“Never been well since” – Interrupted Immunity, Reverse Immune Treatment

Imagine a nine year old child. She gets the measles and then as she’s recovering, she’s hit by something else. Maybe a tragedy in the family, maybe an accident. The energy of her body is drained – hey it could be a vampire! (Energy vampires are common enough you know.) What happens is the immune system which was doing its thing, gets interrupted in the middle of an operation, because of the sudden loss of resources as the body is drained.

This is one reason those who truly care for your health will advise you to always take your time recovering from any serious illness or situation in your life. Getting back to life as normal, imagining what happened, didn’t happen, is no good in the long run.

But what happens when the immune system is interrupted like that? A whole lot of unprocessed or cells that should be thrown out, stay around in the body.

Nerve endings in places stay tense because the job they began isn’t finished.

If you’ve started projects you really wanted to complete but were distracted from, or disturbed before you got to them, you know what I’m talking about. You know how it stays there in the back of your mind – you love that stuff, but you just can’t get to it right now. You want to keep it because you do want to complete it but not right now.

It’s the same thing with the body.

Now let’s say the little girl grows up and she finds symptoms similar to measles keep recurring – unexplained red rashes on her skin for example. Now that could be called Roseacea or Allergic dermatitis or a whole lot of other things.

But let’s say by some chance she realizes that every time she has these outbreaks she feels the same emotional state she was in when she had the measles as a child. Perhaps an overwhelming sense of fear and dread, or maybe a feeling of being abandoned as the rest of the family get on with their lives while she is quarantined in a room. Or maybe she feels worried about how she’s going to catch up with schoolwork. Or maybe she feels left out because of missing events at school like sports practice or dance or music classes.

I bet as you’re reading this, you’re remembering some similar event in your life.

These things matter to our bodies, to our souls, to our lives. How we felt matters.

So let’s say the girl realizes that emotions she felt then but didn’t fully deal with because of whatever situation came next took all of her attention and energy away from the first situation, what would she do now?

Emotional awareness is always a great help and is a vital part of healing from anything. This is so true. If there’s nothing else you’re going to remember of this article, remember this.

However we have plants – angels created specifically to help us when for some reason we’re not able to complete something we started.

My Granddad taught me that everything that happens in life, and especially illnesses and the like, happen because the soul wants to express something. Until we express that, we cannot say the illness is done with and laid to rest.

Not always does that expression come with the physical healing of the body. Sometimes it takes its time and comes out years later. That’s just the truth of how it is.

We learn stuff and use it years and even decades some times. That’s how it goes.

In the case of interrupted immunity, the immune system keeps trying to get our attention by flaring up. This is sometimes recognized as an autoimmune disorder and sometimes not.

In the case of an autoimmune disorder, the immune system is in a me-versus-me battle.

But this is about those latent hanging about symptoms that never really flare up, which you learn to live with but sap and drain your energy again and again.

The mark of them is, there’s always some symptom worse than them which you give your attention to, while really it’s this one that troubles you more, that gets you down and feeling hopeless.

Can you think of one thing about your health that makes you feel hopeless? Like you have no option but to live with it? That’s a result of interrupted immunity.

It never got dealt with on its own and other conditions always get the lion’s share of the resources.

A quick reading of the Shakespearean play of Othello will reveal how it’s the ignored festering suppressed, looked over entities that cause the big trouble in the end, that sap the energy of the whole team.

The Reverse Immune Treatment Method

My Granddad had this method. After he’d treated someone for a few months with something for their most troubling symptoms, like Hawthorn for heart weakness (an example) or White Willow Bark for chronic pain, he’d give them a reverse immune treatment.

The reverse immune treatment is when you take the medicine drops not when your heart is paining but when for the first time in hours it isn’t.

How you do it is you look at which symptom troubles you the most – for which you take the most treatment – and which is taking your body and system’s energy away from the lingering housekeeping work of the immune system.

And then when you’re at least 70% free of the symptoms (heart pain for example), every time you realize you’re feeling better in that area, you’re not feeling pain at that moment, or you’re breathing nice and easy, or you just had a good restful nap, or you faced a challenge without the trembles, you take the medicine that you usually take as first-aid for that condition.

I know it takes some courage to do this, but it is a powerful way of telling your body that you now have the resources to deal with old suppressed or interrupted immune system jobs. (It is also a way of sharing your healing with the herb which is a living consciousness that feels your joy as you heal and live.)

