or two of urine works on a homeopathic level. But in an emergency, just stop having sugar for a few hours at least, drink a lot of water, take a nap, and then collect and drink about a cup of your urine.

The chance of someone being poisoned by their own urine is zero. Getting high is a possibility, having a hormonal shift is a possibility, getting grossed out is a possibility, not liking the taste is also a possibility.

But in an emergency it could save your life.

The reason I tried urine therapy was, simply because I was being energetically drained at one time, so bad, I was bedridden. I had been diagnosed with mononucleasis or “Epstein-Barr” virus. Weeks had passed with nothing working to get me back to normal.

My energy cycle which used to be like 14 hours long, reduced to about 45 minutes. I was drained and had to lie down every 45 minutes. I was living alone and had no one I could ask to help me with anything. I had to keep doing my work to earn, and I simply couldn’t afford to stay in bed anymore.

At the time I didn’t have the energy to look up urine therapy online. I just knew that every time I was urinating, I was sending out vital energy that I should have been retaining. My energy field was so hit, it wasn’t holding energy in. So I decided to take my vital energy back in.

I did it simply for survival those days, but didn’t expect the consciousness change it would cause in me. I stopped after a few weeks, when I felt I didn’t need it anymore.

In emergencies, however I have tried it again, each time, sincerely grateful to God for a medicine that actually works like that, that’s available for free and available immediately.

I have used it myself for;
– Preventing a heart attack or stroke
– Relieving heart pain
– Trauma relief
– Healing deep tissue burns
– Recovery from long term sleep deprivation
– Extreme allergic reactions or liver stress episodes
– Sexual energy rehabilitation
– Dealing with near violent cravings for junk food ( a symptom of energy depletion)
– Weirdly enough, fear of drowning, and a fear of heights
– Dealing with self hatred ( a trauma response in those who cannot/ could not defend or protect themselves from abuse)
– Self affirmation in the face of opposition, confusion, dread
– Severe anxiety
– Severe alopecia or hair loss
– Hormonal depression
– Body aches (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia type)
– Breaking the habit of overeating as a PTSD symptom

I will stop now, Ed, as Gabriel is waking up.


Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day and as usual brought back memories of my mother’s Dad, a very proud Irishman, Richard Eley. He was a doctor in the British Army (stationed in India) and WW2 veteran (Gibraltar). He passed on before I was born but I heard a lot about him from my Granddad John Waltham. Apparently his fame as a successful doctor in the worst of times came from his suitcase containing different kinds of liquor. Whether someone had a gangrenous limb, or was in birthing pain, my Granddad famously solved it all with a swig from one of his bottles and then singing through surgery or the birth.

So in memory of my sweetheart of a Granddad Richard Eley, I post a pic of his most favorite medicine of all.

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