Phantom Energy Body – Upper-Lower Body Disconnection

How energy from the lower body gets thwarted to form a static or phantom upper body energy throw that drains us; Emotional re-connection to Earth; Practice of connecting tongue to the roof of the mouth

Dear Ed,

I cannot tell you, how many times I found that the time in a person’s life when their physical health boomeranged out of control was when they were removed from their earth connection. Some moved away from their hometowns or homelands to a place where their activities did not allow them enough opportunity to reconnect to the earth.

Connecting to the earth isn’t just about walking bare-feet in the grass and physical exercises. It’s also emotional. It’s VERY emotional. As children we instinctively love our earth and trust it.

However when our life experience goes sour, or we get shocked by betrayal or a tragedy, our trust breaks. Our basic primal trust.

I know this because once in a moment of extreme trauma in my life, I found myself getting angry with my mother for not stopping it.

There have been times, my son as a baby yelled and screamed at me because his stomach was hurting. To him, everything that happened to him was because of me, for better or worse.

We have this primal connection to our mothers, and to the earth, where we get angry with them because they’re the ones holding us and feeding us.

The earth is feeding us all the time, we ARE earth, we are cells of earth. We ARE earth body.

Shock, trauma and loss of faith because of extreme sorrow, these we can subconsciously use to emotionally cut off from earth.

See Ed, as children, the earth teaches us things all the time. Most of us live by it. Then when tragedy hits us, we feel like what the earth, through our bodies, taught us was all wrong. This is no heaven of breeze and flowers and beautiful things. This is hell. And the world which is immune to the being of the earth and nature, that world is right. The things taught by the world of money and plastic things and bank accounts and the use of force; that world’s the way to survive.

I’m just giving you an example of the subconscious feelings one goes through when our faith in nature is hit by shock or tragedy.

Some people can remember when this happened to them. When they lost faith and cut off emotionally from the earth.

Some can’t because the trauma was hidden, or prolonged till it wore them down slowly to snapping quietly one day.

For a lot of people it was around the age of 9 or 10, just in-between childhood and puberty.

I wish, Ed, there were one simple fix for it. If I ever find it, I’ll tell the world about it.

But the fact is, there IS a way to heal but everyone has to find their own way to it.

I write this article because I find that just being aware of the problem releases the energy to start on that healing and re-connection path.

Can you trust your Mother again?

That’s the question. It’s the same as asking, “Can you trust Life again?”

And it’s actually asking, “Can you trust your Earth again?”

Which is asking, “Can you trust your Heart again?”


How this emotional disconnect from Earth, manifests in the human energy body

Our physical body forms on the vertical axis.

The human energy body is designed to function as one unit. We receive energy from the earth through our lower body, which also earths us and primally directs our energy.

This cutting off of our energy field from earthing; whether by shock, trauma, or programming – we pick up the habit watching and being around others who are un-earthed and by watching television and movies where everyone is un-earthed.

When the energy from our lower bodies is not able to convert easily enough, and “speak with” the activities of the upper body, we often develop double energy fields – one of which is a phantom – ie. a false field without grounding, made of static energy.

This phantom energy field, or “mental programmed energy pattern” makes us vulnerable to energetic vampirism – because we cannot defend a static energy field that’s not earthed. Therefore developing and maintaining this imbalanced mentally controlled energy field is of vital importance to those who would feed on human energy.

All religions, cults, movements, find people with lots of primal vital energy and teach them to convert it to thought energy, to build up this static field, which they can easily drain without encountering resistance from the person’s primal being.

This often shows up in a condition chiropractors call “Kyphotic Spine” where, at some point, the upper body pushes forward and the spine isn’t aligned straight.

In the picture you can see how the energy from the lower body is actually not fully flowing up and the upper body has developed a phantom or static field that’s not grounded.

Over time we have a sort of split in our personality as well, as, the “upper” part of us lives and moves to our mental conditioning, while our primal lower body stays unexpressed and frequently in rage that gets through through severe systemic dysfunction, widespread problems like fatigue, chronic skin problems. I can’t even begin to list all the problems caused by this. This is where heart problems start, where bone loss and muscle wastage start.

The phantom upper body can swing to the left or right because it is ungrounded – causing all sorts of hormonal muck ups, surging and over-using one side of the brain, even developing only one side of the face more than the other over time.

