Thymus – Our Intelligence High Command

Wherein I describe to Ed, the angel that sits on the heart, the Thymus, how it is indispensable at any age, how it manages our response to new and unforeseen situations; the folly of undermining its authority with artificial immunity, the methods that support it, and the herbs that support the revival of natural intelligence in the body and life.

Dear Ed,

In my teens, I often used to help out with sick children – in situations where a parent had to deal with two or three ill children at the same time and so on.

Those were the days I knew something was crazy wrong with the prescription drugs and vaccinations.

But there was this thing I noticed that stayed with me over the years. Very often I used to notice, that no matter where the illness was, whether it was something like hives, or the measles or chicken pox or a really bad case of the flu, or an asthmatic attack, the area of the child’s chest beneath the collarbone and over the heart used to get red and sometimes even swollen.

I found again and again over the years that soothing that area brought relief from nearly all kinds of conditions. There was a case where the knee bone was fractured and in a cast and burning real bad. I couldn’t reach the knee because of the cast, but gentle rubbing over the area at the top of the chest soothed the person to sleep.

Another time a person burned their calves by contact with the hot exhaust pipe of a bike. There’s wasn’t very much I knew then, that could be done with burn wounds when they go through that stage where they start itching under the bandages. You just have to let the healing process go through.

But there again, rubbing the top of the chest gave relief.

That area is what I called the Thymus zone.

The things that look like Angel’s wings both make up the Thymus Gland. This is the size of the thymus in a 6 year old boy about 1882.  Source

The Thymus gland sits on the heart, just behind the breastbone.

It makes the T-cells (T for Thymus) that fight infection in the body, and limits hyper-immunity (as in the problem behind auto-immune problems).

Simply put, it’s the intelligence wing of the immune system.

They say it’s only active in children and that it starts shrinking after puberty. In reality however, whether it’s very active, as it is in children, estimating what the child will need for its life immunity-wise, or not very active as that job is done, it’s always there ready to get into action when required.

That requirement is when there’s a NEW kind of threat – something not usual to the person’s environment or lifestyle.

They call it “adaptive immunity”.

You see how important it is? Especially in times like ours?

Every time the body is dealing with a pathogen or a situation that was not a usual part of life expectation in childhood (think of all a person is exposed to when they leave their village or town for another), the Thymus gets into action working out what has to be done, what new sort of immune response has to be formulated to deal with this new threat.

With this ability suppressed, we’re actually dying slowly.

Without its intelligence wing, the thymus, the rest of the immune system works a bit like a robot, not knowing how far to go with something and causing auto-immune conditions.

What suppresses Thymus Gland function?

Artificial immunity or overriding of natural immunity.

Now imagine you’re running a lawn mowing business. And you have this lawn you have to mow.

The first thing you do is take a look at it, to estimate things like will your small lawn mower do, or do you have to get out the big one.

Now imagine as you’re standing there making your estimations, in comes a whole horde of little lawn mower robots running amok all over the lawn, crashing into each other sometimes. They have no idea if the lawn’s sloping or straight, that they have to not mow down the border plants.

Imagine the shock you’d go through to find yourself upstaged on your own lawn, and that too by obvious retards.

Imagine this happens every time you have to mow the lawn.

That’s what happens to our thymus when we have direct immunity cells in us as prescription drugs or vaccinations.

A natural response to weakened immunity is to support our natural immune response using herbs and natural methods.

An unnatural response is to provide the body with infection fighting cells that the body should be making on its own, or infection fighting patterns that the body’s own thymus should create for itself.

It’s the difference between going over to the neighbors with buckets of water, to help them put out a fire (natural response) versus going in their with your own men, kicking the owners of the house out, and doing as you please with the operation (unnatural!).

Vaccines contain DNA from fetuses which carry certain hyper immune response patterns particular to that body and that race and that environment, not yours.

They, like most infection fighting drugs, also carry substances that override the body’s own immunity patterns and signaling substances to attack infections.

This is insulting to the thymus and the body in general; An insult to the spirit, which manages life in the body, which is capable of managing its own affairs.

Over time the abuse results in a thymus that’s either inflamed or calcified and so on.

This is nearly always accompanied by the person feeling helpless to manage his or her own life, unable to solve one’s own problems, unable to express one’s own intuition, creativity and have clarity about one’s own instinct.

While a lot has been written and spoken about the role of the Pineal gland in the brain plays in our creative vision and release, the fact is the Pineal is the periscope, the binoculars, of the Thymus which for all functional purposes is a part of the HEART.

I remember asking Granddad once about what makes a person have psychic vision. He said the heart makes a person have psychic vision. If you really care about someone or something, you “see” things about them,you know things about them, you hear and feel them across distance. All humans have these abilities. Love includes all of this.

