How to Compromise your Immunity; De-stimulation and Downward Pointing Flowers

Common ways to compromise your immunity; The need for de-stimulation, How to de-stimulate the body; Downward Facing Flowers

Dear Ed,

I have never seen such open betrayal of the public trust as I’m seeing these days.

Every measure being promoted, supposed to help people “stay safe”, has long been known by anyone working in the healthcare industry as dangerous.

Deprivation of sunlight, fresh air, exercise and human contact have long been known to deplete energy levels and make one susceptible to whatever infection agent comes along.

But it’s my understanding that most people already know this – that that’s how you compromise your immunity. So I won’t say it again.

Why I’m writing this, is because there’s something very few, if any, ever do actually say, because it’s bad for sales of any sort of medicine.

It’s that, whether it’s a medical treatment, or a supplement, or herbal medicine, taking immunity booster treatments – outside of your normal diet which might include herbs like garlic, turmeric on a regular basis – is how to compromise your immunity.

The body doesn’t respond to immunity boosters. The body responds to threats;

to energy patterns that do not match its own energy pattern. It snuffs out the cells that carry those opposing or disruptive energy patterns.

Now if there are no threats, and you supply immunity boosters, you are telling the body that you PERCEIVE threats that it has not detected yet.

The body then goes into hyper-alert mode checking for threats. Energy is pulled from other functions and moved to checking for threats. An inquisition begins. All the substances are made and released into the blood that fight threats.

24 -48 hours later, if no infective agents are found, the body feels drained. Energy meant for other normal life functions has been lost preparing for an attack. The substances made to fight infection are now useless and various soldier cells are hanging around looking for a fight now.

The next time you boost your immunity like that, the body will respond with less alacrity. You’ve cried wolf too much. Eventually an infection does come along, and the body barely notices. Now you have to supply an external infection fighter because the body isn’t dealing with the infection naturally.

When you start supplying infection fighters such as antibiotics, that have the substances the body should be making to fight infections, the body’s own systems either fight back or retire. When they fight back, it’s called “antibiotic resistance” and it’s the body saying, “I’d rather have an infection and die than tolerate interference from outside.” When the body’s systems retire, it leads to organ dysfunction and failure.

This is all really basic commonsense.

You don’t take herbs that fight infections until you have one.

That simple. Taking them in small quantities – such as garlic in your diet, or diluted quantities is enough to simply be generally supported should an infection need to be dealt with.

But keeping your body on hyper alert, leads to energy diverting from normal life functions and organ function, chronic fatigue, cell imbalances because of oxidative stress, soldier cells going about ultimately attacking anything they can attack creating autoimmune conditions.

A body on hyper alert too much will crash. And it might become a habit. Hyper alert – crash – hyper alert – crash – hyper alert.

The way to stop this is to destimulate the body and provide traces of actual nutrition.

We de-stimulate the body

by stopping the medicines and herbs that trigger the alarm system. Herbs that are part of diet are alright in the usual quantities because the body knows them and expects them. Herbs have natural energy fields that the body can understand and adapt to. Chemical medicine does not have energy fields the body can understand.

ALL chemical medicines and supplements ie. anything without a natural energy field – are directly seen as a threat by the body. It doesn’t matter WHAT that supplement or medicine does for you; gives you sleep, digestion… whatever. The body considers it an intruder and will resist it. You’ll have to take more and more as the body builds up its resistance. If the body stops resisting, it’s worse. It means that thing is being deposited somewhere in the body. That’s like keeping junk in the house. Whole concrete blocks. You never know which door or window is being obstructed, which function is slowed down because of debris in the path.

Very often detoxifying protocols are used to clean the body of debris and junk. Even these have to be done in moderation because they require a lot of energy and the body to be in “throw out” mode which means it’s not working with nutrition normally during that time.

So the thing to do, is destimulate and rest. Real physiological rest.

Holistic destimulation and rest

means simply signing out of situations that work you up. One might not be able to sign out of all of them, but some are usually possible, and for the rest, one can find a way to be calm and relaxed in the middle of the drama.

It means, weaning yourself off medications and supplements that keep the body on high alert, and having simple food that you can digest without losing energy.

For those whose natural immunity has been so mucked up that they’ve developed immunity crises such as cancer, I make a herbal treatment, that my Granddad taught me, a traditional recipe of our family’s, that consists of nutritive energies and trace nutrition that support the repair of the immune system. These are Papaya Leaf, Fig, Quis Qualis Indica, Grape Seed and Pomegranate.

In a nutshell:
Destimulate the immune system. Get out of over-stimulating situations, stop immune booster supplements and medications, start nutritious home cooked traditional food, take small quantities of immune repair herbs and foods. Follow your instinct to these… if you crave a fruit or vegetable or herb, you need it. Whatever you ENJOY, that’s super-medicine.

Note: Flowers that face DOWNWARD are de-stimulating,resting and repair immune systems. Except for Quisqualis, the majority are psychedelic, poisonous and must only be taken in extremely small doses, such as a pinch of a petal in hot water for a minute and removed.

I leave you with a beautiful picture of Quis Qualis Indica. I have a memory from when I was inside my mother, of the fragrance of this flower as she walked by a hedge of it and how she loved it. It’s also called Combretum Indicum or Drunken Sailor (I have no idea why! Maybe because it’s intoxicating. The fragrance of this flower is the textbook definition of the phrase “intoxicatingly beautiful”.)

Picture Source

Another downward pointing flower I adore is Brugmansia. It’s called Angel’s Trumpet. BAD GIRL reputation for being psychedelic, hallucination inducing etc. One time when I was living in the middle of sandalwood forests in the mountains, it was the middle of winter and I was FREEZING. FREEZING. The cold was in my bones and nothing would stop it. I actually cried because it was so cold. Gabriel was a baby then and every time I fed him I felt cold all over again.

I had some Brugmansia on the table that day (the fragrance is simply heaven) and I put a half inch pinch of a petal in a cup of hot water for two minutes and then drank it. It was like someone lit a fire in my bones that spread. It was such pleasure, I was saying aaaaahhhh oooooo aaaaahhh. After freezing for days and always being curled up and hunched, I stretched out and didn’t cringe back with the cold. I had the best sleep ever.

Other times I did that, in the days that followed I had this experience through the day, where I remembered dreams that I’d forgotten before. Dreams that were so deep in my subconscious that they’d probably have never surfaced into my waking world normally. Because of those, I began to realize the split between the “life” I live in my subconscious and my conscious mind and that helped me a lot.

So this is a most amazing actual angel to connect subconscious with conscious mind. Just remember you need only the tiniest pinch. Never more. Only once a week, at the most, because its energy effect goes on for days and days. And drink a LOT of water after.

More about Brugmansia in my article on lucid dreaming: Holistic Lucid Dreaming; Datura & Brugmansia; Dissolving Conscious Brain resistance to the Subconscious


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