Traumatized Dream States and Sleep Trauma – Recovery with Herbs

When we’re sleeping, we’re vulnerable in many ways but protected too in many ways.

How we’re vulnerable, is because our conscious mind which remembers the boundaries we’ve set for our lives is then resting, so experiences we would not allow ourselves to have while “awake” get through and a lot of them are nasty.

How we’re protected is, while our conscious mind is resting, the deception and delusion about reality we hold while awake is put aside for the moment, and our subconscious mind which is vastly wiser than our conscious mind could ever be, being the repository of inherited racial and genetic memory, can deal with problems the conscious mind cannot.

Sometimes however this is not that pleasant in the moment, or pleasant to the conscious mind.

A classic example of this is sexual dreams that the person with their conscious mind does not want to entertain.

Now, many times the ’causes’ of disturbing dreams are external to the person. There are cases of direct dream invasion where dreams are telecast to a person, the topics of which have very little to do with their own personality or life or interests. Some people groups are especially targeted and there have been various reports in the past few centuries of dream invasions done as part of psychological experiments and the like.

However, all said and done, between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, it is the subconscious mind that is the higher intellect and which is capable of dealing with any experience the person is having.

A big part of sleep trauma or dream state trauma is the conscious mind resisting the subconscious mind.

One example of this is when the subconscious mind behaves “like someone” the conscious mind does not believe itself to be. Our sense of identity is therefore threatened and the ensuing conflict results in trauma that lingers after we have woken up.

My Granddad used to say, “Every crisis is an identity crisis.”

That applies to dream state trauma a lot.

Just as life constantly engages us, giving us choices, provoking the assertion of our identity, so in the dream state.

However in the dream state, we might find ourselves trying something we might never in waking life, because in the waking state we might be scared or have constraints.

In the dream state, things can be so much more vivid as our child brain perceives a situation in ways our conscious mind has numbed out.

No matter what the causes of disturbing dreams they are always an opportunity to see the truth about something our spirit wants to see. The best about it is to surrender to our subconscious brain and let it deal with whatever the situation without having a constant internal mental dialogue.

Therefore, that brings us to herbs that help
1) support the conscious brain in resting;
2) repair brain damage caused by repeat sleep trauma over the years and
3) dissolve resistance to the subconscious brain help a huge deal

First, the herbs that support the conscious brain in resting.
They are Scullcap, Spikenard, Cannabis Indica, Passionflower (Note – it is cooling to the body, can lower blood pressure and should not be used in high doses ie. more than one drop of tincture per cup of water, if the person has a tendency to sleep apnea, sleep paralysis, and incontinence or bed-wetting.)

Second, the herbs that repair brain damage caused by sleep trauma are Rauvolfia Serpentina or Snakeroot, Colchicum Autumnale, Shankhpushpi, Gingko and Digitalis (yes Foxglove, the one commonly used for Heart problems).
There is more information on the following page: Herbs to flush out Brain Toxins that result from long term sleep deprivation

Third, the herbs that dissolve the resistance of the subconscious brain.
Now all of nature dissolves the resistance of the subconscious brain, but some herbs and flowers do it so very powerfully in situations where the resistance is substantial enough to be causing problems.
They are Datura, Hyoscyamus, Cannabis Sativa, Lily – All lilies do this in different ways – Tiger Lily, Calla Lily, Lily of the Valley; Larkspur or Staphsagriya, Brugmansia or Angel’s Trumpet, Mugwort or Artimisia Vulgaris, Artimisia Absinthium or Wormwood (from which the infamous drink called Absinthe was made), Myrtle or Myrtus Communis and wow oh wow Artimisia Abrotanum or Southernwood.

These have to be taken in very very small doses (except Cannabis Sativa which requires a lot more than a drop of tincture, and has to be in oil). Otherwise, one drop of the tincture to a cup of water is AS MUCH as you could possibly need. I prefer even tinier doses than that.

I have bottles of these into which I put a drop of tea of just a very little of the herb years and years ago. I fill those bottles up with fresh Colloidal Silver water every time they get near finishing up. And wow do they work. The smaller the dose the better, because what we really need of these herbs is their subtle energy pattern, more than their physical manifestation – which can be poisonous.

Most of these herbs cause the body temperature to go up so those who feel cold a lot will find it amazing. They also work as a painkiller when the pain is caused by taut nerves OR weak nerves or the lack of nerve force. You’d be amazed what a big part of pain, weak nerves or the lack of nerve force is.

Now a big part of hormonal imbalance and all the conditions that arise from hormonal imbalance, like depression, sexual energy blow-outs, and even auto-immune conditions are all helped massively by dissolving the resistance to the sub-conscious brain.

See a lot of our body’s processes are managed by our subconscious brain and all these go awry if there’s a conflict between the conscious and subconscious.

AND a lot of the intelligence of the brain required to solve problems comes from the subconscious brain with its repository of inherited wisdom so you’ll find that problems you simply couldn’t solve before, you’ll be able to once you allow the subconscious brain to get through easily.

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Now here is a beautiful picture of Myrtle Berries – Myrtus Communis.


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