How the brain is being used is visible in our faces in one or the other side drooping because of electric surging or shock or disuse.

Problems with hair are an absolute guarantee and perhaps the first size of energy from the lower body being cut off.

The way out of this

is to honor our lower body and our connection to the earth who is our mother, who is feeding us all the time; Whose body we are cells of. The Earth IS the spirit of God, which is who we are.

Since time immemorial, humans have been disenfranchised and cut off from earth by those looking to vampirize and control the amazing life force we have and we are.

All philosophies that cut us off, or devalue Earth, our bodies and primal being, that elevate thought above nature, are inherently disastrous for our health, well-being and happiness in this sphere.

I know because I’ve gone on that path. I was only 8 when my trust broke. I developed a whole fake upper body personality. It took an encounter with God to make me realize that the real me had also been existing all along – albeit hidden away.

I hate my fake personality Ed. One can’t love oneself when there’s a fake personality, no matter how intelligent, helpful, useful, kind and pleasant it is.

Only what’s real is lovable. That’s a fact isn’t it?


Reconnecting upper and lower body comes down to one simple thing: becoming aware of lower body and holding awareness of lower body for as long as possible.

You’d be amazed that the amount of resistance you’ll find programmed within, to resist awareness of the lower body.

Generations of humans have been programmed to be numb to the lower body, to consider the feet as the lowliest part of the body.

We’ve been made to be terrified of becoming primal mad men and women, and told we’ll regress into caveman personalities and have crazy sexuality and what not, if we “give in” to our primal lower body.

In fact what really happens is amazing intelligence, health and purity of being – for which there is no replacement.

Our connection to the earth is our childhood inside us all our lives.

Everyone’s got to find their own way to build and hold awareness of the lower body.

If you want to, the method and means will come. That simple.

There will be some drama and maybe upheaval – but you’ll be happy and your health will improve drastically.

ALL naturally grown herbs, all natural crystals, everything of this beautiful earth, are all grounded. But some will call to you specifically.

And now, I leave you with one technique that I’ve found most useful to connect to the lower body.

Connecting the Tongue to the Roof of the Mouth

The tongue is an energetic similar of the entire energy field. The root of the tongue is representative of the lower energy field and so on to the tip of the tongue representing the crown of our heads.

To connect up our lower and upper bodies, we keep our tongues in the natural position we did as babies, where the the tongue sits against the roof of the mouth, starting with the root of the tongue firmly against the roof of the mouth, the upper and lower back teeth firmly together.

Just do this however long you can and keep doing it till it becomes habit.

We develop the habit of carrying air pockets in the mouth through trauma and shock that temporarily makes us have to breathe in and out through the mouth instead of nose.

This practice of uniting the root of the tongue to the roof of the mouth is called “Mewing” in recent times. There are so many videos on the internet teaching it. And you’ll see those who do have amazing facial structure, because this practice aligns and strengthens the bones of the face, especially the jaw – among all its other benefits.

Another uniting of tongue to the roof of the mouth is called “Khechari mudra” in yoga. In it however, the tip of the tongue is rolled back against the roof of the mouth. It basically closes the energy body off from the surroundings to prevent the “loss” of energy. There are situations perhaps, in which this is necessary. Situations where one is in extreme conflict with the immediate environment – such as if you were naked in the snow. You never know… it could happen… 😀

I personally think it’s something for extreme situations like that, and don’t find it very natural. My tongue doesn’t like being rolled up and packed away.

But there are those who believe differently, so it depends on what feels good to each person.

Remember this though

We never actually have a cut between our lower and upper energy bodies. If we did, we’d be dead immediately. It just seems that way because of the phantom energy throw of energy being thwarted on its way up, creating a phantom static field, that’s more dominating because it’s getting the lion’s share of our vital energy (without giving it back).

If someone doesn’t drain us of this energy, we’ll go looking for vampires to do the job, or find ways to drain ourselves just to be able to relax and sleep.

All we have to do is hold awareness of our lower bodies and realize we ARE our lower bodies. We are our primal selves FIRST and everything else later.

The phantom static field will fade away with its dramas.

You just keep going being the natural primal you.

There are ways to take the help of herbs on this journey but it’s different for each person.

I leave you with this picture of street art from Bristol.

That crazy feeling when your consciousness is awakening. But it’s all going to be alright.

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