Energy Field Assault Recovery and Building Resistance with Herbs

Energy Field Assault as a factor in the spread of contagious diseases, How Energy Field Assault is done, Protecting yourself and Recovering from Energy Field Assault , Building Resistance to Consciousness and Psychic Suggestion of Energy Field Patterns

Dear Ed,

These days a lot of independent research is being done into what exactly causes polarity based illnesses such as the common cold, flu and so on. The concept of germs as spreaders of these has never been fully accepted by anyone but the mainstream media.

I could list a whole lot of studies and books here by very respected scientists of mainstream education that question the ‘germ theory” on which the idea of modern epidemics is based, but I’ll stick with the way I see things.

How I see it, is that modern scientists are not smarter than my family who have been healers since time immemorial. I don’t think there’s anyone smarter than my Granddad John Waltham with his long long life’s journey collection of wisdom that served him well and healed so many others.

Germs are a brand new concept. In reality, they’re an idea, a theory.

Photographs of them – such as the current ones all over the place – are fictional – no one’s really seen them. There are micro-organisms that have been seen and these are appropriated to them, used artistically and so on.

You take any of the ancient fields of medicine – the concept of germs doesn’t exist.

What does exist is the concept of contagion or spreading disease through miasma or energy field assault coupled with consciousness or psychic suggestion.

This is common to all fields of ancient medicine and was the basic understanding all physicians applied as recently as the early decades of the 1900s.

When I was at university in Australia, there was a huge push for “Breast Cancer Awareness.” There was this big poster I would see everyday on the campus. I don’t remember the words exactly, but it said that the mother, sisters and daughters of someone who had breast cancer were three times more likely to develop it than those with no woman relative who had it.

I wondered then, why it wasn’t considered contagious. If it wasn’t contagious, and germs were not spreading it, how was it spreading?

A few years later, I read about a cancer epidemic in North India. It was such an epidemic that there was (and is) a train from Punjab to Mumbai called the “Cancer Train” because it’s full of cancer victims going to Mumbai for treatment. This is commonly available information. A few of those who looked into it, said it was because of the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the area.

Now I know that that’s very possible indeed. However, the modern farming practices of much of the surrounding area and world in general are pretty similar but it’s that area where things are so bad, they have a cancer train going out of there every week.

The more you look at it, you realize that’s there a way disease spreads that’s triggered by interaction with others but not through actual physical substances.

Chicken pox (which I had as a child), measles (also which I had, and was an experience very useful to me now because of the first hand experience) – these are all mysterious in the way they spread. They were supposed t be contagious but when I got the measles I was the only child I knew – on our street, or in school, who got it. These diseases, again, were not known to the ancient world.

Long story short, Ed, how these modern diseases are spreading is by energy field assault, then mass consciousness or psychic and other suggestion delivered in the moment of weakness – making the body behave a certain way.

It’s like you’re feeling weak suddenly and someone comes around you carrying a strong energy pattern that manifests as a skin problem, for example. As your energy field is recouping, it looks to the surrounding energy fields for patterns to survive in that environment and takes on those. Imitating the people around us – just something we do all the time, just to fit in, even. Suddenly a whole group of people have a skin condition that can’t actually be attributed to something only unique to that area.

I remember this town in the mountains where everyone had skin itching and rashes chronically. It was so drastic, that visitors noticed it and mentioned it.

Now I don’t want to sell this theory to you or anyone else. It’s such a thing, I don’t have to. It’ll prove itself to you, because it’s the truth.

Therefore, I will move ahead to the information I believe could genuinely help, not just as this time but for a long time to come as this method of inducing disease is now standard practice.

How Energy Field Assault is done

Energy field assault can be done through pure psychic suggestion across a distance or through the use of physical materials that carry vibrational charge.

For an energy field to be attacked in such a way that it has to re-manifest itself – thereby becoming open to suggestion from the environment – it has to be attacked at the core or center.

This is nine times out of ten, done through electric shock or EMF/ radiation shock delivered through atmospheric interference.

You read that right. Atmospheric interference in the form of weather manipulation is the number one cause – in my experience – of energy field assault. This is why the “flu” is considered seasonal – and why now and then even animals develop the symptoms.

If you don’t already know that a vast majority of weather incidence in our lives are caused through artificial means, do look it up.