So you see, the Thymus is our intelligence wing, driven directly by the heart over which it sits, like an angel.

From the instinct of the Heart, the Thymus creates the physical substances to fight the threat at hand, that signal the organs and hormone making glands of the body. It isn’t just about fighting infection, it’s also about coping with different stages of life – when we become sexually active, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and so on.

When we’re not able to physically defend ourselves and manage our own bodies according to our instinct, we feel the same way emotionally and mentally as well. We begin to ignore our instincts about peoples’ intentions, we begin to ignore our true likes and dislikes, accept abuse – first hidden and then openly.

And we develop that very irritating habit – overreacting to things.

I don’t know if I have that habit or not, no one’s accused me of it (to my face anyhow 😉 ) but I know one thing for sure, every time I felt I didn’t really have a grip on my own life, I tended to overreact to things.

I’ve seen this in babies a lot. Before they’re vaccinated, even when they have a bad cold, they giggle and grin through the snotty sneezes. After being vaccinated, a little lump of folded towel under them makes them cry like they’re dying. Every little thing troubles them so much.

That’s their system, their thymus, their heart feeling like they don’t know what the hell is going on – they’re not in touch, not in charge anymore.

Never outsource your intelligence. It never works out.

It’s for robots, and GMO creations – which do not have the dynamic intelligence required to protect themselves, not humans with soul and spirit.

How do we soothe and rehabilitate the Thymus?

I learned this breathing exercise spontaneously in a time of great stress in my life. I might add, it was a moment of mind numbing fear and panic. In that moment I instinctively began to massage the area over my heart and tap it. And then I began to breathe deeply TO the center of this area ie. as I breathed, my awareness was here.

I felt heat being released as I breathed out. It was like my Thymus was furious and enraged.

I’ve only ever had to breathe into my Thymus gland a few times before I felt so much better, I stopped it .

I would alternate it with tapping and massaging if I was in so much distress I couldn’t do the breathing.

It works.

There are:

Herbs that support the Thymus Gland.

I believe that suppressing the body’s natural immunity by overriding it, is a suppression of the soul’s freedom of being, and therefore is anti-life. The herbs that support return to natural intelligence support the thymus gland in its function and health.

Datura Stramonium, an angel I don’t know what I’ve done without is known for healing all kinds of long term effects of suppression of any kind.

White Clover or Trifolium repens, the beautiful Violet (Viola Odorata), Lilac, Wisteria, Yellow Jasmine (Gelsimium), Larkspur (Staphsagriya) and many of the nightshades – Belladonna, Hyoscamus, all wake up the body’s own intelligence – the angel of which is, the Thymus.

A strange thing but true, Ed, is that many artificially made drugs but which have some element of a natural substance like opium, coca (from which cocaine is made), derivatives of cannabis, also activate the thymus – although temporarily.

When this happens the person generally tends to have a bad trip because they’re forced to see and know things they’d suppressed.

Another thing -. Eating or drinking the foods you did in childhood, in the days when your thymus was active, before it gave up trying to manage things, often stimulate it into self healing.

Many times, I’ve seen adults drinking milk – the same sort of milk they had in childhood, have Thymus healing supported. Chewing a particular brand of gum and that sort of thing help.

All behaviors that we resort to to affirm control over our bodies and lives – some take up smoking for the reassurance it provides, some obsessive habits that aren’t for the good, that are draining, all these are helped by supporting the thymus.

Just as substances we had in our childhood during the time our thymus was working everyday, help, so foods that are familiar to our genes through evolution help. My super-antioxidant mix – made primarily to support those with cancer – which was the no. 1 most famous failure of the immune system before AIDS and the latest virus – has Pomegranate, Fig, Papaya, Grape Seed and Quis Qualis.

God, Ed, the combo is heady in the way in brings up genetic memories of the times our ancestors walked around bare-feet and feared no natural thing at all; When the changing faces of life were a thrill and a joy.

I remember those days I used to ride my bicycle to school. How I’d get tired and then second wind would grip my legs and suddenly I was riding uphill like I hadn’t already ridden so far. I loved that feeling and I look for it in life.

Herbs have helped me find second wind so many times. And all it takes usually is to collect something – say a peeled pomegranate, and whatever else natural calls your instinct, speaks to your heart, and put that into a mason jar or airtight jar, cover it with vinegar or everclear or brandy – and let the liquid extract the herb or fruit.

After 6- 8 weeks you have your first medicine. You strain out the solid bits and you put the liquid into a bottle and have a spoonful of it everyday.

It really is that simple.

A little bottle of Kidney Support herbs and flowers being extracted. 

Need help choosing the right herbs for you?

I have helped hundreds of people over the years, to become independent of prescription drugs and artificial stimulants to manage chronic conditions and recover from debilitating conditions.
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