Lantana – Lungs-Liver-Sexual Blocks, Radiation Flu Recovery

A plant native to tropical Americas heals the – broken heart -> weak lungs -> inflamed or stressed liver -> sexual energy blocked – energy pattern. It’s specially use for recovery from Radiation Flu or Pneumonitis, to support oxygenation, and toxin recognition cells is important information for everyone right now. 

Ed, Lantana is a plant classified as an invasive weed. When you see that word “invasive” you know immediately it’s fertile, and the word “weed” means it’s hardy and will grow without special care.

Here is the pretty white version of Lantana I saw yesterday  that inspired this post:


It’s my personal belief that weeds arrive just when we need them. They are amazing healers, defamed because of being so.

For example, all my childhood I was told that Parthenium weed or “Congress grass” would cause me terrible itching. I found out later though that it is a powerful healer; harvested so many plants with not an itch, and it is the critical ingredient in my treatment for skin cancers because of how it oxygenates the cells it is exposed to. I wrote about it in my recent article: Herbs for Oxygenation .

Similarly, Lantana’s considered an “invasive weed,” but I have found it to be an amazing medicine in so many ways.

This is how the most commonly seen Lantana – or Lantana Camara looks:

The butterflies, birds and bees LOVE Lantana!

Apparently it’s so invasive, there’s an article on the internet, “Global Invasion of Lantana Camara“. The article says, “biological control agents seem insufficient for reducing the reproductive abundance of L. camara to manageable levels“. 😉 that’s my baby!

Some years ago someone told me their dog ate lantana berries all the time. I was surprised because I’d heard those were poisonous and there are internet websites that insist that those are poisonous. In reality however – and I’ve seen this since – dogs eat lantana often and have no noticeable poisonous effect. Neither do the birds.

I haven’t eaten the berries myself as my instinct never led me to. However I have made tea from the leaves on an everyday basis when I had the flu, yes, the FLU, and it cleaned out my lungs like I’d given them a blow dry.

I also use the aromatic leaves for seasoning curries and sauces and what not. I have dried leaves in a box and I take a small handful of them and drop them in warm oil before the onions or tomatoes or whatever else goes in.

Pretty pink lantana, Missouri, USA

And now these are my favorite top four things Lantana does:

1) Powerful Lung Oxygenation

Ed, I experienced this first hand. In January this year both Gabriel and I had the flu. We tend to every year or the other. One day as I was waking up I got the fragrant smell of lantana drying in the front room and I knew I had to have that for my lungs.

The tea brought immediate de-clogging of my respiratory track, relief from the cold headache and body ache.

I had it again and again and gave Gabriel some as well each time.

Because it isn’t a herb that’s in demand, its genome hasn’t been mucked about with, and nearly every plant you’ll find of Lantana is either wild or semi-wild.

It’s natural vitality though is more or less intact.

What a wonderful friend it was during the flu. The flu took its course but it was reduced to something like any other cold because of Lantana’s powerful lung and tissue oxygenation. I also managed to continue with my work and chores without a problem.

2) Toxin Recognition – Lung- Liver Detox Support, Brings down Liver Swelling

The Lung-Liver connection isn’t one spoken of much. But there is a strong connection between the two.

They are both constantly filtering something. The lungs filter air, taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. The liver filters heavy substances from our food, taking out the poisons.

When a post mortem is done of a dead body, the liver is checked for signs of poisoning.

This function – the one of filtering out poisons, of both the lungs and the liver – depends on cell intelligence.

How do they know what’s a poison and what’s not? How do the lungs know what’s oxygen and what’s not? How do liver cells know what’s a poison and what’s not?

When that ability to recognize what’s a poison and what’s not is compromised, the body fills up with bad air and poisons that should’ve been excreted.

Lantana supports that intelligence – to recognize what’s a toxin and what’s not.

It joins the elite forces of Payapa Leaf – a well-known oxygenator that is a powerful anti-tumor agent for that reason and is so powerful I put it in my Super-antioxidant mix, that’s a part of every treatment for cancer I make.

