Inner Ear and Hearing Recovery from Vibrational Assault

The connection between the inner ear and the brain and the inner ear and the heart; The ear’s vibration filtering mechanism; The ear to heart axis of power that is our survival instinct; Recovery from hearing loss or hypersensitivity due to vibrational trauma with herbs

Dear Ed,

All through my life I’ve come across those with various problems diagnosed as this and that but which actually comes down to the inner ear being in trauma from vibrational assault.

For example the chronic ear infections associated with childhood vaccination, are not so much an immunity issue as a vibrational assault and nervous system issue.

The loss of balance, dizziness and confusion associated with various sorts of fevers and infections are the inner ear reacting to vibrational assault.

The nerve endings in the inner ear are among the most sensitive in the body and often when the nerves here are stressed various organs and systems of the body fall ill.

The heart and the ear drum are twins of each other in a sense. What one experiences, the other experiences. Heal one to heal the other. It’s about sensitivity to vibration.

When we are assaulted by strong vibrations of a frequency that are not life supporting – such as microwave radiation for example, or unnaturally loud sound – our entire energy field and therefore body registers it, responds to it.

Picture by Ian McGrory

The inner ear, FILTERS vibration and locates the source of the onslaught.

This is why the first thing we do instinctively when there’s a loud explosion is register where the sound came from.

That’s the inner ear filtering the vibrational field and zooming in on the central source of the sound. I don’t have to explain to you how critical this is for our survival. To know where a sound is coming from, to know where a vibrational assault is coming from.

Now interestingly, even when the inner ear is damaged by repeat infections, even when the ear drum itself is injured so bad as to be torn, the energy field of the area continues to filter vibration.

The great classical music composer Beethoven was famously deaf. They say he cut the legs off his piano and placed it close to the floor. Then with his ear to the floor, with every key he pressed, he experienced the corresponding vibration and so on that level he composed his music.

A great many people have experienced loss of hearing for various reasons. Recovery of hearing is such a topic, it’s like fertility. Since ancient times no one’s been really able to find one standard sure method of treatment. Sometimes people with no injury to the ears go deaf.

That’s because hearing is all about vibration and the ear expresses our soul’s reaction to that.

Isn’t it beautiful how the waves of the sea, and the ear which processes the waves of vibration coming at us are shaped so similar?

A child I knew had this condition where at the age of 10 she began to develop hearing loss. She was considered a healthy normal child… the odd cold now and then, almost no sick days in a year anyhow. Her mother had been convinced it was swimming pool chemicals that had caused the problem. But when conventional treatments didn’t work asked me what I thought. I wasn’t openly practicing in those days so I was really surprised to be asked.
The mother said, “You pray a lot don’t you?”

Well, I just hated when people thought someone who prayed a lot had powers. And what I was “praying” was mostly conversations with God because I was lonely and God’s my best friend. My “prayers” were 90% emotional venting and 10% giving God my expert opinion on everything. This was before I found you and the defenceless people on the internet to air my opinions to.

I was about sixteen then and I thought, “If she thinks my praying has powers – who am I to be proud about it…”

On my way home that day I passed by an accident scene. A man and a woman had fallen off a bike and the car which was involved had been stopped by people. But I looked at the couple who’d been thrown off the bike. The man was on the pavement lying down, – perhaps in a faint, and the woman was sitting nearby. She wasn’t injured but her hands were to her ears. I realized she was steadying herself from the vibrational attack that had happened with the force of the car hitting them.

I went home and told God about it – my theories and such. Somewhere in all of that I realized that I’d seen the hands over the ears body language in the critical injuries unit at a hospital, with Granddad treating patients recovering from severe burns.

Things began to fall into place in my understanding.

I won’t bore you with the whole progression as it took years and years and so much travel and so many experiences to develop the picture.

The summary of it all is this:

First of all, the child got well. But here’s what I learned.

Hearing loss, hypersensitivity or inner ear trauma that doesn’t respond to conventional treatment, is the result of the SOURCE of the vibrational assault being hidden from the awareness.

Our first instinct on vibrational assault is to locate where it came from. Now imagine that we cannot fully process that information because the source of the assault is not someone or something we associate with attack but which we run to for safety. Or say a wall which our mind simply does not consider a threat because it makes no sense. Why would a dumb flat wall send out vibrations? How could it anyhow?

What happens when we cannot filter the vibration to its origin is the magnetization of the inner ear, the ear drum and the nerves from there to the brain. They could even be paralyzed. This creates a micro atmosphere of tension always inside us, keeping us defensive and ready to snap – because our energy field believes we’re under attack but we cannot see from where.

Beautiful Echinacea demonstrates the ear drum receiving vibrations from the environment and sending them out smoothly. Picture by Lukasz Rawa

So my simple but highly effective plan for inner ear recovery – no matter what the problem is, is to begin to consciously filter out sound and vibration to locate the source of the sound or vibration.

Those who have been repeatedly affected by vibrational assault often develop mental compensation for this ability. So if you hear a noise, instead of instinctively knowing where it came from by the vibration, you think, “It must be the neighbor”.

So instead of mentally deciding where the vibration or sound came from, locate it by exercising the ears – however dim the sensation might be.

You’ll find this can be intensely pleasurable. And that is the key to recovery. Finding the pleasure of sensual experience.

Picture Source

You locate the source of the sound and then feel what you emotionally feel at that moment.

It’s this critical function that’s most often stopped in the case of hearing loss or hypersensitivity.

You process the mental information alright, but you’re not processing the emotional or energetic information. The connection from the ear to the brain is alright, but from the ear to the heart is blocked or strained.

Now for example, let’s say I hear a noise as I’m typing this. Instinctively I know it’s coming from the kitchen. I mentally process it immediately, as my son raiding the kitchen as usual. While I do this my heart beat changes a bit – because that’s my son, I love him. He could make noises around me all day every day and my heart will not get used to it and stop having a change of frequency to any sound made by him.