If you can combine this with herbs that support gentle detoxification – all the better. Because any immune job results in by-products and things that have to be flushed out. This is often forgotten and conditions are treated with herbs and medicines that raise the immunity but don’t quite support the lymphatic system, the liver which have to sort out the rubbish and clean up after the war is won.

Liver support herbs like Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Chicory, especially combined with a little natural vinegar will help.

What few realize is the power of lymphatic cleaning support in the role of recovery from interrupted immunity. No war is finished with till the rubble is cleared out.

Here are my stars of recovery from the effects of interrupted immunity.

My Top 5 Herbs for Holistic Lymphatic Rehabilitation

1) Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek, klabat


You make fenugreek seed tea by soaking about a tspoonful of seeds in hot water for a few minutes and then boiling for about 5 minutes. The tea goes yellow or brown and is ready to have. It could work as a laxative so work out how much is best for you.

You’ll see the difference in your skin in a few days at the most. It simply inspires a sluggish lymphatic system to clean out. Keep going as long as your instinct leads you to.

2) Quis Qualis Indica


This beautiful flower is one of the stars of my Super-antioxidant mix that is part of every treatment for cancer that I make. Sometimes force is not the main thing, but timing.

The lymphatic system’s natural time for a clean up is about four in the evening, just the time the flowers of Quis Qualis indica come out to play.

That’s just the time the body’s waste products of the day are ready to be collected to be passed out.

This beautiful flower helps the body cleanup by bringing back the memory of the primal biorhythm schedules and cycles that the body might have forgotten through times of continuous upheaval without full recovery.

It’s especially wonderful for women because of the energy direction towards the female parts of the lymphatic system such as the breasts.

3) Violet


This sweet and beautiful plant is a traditional remedy for a lymphatic clean up. More than just a clean up though, the Violet helps HEAL the tired and broken parts of the lymphatic system, parts so tired over the years of doing one clean up job after another that they’re under-functioning, swollen, just tired. They need to heal some time, and Violets say, “The time is now.”

The lymphatic glands work as filters; and they do this job depending on genetic memory of what to keep and what to throw.

Violet supports the recovery of genetic memory to help filter lymphatic fluid.

I often combine Violet with Club Moss or Lycopodium.

4) Lycopodium or Club Moss


I call Club Moss a ‘detangler’ because of how it helps the lymphatic system release long held tension because of being overworked. It helps bring back a sense of sanity to overworked lymphatic glands by bringing the consciousness back to the basics, from the high strung consciousness the glands go into when they’re facing extreme poisons.

For example, it’s like when a country is facing gang members of a particular kind that are very dangerous and the police all focus on that particular group of criminals. It’s fine if it’s for a few days. However, if the police only focus on those heavy duty criminals for years and years, what we have is a whole lot of other common criminals in the system that the police system is now tuned to tolerating just because they’re not the heavy duty criminals.

In the body, the ‘common toxins’ can increase to the point of cancers, general immune crisis and so on, if we don’t get back to considering ALL toxins as toxins.

Club Moss helps that happen.

5) White Clover or Trifolium Repens

White Clover – Trifolium Repens – Growing along Provo River, Uinta National Forest, Utah – More pictures of the same plant.

My Granddad always said, “Every crisis is an identity crisis.” This can be applied to the immune system. On a core level, what we react to and don’t react do, depends on what our body thinks is normal for us.

If we go through years and years of thinking living on low energy and falling ill all the time and never recovering fully is normal for us, our lymphatic system begins to under perform in keeping with that sense of identity as a half-living person with gunk floating around.

Our identity develops as someone who is alright with having things in our life that don’t match our truth or sense of inner cleanness.

White Clover is a plant that is very in touch with its own sense of purity. And it inspires us to come back into our core identity.

Everyone’s sense of identity is unique to them. Each person has their own vision of what’s alright and right by them and what isn’t.

This uniqueness of identity is very important on a soul level to maintain a healthy immune system and a clean lymphatic system, because some things that are ok for others are not ok for you and you need your own unique imprint of a healthy to manage your body in tune with.

White Clover helps recover your uniqueness of identity, with it your own sense of personal purity, and helps throw out all those toxins accumulated over years when your identity was in crisis, or in flux or under attack.

White Clover – As Above So Below



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