But Lantana works on a more refined level – actually supporting the repair of those tiny little cells that do the filtration in the lung cells and liver cells.

You have to experience it to feel the difference in the body (and life) caused by the repair and healing of the filtration and poison detection cells in the body.

3) Recovery from Radiation Exposure, Radiation Fever, Radiation Flu or Radiation Pneumonitis, Radiotherapy

It’s interesting how the Flu and Radiation Fever imitate each other. I’ve stopped checking for which is which because they are so similar.

Both are caused by an imbalance of polarity in the body, making the cells over-positive. I explained this in my article: Positive and Negative Polarity – Holistic Recovery with Herbs from Radiotherapy and Radiation Damage

I add Lantana to the list of herbs that help recover from radiation because of my personal experience with it.

Radiation causes the collection of pockets of toxins, especially heavy metals in the body. This is simply because with the body being under the assault of radiation it’s hard to keep up with the daily housekeeping.

Lantana specifically is a clean-up herb and rather radically supports detoxification. Its effect shows up in the skin very quickly.

A cup of Lantana tea brings such immediate relief from radiation sickness – from the cramped lungs, to pain relief in the limbs and tissues, it has to be experienced to be believed.

I think it’s because Lantana herself is a herb known to grow in radiation affected areas (just like Herb Robert) – it LIKES to correct broken energy fields!

We have a radiation expert here!

I have seen Lantana growing in places other plants wouldn’t dare. That’s the spirit!

That tells me this plant has an amazing ability to keep its energy field together under vibrational bombardment and is awesome support for anyone in the line of firing, to keep cool and keep it all together.

4) Reproductive System and Sexual Energy Balance

When I was a teenager there was this guy who used to hang around the neighborhood and seemed to know almost everyone there. He had once part-owned a successful ad agency. He was part of the team that had designed a very successful campaign for “Eveready Batteries” which coined a famous phrase, “Gimme Red.” Well, that’s what he told me anyhow.

The time he was around though, he seemed to be drunk or on drugs all the time, barely aware of what he was doing or saying. Someone in the neighborhood told me that he’d been going well until he’d fallen in love with a girl who either dumped him or married someone else. He’d never been able to recover from it.

He used to go from drink to drink, drugs maybe, and try to be an upstanding citizen in the middle of all that.

One day I heard someone who’d known him from before ask him, “What’s your problem, man?”

He replied, “I can’t be like I was.”

He put his hands around his pelvic area, “I’m stuck here, man. Jammed.”

When he did that, I turned and looked and saw his liver (which by the way is not in the pelvic area but just under the lungs) was flaming orange. I can see things like that when I’m genuinely interested – an inherited ability my Granddad said, who taught me to depend on my own sight to diagnose problems.

But I saw a pattern that day that I saw and see again and again.

Weak lungs – inflamed or swollen liver – clogged sexual energy with its reproductive system weakness

I’ll have to add broken heart to that as well if I have to be true. So it’s:

Broken Heart – Weak lungs – Inflamed or Swollen Liver – Clogged Sexual Energy with its reproductive system weakness

A common manifestation of this pattern of imbalance is – the skin looks and feels dead. The lack of oxygen you see.

I find that healing the broken heart is a vital part of treatment of this particular pattern and , but if there’s one herb that particularly addresses this pattern all around, it’s Lantana.

In Conclusion:

Ed, I can hardly even begin to comprehend the benefits of a plant that works with such a wide range of effect.

Perhaps the first page on the internet that spoke of this herb was this one: TreeHugger’s page on Lantana , where he speaks of using it as a “relaxing expectorant” in his flu mix and found out that it is an amazing skin wound healer.

I guess we are just now waking up to Lantana. I feel it is a plant of our times, growing wildly all over tropical areas and even venturing into the temperate zone these days. There’s a reason.

I leave you with a sweet picture by Jeanette Yvonne – who took the pictures of the pink lantana and common Lantana Camara in this article and so generously made them available in the Public Domain so that people like myself can use them. 

This is Jeanette with her Dad, a US Navy Veteran. 


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