Bless your heart if you find it hard to believe that anyone would be so evil as to mess with our beautiful world. To this day I find it hard to believe. But I have found it to be the harsh truth.

Also a harsh truth, is that we are all now being bombarded by that which attacks our energy fields – artificial radiation of various sorts, vibrational and frequency assault.

Some are small and negligible, and some aren’t.

You already know it when your energy field is assaulted – you immediately feel tired and have a body ache.

When you’re being regularly assaulted you develop chronic fatigue syndrome and regular body ache.

Protecting yourself and Recovering from Energy Field Assault

There’s a simple way to this. It’s something you develop. It doesn’t happen overnight but it works. I can tell you because my son and I are constantly exposed to energy field assault. So I’m not giving you hearsay information here. I’ve tested and proved this.

I’ll tell you how I got to it.

One time I was lying down in bed in despair because yet again we’d been exposed to high radiation. And I remembered my Granddad telling me about how our matrilineal line was famous for being immune to snake bites. I’d asked Granddad if I had it – ie, if a snake bit me would I not need to get the anti-venom injection.

Granddad said to me, “A snake would not bite you. That’s immunity.”

I was puzzled. “What are you talking about? I’m not juicy enough for a snake, Granddad?”

Granddad gave me one of his funny looks that meant he had an explosion of memories in his mind, and he told me that a snake bite is vibrational energy assault FIRST and poison later. Snakes don’t just bite anyone. Why, they’re all over the world right beneath us all the time. If they just bit people all the time, humanity wouldn’t exist today.

First they attack vibrationally, and then they deliver the venom. It happens fast enough, but some of them are a little dramatic about it. The cobra for example will raise himself or herself up a bit, terrify you a little before lunging out in a sting. But most just do it as a matter of course.

Now all animals do vibrational assault before physical attack. This is how they choose their victim.

There was this hunter called Jim Corbett, a legend in British India. This was a time when jungles were being encroached on, and wild cats were turning man-eaters very often as their normal eco system changed. They were usually aged cats who found humans easy prey.

There was this incident where there was a party of pilgrims going up an ancient route, about fifty of them. For centuries that route through the jungle had been used, without incident and the pilgrims weren’t afraid.

However, just as night fell and they put up a tent and all lay down to sleep, a woman came up to them. She was traveling alone and was very scared because she was from a village nearby where a man-eater had attacked. They told her not to be scared and gave her space to sleep right near the fire, in the middle of the circle. There were about fourteen people sleeping between her and the entrance of the tent.

That night a leopard crossed over fourteen sleeping people and chose the woman who was scared of him.

Illustration by Raymond Sheppard – Maneasters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett – Picture from Norman Boyd’s Blog

Jim Corbett found repeatedly in his hunts that a person who feared the man-eater was as good as bait, so surely was the man-eater attracted to the vibrations produced by fear.

It wasn’t general fear either – it was specific fear of the man-eater.

You see, Ed, the wild cat had done consciousness assault on a village and the resulting energy pattern was clearly distinguishable to it.

I know this might seem fantastic to others, but in my family it is quite normal for us to feel and sense energy patterns. And it is so for all humans who have not been mentally programmed to reject or suppress physical instinct.

We never lose our instinct, it’s always there and we can always re-develop it.

So what I’m saying here is, our No. 1 protection from energy field assault is our energy field instinct, which is sheer primal physical instinct.

When we’ve been assaulted, if we know it, we immediately are on the defense instead of being sitting ducks for what comes next.

Recently the President of the US, Donald Trump got diagnosed with the latest virus. He was asked in an interview, about how it felt. He said (not exact words), “I felt not good. I knew something was off. I felt tired. As someone who is all about energy everyday, it was not nice to feel like that.”

Now a lot of people would say, “But I feel like that everyday.” That’s because you’re being exposed to energy field assault everyday. You’re a hero because you’ve already developed a way to deal with it and keep going.

But when our instincts are sharp and we know “something’s off”, “I’m tired for no reason”, we know we’ve been vibrationally assaulted and we can deal with it by either not exposing ourselves to what caused the assault, or simply being aware.

When we’re aware of energetic or vibrational assault, our system naturally puts up resistance to energy patterns being suggested by others around. This is the basis of immunity, not nutrition or anything else. Instinct.

