Energy Field of Vervain for Electrical Grounding, Rehabilitation of Sensory Earth Energy Receptors

How the energy field of Vervain electrically grounds the body; How we can be electrically grounded when we are not physically in contact with earth; Rehabilitation of sensory and sexual energy receptors; Getting back to using basic earth energy instead of mental energy

Dear Ed,

An herb so old in the consciousness is Vervain or Verbena Officinalis.

Here’s a really old painting (12th Century) showing a man holding the herb Vervain, subduing some sort of scary serpent who’s lying most deviously to him. Vervain helps the man see through the deception and know who is the enemy! Vervain is a nervine – which means a herb that helps calm and support the nervous system – just the thing to help you face challenges calmly and keep your nervous system strong.

I almost got drunk on Vervain on a very hard day in my life when I poured way too much of the alcohol extract of it into my water bottle. You know my old bad habit of putting in more of something if I feel I need it more. I held my nerve alright, all day, but I did feel quite drunk a lot 😉 .

It’s an example of how not to take a herb. Never assume more of it will increase its effects. You can do that a few times in emergencies – when you have the actual leaf or infusion, not when its extracted into alcohol (makes you feel woozy headed and over friendly) or vinegar (makes you feel hungry, causes acidity).

To really amplify its effects on a holistic level for lasting healing, you take small or even tiny quantities of it, regularly over a long period, so you actually train yourself to be like it, and that habit becomes internalized into your own nature.

Vervain is one of those herbs which doesn’t have to be diluted too much for its energy field to be clear and stronger than its physical properties. Let’s say its physical properties at any time are never louder than its energy pattern.

Ed, how beautiful is little Vervain… Picture Source

All you need is one drop of the tincture or Extract of Vervain – to say 100 ml or 4 ounces or one cup of water. This gives strength to the nervous system in times of stress and the effect goes all the way through our nervous system to the last little fragile little nerve endings.

This is because of its energy pattern.

The energy pattern of Vervain is simply an electrically grounded point. It’s like the grounding wire in an electric plug. I mean this almost literally. It immediately electrically grounds our energy field. You have to try this to believe it.

You can see the electric grounding here… Swamp Vervain. Picture Source

When all your nerves are electrically all over the place, jumping and jerking about, nerve endings flailing wildly – reaction to shock, trauma ie. you take Vervain, and physically, your nervous system – which is basically an electric circuit, is grounded. The water of our body which also carries electric charge, calms down soon as well.

You can now face the situation with your mind and emotions and spirit.

For those with long term electric, electronic and radiation shocking of the system, and the results of that in the body – fluid retention, kidney dysfunction and failure, chronic fatigue, migraine, chronic dry throat, pooling of blood, vein weakness and imbalance, diabetes of both kinds, Vervain taken in its energy field form – ie. very very less of the physical substances – provides rehabilitation by stimulating the body’s own grounding abilities – which have been chronically atrophied, perhaps even undeveloped in the first place.

You know what they say about walking bare feet in the grass – how it builds overall vitality? It’s because it electrically balances us.

When I was unable to put my bare feet in the ground, I learned that direct physical contact with the earth (as important as it is!) isn’t the only way we get electrically grounded.

We ARE the earth’s actual body.

We live in the earth’s thick atmosphere. We’re little moving cells of the earth living in the layer of emanation from the earth’s body. We ought never to feel un-grounded because we live IN the earth, not ON her.

How then do we get electrically un-grounded?

There could be many ways, but the one I find most relevant is that our sexual energy reception and interaction is cut off.

When we withdraw our energy and awareness from our bodies and more and more towards our mental processes, our sexual energy receptors, in other words, our sense organs – which is all of our physical cells and especially those of the lower body starting from our feet up, begin to atrophy.

Instead of using basic sexual energy through sensory interaction with the earth and our environment, we begin to live off mental energy. Sooner or later we short circuit. Mercifully, the body falls ill makes us stay in bed, sleep, be in our body more, and slowly get back to life as normal. But if we don’t go through that process, using chemicals and maybe even herbs to just keep going, using mental energy for everything, our sexual energy receptors atrophy.

We then are electrically un-grounded more and more as the days go by, our body malfunctioning during those times. When we don’t sleep enough, or don’t sleep in such a way as to stop being mentally overcharged, we begin to have even more serious problems. It goes on and on, a snowballing effect.

Therefore, to rehabilitate ourselves, we need to get back into our bodies and get back to interacting sensually with the earth, with our environment and begin to use basic sexual energy from the earth for our needs, rather than mental energy.

For most people that’s just a nice thought but there’s no way to put it into reality. You can’t always remember to be physically aware of your body, our society is so trained to function on brain waves.

But there is a way to get back – slowly but surely to normal energy functioning. It’s by way of heart.

See Ed, Earth = Heart. It’s hard to go straight from brain to body. It’s easier to go from brain to heart. One simple question, “How am I feeling?” can change everything.

All we have to do is ask ourselves that often enough in the day.

When we come into the heart frequency, we come into the earth frequency and our physical energy sensors begin to work. They are the same – heart and body are the same. The heart is the body, the body is the heart.

Wearing natural crystals and rocks – which are all the heart, the earth, also help. Those who are sensitive to them, swear by them.

However, I find that for those who have been chronically energy deprived because of being mentally overcharged, and whose sensory receptors have been suppressed or have atrophied, the energy pattern of Vervain taken at least twice a day, is a beautiful all-round holistic influence that goes right through the body , grounds us and strengthens the atrophied or magnetized nerve endings.


There are many kinds of Vervain. This is Blue Vervain or Verbena Hastata . Picture Source

I use Vervain so much, and so often – maybe in every 3rd treatment I make. It’s because so very many of our problems are caused by electrical imbalance that is energy imbalance. I even put it with radical success in topical creams and sprays for electrically imbalanced skin. I put it in eye drops for electrical imbalance of the optic nerve. I put it in hair spray for recovery from shock.

It was a life changing realization for me, when I realized that birds can fly only when their earthing connection – the connection between their body and the earth is robust; that we can live free and expand our spirit only when we are grounded in body in earth.

Body is Spirit. My feet in a mountain river.

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