Immune System Intelligence & Rehab. of Oxygen Absorption Function

Why taking immunity boosters all the time isn’t good; Immune system intelligence; One stop remedy for oxygen uptake rehabilitation; pictures of the blood and oxygen support extract I made today

Dear Ed,

I’ve been bombarded by advertisements for products to boost immunity. It’s irritated me no end, because once upon a time I too thought “raising immunity” was all it took to “fight” all illnesses from colds to cancer and warts.

What actually happens when you take immunity boosting herbs by your mental knowledge and not instinct, ie., when you don’t need it, but think you do, is, you overstimulate your body, raise your base organ stress level, and this results in a body temperature imbalance in the long term. This further goes on to cause hormonal muck-ups like insulin resistance (a sort of diabetes), weight gain.. Too many to list here.

Over stimulating the parts of us that fight infection is NOT GOOD.

It destroys the development of immune system INTELLIGENCE. This intelligence is the body’s ability to know when to fight and when to rest. We have to rest for all the other functions of our body to be supported. If we’re on immunity boosting treatments without a break month after month, year after year, we’ll blow our fuse! And our ability to know when to fight and when to rest gets suppressed and atrophies.

This is especially true for children in their developing years.

For real health, we must rehabilitate our immune system intelligence, and bring our base body temperature back to normal.

I guess that just came up when I started typing. What I sat down to say was, that if there are any herbs that ought to be remembered and spoken of right now, it’s those that support oxygenation of the body.

People’s lives have been drastically changed, Ed, the past year. A war has been declared on breathing in general. See we need to exercise and move about outdoors in the fresh air to rejuvenate our ABILITY TO ABSORB OXYGEN.

Prisoners do live in cells in underground places for years before they die. Do you remember “The Count of Monte Cristo”? He lived about thirty years in an underground prison? It was a very long time and his hair had all gone white by the time he got out.

In those prison cells the amount of oxygen they got must’ve not been too much. But it was enough for them to live on because their bodies had the ability to absorb oxygen.

This however has drastically lessened in the general population in our times, because of stress. The more stressed we are, the shorter our breathing cycle becomes, the lesser air we take into our lungs, and the lesser oxygen there is to take into the blood. The lung’s ability to absorb oxygen decreases over time as it doesn’t practice enough, and we become prone to all kinds of illnesses.

In our times right from the moment a baby’s umbilical cord is cut, suddenly snapping the baby’s oxygen absorption system from Mom, through the navel, to the cold sharp air entering tender little nostrils for the first time, all the way through our unhealthy over stressed lives, what with little children being exposed to so much shock, tragedy and violence and rarely ever recovering, we are now predisposed to having a short breathing cycle and atrophied lung function.

The times I make myself look at the “news” I’m just amazed that more people aren’t making the connection between stress, lessened fresh air (masks/ no outdoor exercise) and failing lungs.

You don’t need a virus Ed, to kill you if you’ve atrophied your lungs. You could catch a horrible infection just by sticking your head in your refrigerator long enough, then taking your head out into the warm air, and then sticking it back in the refrigerator and then back out, basically shocking your lungs. Or you could have a hot shower in the middle of the night and then stand naked in front of an open window in the cold night wind. (I never did this on purpose and no one saw me. It was an unfortunate accident where I had… Well never mind the details. )

But you don’t need a virus to give you the mother of all chest infections.

Oh yes, you could also inhale fungus and mold of all kinds commonly found in old building walls. I have horrible memories of hotel rooms which looked great on the internet but were full of mold when I actually got there.

So what I’m saying is, the most important thing, is to support good robust lung function.

One stop shop for all lung problems – deep breathing

Even 20 minutes a day is a good start. What’s ideal for rehabilitation though is an hour a day. Just deep breathing, hold in as long as possible – that’s when the lungs are taking oxygen in from the air, and then breathe out slowly. Just slow down and slow down and slow down.

Its like if you break a bone, or have an accident where you’ve lots of injuries, physiotherapy is a must for you to recover fully. Just the bone or muscle or nerve healing isn’t enough. You’ll walk about with a hobble and lessened function if you don’t gently exercise and recover function.

Physiotherapy is the difference for many between living in a wheelchair and walking or running.

Similarly, after a stressful time in your life, you must exercise your lungs in deep breathing again, to breathe as you did naturally. Where you feel the pressure of your fully expanded lungs all in way into your deep belly.

There are videos on youtube about “Diaphragmatic breathing” that  describe it very well.

It’s so simple, you make a date with yourself. At a certain time, you’re going to sit down, or lie down and breathe deep for 20 minutes. That’s all.