Now imagine I hear a sound while we’re outdoors. I physically locate its origin as to the side of us on the pavement. I mentally recognize that it’s a dog. Now normally my heart would react to that with a sweet calm frequency. I love dogs – usually. But what if my heart did not react the same as usual to this dog. What if in fact my heart sensed danger of some sort? But because my mind says, “It’s just another dog”, I suppress that feeling in my heart.

Besides exposing us to danger in the moment, in the long term this actually results in various problems with the heart and with hearing.

This ears to heart activity is critical for us to know if we’re in danger, how dangerous is the situation, what are the intentions of the person or animal approaching us. There is no avenue of life in which we do not need this information.

All problems of the ear that do not respond to conventional treatment and which are chronic and recurring if they do respond a little to conventional treatment, can be healed by reviving the ear to heart axis of power.

The Ear to Heart Axis of Power

I call it axis of power because it is on this that the brain decides critical moves for self defense and protection of us and our loved ones.

We have to learn to listen with our heart again.

A big part of that, is getting over PTSD and ongoing trauma, to lose fear of pain and let our self feel what we’re feeling without blocking it out.

Emotional disappointment, repeated betrayal, deception, all these can make us shut our ear to heart axis of power down.

Inability to face a betrayal because of shock, acceptance of abuse because of not being able to mentally understand that it is abuse (how common is that in our times when abuse is being promoted as normal in movies and on tv and in books?) – all these could be blocking our ear to heart axis of power.

It comes down to one thing.

Don’t be afraid of the truth, of the experience of life, of pain.

Just don’t be afraid. Whatever it is, you’re equipped with the wonderful human body and soul and spirit to deal with it. That’s a fact of nature.

Just experience what you’re experiencing without fear.

We might be so small and the ocean so big, and yet in our ears and through our ears to our heart, we can comprehend the whole expansive vast mighty thunderous ocean as one being with one message. That’s the power and beauty of our ears and our heart.

We can filter through the overwhelming noise, information and energetic impulses coming at us, and isolate what’s important for us to know.

We CAN do this. We’re made for it. We have our natural filtering mechanism. We just have to not be afraid to use it without judgment.

Now there are other situations as well, such as when we feel too overwhelmed and unable to cope with life, which can show up this way. But I’ve mentioned the most common scenario.

The power of herbs in healing the inner ear and ear to heart axis

I suffered from chronic ear infections for some years awhile ago and simply couldn’t understand what the hell was going on. My ears had already been hurting for years before – a sort of dull ache that I didn’t consider important enough to give attention to. I reached a point where all sound hurt.

Often I slipped into the same version of all of this with the eyes – when we don’t allow the eye to heart axis to process what we’re seeing emotionally – and had misaligned eyes or strabismus, chronic sinus infections and the like.

Long story short, it took me years to lose the fear of vibrational assault – to stop blocking out what I didn’t want to know about the source of the sound assault and to realize it was to my advantage to be aware of what was happening around me .

In those times, the herbs which helped me so very very very much on a daily basis were Spikenard, St. John’s Wort and Echinacea.

Spikenard is such a healer of basic energy function – I have a whole article about her : Do not try to control Spikenard- Energy Releasing Deep Healer
In recovery from vibrational assault we need comforting in deep places. We tend to carry tension due to repeat vibrational assault in the center of our bodies. Spikenard, Pulsatilla, Tiger Lily are three amazing beings who release tension from the center of the body. You’d be amazed how in moments of stress, either of these or whichever suits you best works. Spikenard is a bit of a sleep promoter, so in the day time Pulsatilla and Tiger Lily can take over. Very small and highly diluted doses are required. You don’t need more.

St. John’s Wort is just the superstar of nervous weakness and nerve pain.
Strength to the nerves in a few seconds of taking St. John’s Wort or Hypericum Perforatum. I love God for many reasons but those moments I was in pain and Hypericum stopped it, I fell in love with God and creation all over again, and again and again.

St. John’s Wort

Echinacea, I took and gave others for the infection side of things, but later discovered something amazing about it.

The energy field of Echinacea helps restore the absorbing power of the ear drum and in general the whole body. You have to experience it to understand.

Let’s say there’s a sound near me. In a second I locate where it’s come from physically, I process mentally what made the sound… but before I emotionally process it with the heart, the whole effect dissipates. The ear drum could not hold the vibration long enough, or for whatever reason I was not able to process it fully.

Echinacea taken in small doses extended over a long period of time helps the ear drum retain vibration longer and rehabilitates the processing of sound.

Echinacea taken with Angelica especially helps recovery of hearing function in traumatized babies and young children
Echinacea taken with Ignatia helps recovery from vibrational in trauma in those with established heart weakness of any sort
Echinacea with Stramonium (Datura – highly diluted) helps those with memory loss due to trauma and hypersensitivity to sound
Echinacea with Salix Alba (White Willow Bark) is first aid for acute ear pain due to shock and vibrational assault
Echinacea with Sea Salt (very diluted – is available called Natrum Muriaticum in homeopathy stores) is to clear out debris in the inner ear and restore nervous passing of signals from and to the ear.
Echinacea with Balsamina Peruviana is hugely effective for rehabilitation from nerve energy loss associated hearing pain or loss or hypersensitivity

For everything else, there’s Mastercard. Just kidding. There’s love.

There are several other herbs, each of it plays a role in helping to body deal with vibrational assault. I’ve described most of them in the following articles:

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I’ve always been fascinated by how sensitive lions are to sound and vibration. I’ve been fortunate to see them in the semi-wild on several occasions. Courage to face the truth, makes us strong. That’s what power is about.


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