Herbs for Nerve Repair, Nerve Blow out, Numb Nerve Endings

Why nerve repair is so important; Herbs and Charcoal for Nerve Repair; Herbs for external nerve ending healing; Beautiful painting of girl and dog by Ilya Repin

Dear Ed,

I’ve been reading a lot lately about people having local nerve blow outs, which means that the nerve endings in an area of the body, become unable to cope with the sensory or energetic impulses and stop sending information. Ie. the area either goes numb or has one continuous sensation such as tingling for an unusually long time.

This can happen because of shock, electrical surges, and because of nerve cuts.

A lot of people live with minor nerve blow outs on a regular basis, without actually knowing it. Fingers going clumsy, areas of skin going numb and clammy are examples.

On a long term basis, numbed out nerves cause several skin diseases like leprosy, and atrophy of organs.

Why this is an important topic, Ed, is because all degeneration, whether that’s perceived as aging, or the result of illness or weakness, involves nerve blow out, and repairing nerves, therefore, drastically lessens the impact of any illness or wear and tear of the body.

Repairing nerves on a regular basis is a simple way to get through life well.

But this article is about radical nerve repair for times when a person feels they’re losing sensation in places, feeling numb, or over “electrified” in places.

The first medicine for nerve repair is simply apples. You will not find an apple eater who is electrically overcharged and hyper.

Juicy red apple – Picture Source

Note: Apple juice does not seem to work as well as eating whole apples. It gets passed out of the system too quickly.

Aside from apples, there are two ways to deal with nerve blowouts. Internally and externally.

Internally, the following herbs repair nerves:

Cypripedium or “Lady’s Slipper”

An emergency aid for nerve pain, all kinds of neuropathy, loss of sensation. I’ve nevevr been failed by Cypripedium, Ed. I’ve had electric shocks now and then over the years when we were in places with old exposed wiring and rusty appliances. I have very sensitive skin and nerves and I’ve been helped BIG TIME by Cypripedium.

How beautiful are they, Ed! Cypripedium Picture Source

Cypripedium also works for the sort of nerve blow out that can happen because of typing a long time on a laptop keyboard.

It helps for nerve blow outs caused by static electricity. It can get painful for some people.

St. John’s Wort or Hypericum

There’s no nerve problem this beautiful herb doesn’t help solve, Ed. I don’t know why more people aren’t taking it to help. It’s a pain killer. I found out how powerful it is when I had a horrible toothache one time caused by nerves in my teeth getting exposed to sudden cold. I went crazy with the pain. On the kitchen counter was a pack of St. John’s Wort powder. I took a spoonful and washed it down with water. In about 30 seconds the pain was gone. And not making the area numb.

That was amazing.

Unlike a pharmaceutical painkiller, St. John’s Wort will not only lessen pain, and inflammation, it’ll also actually heal any nerves that need repair after blowing out. It has the intelligence to do that. That fine clear intelligence undeterred by the trauma screaming of nerves in pain.

It’s something like being able to sew and darn perfectly while bombs are exploding around you.

But remember, Ed, the source of your St. John’s Wort matters. The processed supermarket ones never worked for me. This herb or any herb, either get the tincture, or the dried herb and make tea out of it, or extract it into vinegar or oil or vodka/ everclear yourself, or powder it yourself.

Most of the time otherwise, you’re wasting money.

The energetic wholeness and integrity of the herb is where the healing comes from. The physical substances are simply triggers. Very little of the physical substances are actually needed.


Vervain + electrical stability. That simple.

You can’t have nerves that are electrically surged healing until they’re brought back to some sort of stable state.

One reason why people who eat good balanced diets, still find themselves having various nerve related problems is repeated electrical surging and the depression that follows.

Emotional energy surges caused by repeat trauma are the usual culprit. Once a person finds out what keeps terrifying them so much their nervous system gets surged like that, they start reacting with a lot more calm and the nerves come back to normal and repair.

My article on Nervous Stability has more detailed information and herbs for stability.

Lily of the Valley – Convallaria

Now this is a poison Ed, when it’s more than a drop at a time.

And I usually use for heart pain, deep gut tension.

But it’s an amazing aid to nerve repair because sometimes what’s stopping the healing of nerves is electric “blocks” or “tangles” on the nerve circuits.

Lily of the Valley causes a mild nervous shock that unravels nerves and releases those tied up bits.

People who face situations everyday, where their nervous system experiences extremes of emotion, will find multiple health problems resolving because of nerve blocks released.

Pulsatilla – Pasque Flower

Another herb that helps release nerve electricity blocks is Pulsatilla. It’s famous for how it helps female hormonal imbalance. But it does so by releasing nervous tension in the nerves going to the internal organs.

Men and women are all equally blessed by Pulsatilla. AND it specifically soothes screaming and tantrumming nerve endings so they can repair.

Charcoal Powder

Just a little is enough. Too much might work as a laxative. A pinch twice a day. It helps normalize electricity in the body, and de-ionizes the water of the body, so the nerves can heal.

More about it in Polarity Balancers; Clay, Charcoal, Ash and Herbs
Positive and Negative Polarity; Holistic Recovery with Herbs from Radiotherapy and Radiation Damage

These are just my favorite herbs and charcoal for nerve repair, Ed. There are many.

For a numb area externally, or a place with nerve pain, burned skin etc., aloe vera gel or an ointment base with Comfrey, Echinacea, Nettle and St. John’s Wort works amazing.

You just go by instinct. Add these tinctures to the gel or cream or lotion, mix well and apply.

Beyond the emergency, extracting those herbs into oil is powerful and you’d only need a little in cream or gel, to make a big difference almost immediately.

St. John’s Wort oil made by sun extracting flowers into oil – looks red – is available most places and is good for EVERYTHING.

Too much use isn’t a good idea though, because you want to rehabilitate your nerves into repairing themselves and not spoon feeding them and atrophying their own intelligence.


I end this letter, Ed, with a painting from 1844. It’s of a girl and a dog. The girl was Vera, who the artist Ilya Repin later was to marry, and the dog was Pegase.

I post it thinking very much of all the beautiful dogs, our own family, who are under such attack worldwide in so many ways. The War on Dogs

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