Now I’ve told you the number one greatest healer of lung function, I’d like to share with you my favorite rescuers when support is needed and in emergencies. I’ve had a lot of them, and these work.

They are listed and described in these articles:
Herbs for Lung Rehabilitation
Herbs for Oxygenation

What brought all this to my mind was my making a blood oxygen rescue extract today. I confess I started this email just to show off, because the herbs looked so good and then I ended up typing everything else.

Pretty patch of flowing Parthenium weed or “Congress Grass”

In 2017 I saw this beautiful Parthenium weed growing in a rain water drain outside my house. Its energy was so beautiful and me and plants have this thing where they’ll say, “Pluck me, chop me, squeeze me, shake me, put me in a glass bottle, pour vinegar over me, take pics of me, let’s have a relationship baby.”

I’m telling you. I’m in serious relationships with several plants. All initiated by them. I never covet them.

They call me first. I know this is bordering on creepy, but they’ll often call me in my dreams or waking visions and then appear on my walk in some place only animals get off the road for. And then they’ll start the, “Pluck me, squeeze me, chop me,” thing.

Anyway so Parthenium called me. And I said, ” Yes, darling, here I am.”

That very same day while Parthenium was lying out to dry on the floor of my bed room, some ruthless evil building builders mowed down a grown papaya tree to lay the foundations of a house.

The papaya tree had fallen right across the road and was blocking traffic.

People in the neighborhood affected by the block were gathered together in a small crowd, trying to move the tree out of the way.

Standing in my balcony, I saw that the energy field of the tree – its life force – had concentrated in a few tender new green leaves at its very crown. And it called me.

So I changed into something appropriate for the road. The twenty something able bodied persons pushing the tree stopped when I arrived. They thought maybe I’d come to help or something.

I could feel some sneering happening. I don’t look like someone who could do any sort of heavy lifting or pushing. But maybe they’d have considered the thought worth something.

But I walked all the way down the tree and to the very top and plucked the leaves there. And then I walked back.

It was all quite awkward. Complete silence.

I went upstairs high on the beautiful energy field of the papaya leaves and soon they were in vinegar too.

At the time I didn’t realize I’d be making herbal treatments for people over the internet soon. I’d only made energy medicine until then for others, and the herbal treatments were made as a complementary side treatment now and then when someone needed it.

But later that year I found myself deciding to sell herbal treatments online and to my surprise I found I had all I needed, from years of plants calling me.

In 2018 I opened my papaya leaf extract bottle for someone with severe trouble breathing and in two hours he was back to normal. You know Ed, papaya leaf extract is an old remedy for malarial fever, the same thing that Hydroxychloroquine that’s been in the news lately, is for. It’s the same group of problems as anemia.

Oxygenation isn’t just a lung function issue, its what nearly all illnesses and dysfunction and malfunction in the body come down to.

So since then I’ve made an oxygenation extract every year and maybe 70% of the treatments I make have it in them.

I have access to fresh tropical herbs so I use them most often. These aren’t available to buy most places, but the plants and seeds usually are available in nurseries. It’s just a little extra trouble to get them, chop them up and put them in vinegar but it’s so worth the effort.

The one I made today;  I added Pomegranate flowers and leaves (the first of spring this year! It’s the first ingredient in my super antioxidant mix), dried Artimisia Abrotanum or Wormwood, and Sage (brain glands oxygenator – those glands that control all hormones in the body).

And then after I took this pic I poured apple cider vinegar and mixed it all in and put it in a dingy dark corner to let nature do its work.

As a bonus, here is a pic of the last of the lemons of last year’s lemon in saltwater article.

They were just wonderful. Every time I felt murderous I sucked on a piece of them, and they provided the tartness and released their potent locked up heat along with the right amount of acidity, to make me able to convert my inner rage into a well articulated curse thus transferring responsibility for doing justice over to the universe. Just as it should be.

And here’s what used to be deep red strawberries and pink carrots and rosehips a few months ago when strawberries became hard to find.

Strawberries are heart food, and I really miss having them fresh so I made an extract that should last us till they’re back in season. Carrots and rosehips asked to go in and I couldn’t say no.

Granddad used to say, “Everything you need for healing is available.” And I added to it, “If you can’t find it, or can’t afford it, you don’t need it.”

But in my life, I’ve found that if we want to heal, to be healed, our loved ones in nature will return our call, and we will be able to have them. A little goes a long way. They just have to be frozen, or dried, or put in vinegar or salt water and you have a help and a medicine money can’t buy.

And herbs don’t just heal the body, they heal the soul.


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