This is very important.

The times our energy fields are especially vulnerable

See we have natural energy field fluctuation – where our energy fields either thin and thicken (male energy fields) or expand and contract (female energy fields) and every time we’re in the expanding out (just after a period starts, or post natal recovery for a woman) or thickening up (mid-summer to mid-winter in men) we accept suggestions from others in the way we redevelop our energy fields. This helps us be in tune with others, with our environment and so on.

So our body is naturally open to suggestion from around.

This acceptance of energy patterns suggested by the environment as we’re re-telecasting our energy fields, is something that should not be allowed when we’re recovering from an attack.

The way to ensure that, is for our spirit to understand that what we’re going through IS in fact an assault, and not something natural.

This is where programming comes in. Eons of human civilization understood energy field or vibrational attack as a part of life and dealt with it accordingly. But in our times, the energy field itself is ignored and we’re taught that no one wants to attack us.

A lot of people find it hard to believe that someone would assault them at all, let alone through vibration.

Forget your interpersonal enemies, your exes, your rivals, your jealous friends and relatives and so on, to believe that there are strangers who own corporations that sell products, would attack us, assault our bodies… no…. that’s crazy.

I wish it was. But Ed, I’ve said as much as I need to say.

My point is this:
We’re getting vibrationally assaulted.
The no. 1 defense we have is to know when we’re assaulted because this triggers off our natural defense mechanisms.

Most of us need nothing more.

However some of us need help redeveloping our resistance to energy pattern suggestions made while we’re vulnerable energetically.

Herbs that build up immunity, on a consciousness level, alert the body and help us re-assert our own DNA carried energy patterns and consciousness.

They’re classified as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and so on. But this is new stuff to me.

I’ll share with you how they work on a consciousness and vibrational level so you can choose which you need. It depends on how and where you’re attacked.

I’m putting in screenshots here, because it’s easier to read them in a table.

For those who want to print it out, copy the following set of pictures, paste it into a Word page or such and print.

Building Resistance to Consciousness and Psychic Suggestion of Energy Field Patterns

This is such a topic, books could be written about it. I used to ask my Granddad questions like this – I thought there would be a simple answer but Granddad’s facial expression would tell me that it was a deep topic. I’d quickly say, “Ok just tell me the one most important thing IN YOUR EXPERIENCE.”

You see there’s a lot of mental knowledge about things, but the stuff we learn out of personal experience, that’s what we have of real treasure to pass on to others. With it goes all the other stuff we learned – a consciousness transfer if you will.

So I will tell you the one most important thing in my experience that makes us able to resist consciousness and psychic suggestion when we’re energetically vulnerable. It’s self esteem.

When I look at all the times I was energetically drained, I realized low self esteem was always there, making it possible.

You see, if we don’t have self esteem, we think others could have more importance than us, ie. what they say is more important than our instinct.

I used to get robbed pretty much by salesgirls who knew to pick on someone with low self esteem. Watching them looting me, getting me to buy things I KNEW were crap, I learned a lot. That’s just one example.

I’ve reached a point now, where even in a dream, if someone tries to make it like they know better than my primal instinct, I’ll end the dream by not participating in the drama anymore.

It’s because I know how the disease of thinking anything is more right than my primal instinct, works to drain me. As a mother, everything that happens to me, affects my child as well, so now more than ever I make sure to defend my fort.

It’s a sad thing that until I realized how my vulnerability to psychic and consciousness attack was affecting my child, I didn’t really stand up and stop it. I didn’t really think I or my life was worth defending on that level.  I thought just getting by like everyone else was enough. That’s just how it was.

I write this Ed, because this is real stuff.

I could make a million medicines, but at the end of the day, it’s we who have the keys of our energy and if we allow others to hijack our energy field we’ll just never really heal and will go round and round in circles.

THE most important thing according to me, in the face of energetic assault is to have self esteem – to know our place in the scheme of things and if we feel we don’t matter, or aren’t important enough, do whatever we must to feel we’re important and we matter.

Herbs and flowers which make me feel good about myself are those which have helped me build resistance to psychic invasions.

They’re our family, you know. They’ll come to us through the consciousness and we find our heart loving them. That’s my favorite kind of medicine of all.

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