The 4 levels of Poison and how to effectively de-toxify

The 4 levels on which poisons work – Blood, Water; Electricity and Consciousness – and how to remove them holistically. 

Dear Ed,

Believe it or not, I first wrote this article in 2013, while at very close quarters to a snake – on the other side of the skinny bedroom wall – in a tiny guesthouse under a cliff that broke rain clouds, so that building was half sunk into the mud because of the constant deluge. I was terrified initially, but there was nowhere else I could go and after about 15 minutes sensing the snake, I began to actually feel calmed by it. I have nothing but loving memories and gratefulness for that encounter. That night in bits and pieces as I dozed this article came to me. Here it is, edited for now.

A snake’s poison works on 4 levels;

Blood, Water, Electricity and Consciousness

Its the same with every poison. To effectively detoxify, we need to clean our selves out on the 4 levels mentioned above. While you need to find out what works best for you, here is some information that should hold true for most humans.

Removing poisons from Blood

Blood retains poison only when its ability to recognize poison isn’t working. If you are chronically carrying poison in your blood, you are either immune to it already (the body adapts!) or your ability to recognize something as POISON is diminished.

This could result from being repeatedly poisoned over years and years. Or you might be making your own poison (cancer for example) within and slowly releasing it into the system little by little.

The key to ending this situation is to get off herbs and medicines that do emergency detoxification (neem for example) and instead support your body in recovering the ability to differentiate between what’s a poison and what’s not. My favorite combination of herbs to support the body’s poison recognition processes, to repair immune system intelligence, as taught to me by my Granddad, on my five fingers to remember are: Pomegranate, Fig, Grape seed, Papaya Leaf and Quis Qualis Indica. 

That’s not going to be pretty or convenient initially as your body could swing between feeling hot and cold, have skin flare-ups, bouts of rejecting certain kinds of food and so on.

We need to give the body freedom to do its own work, support it with a healthy natural lifestyle and let it go through the learning phase where it begins to connect up a certain substance with a certain negative reaction and label that substance as POISON.

Of course you will have to do everything you can to find out how you’re getting poisoned and stop it.

Removing poisons from Water

Water in the body is everywhere, but especially the Lymphatic system. Luckily its very easy to clean out our water system. We just put in clean water and move about enough to keep it moving. Its like holding a glass of dirty water under the tap. You let clean water in and swirl the glass about so the clean water gets everywhere and then you allow the dirty water to pour out.

A lot of people who drink water through the day however, are water poisoned. A majority of the people I make energy medicine for are aware of the importance of water and drink a lot of it, yet have water poisoning related problems.

The problem is the water isn’t what the body recognizes as WATER. This is because the body does not recognize water by its chemical components. It recognizes water by its energy field. And most of the water around the world today in cities at least is broken.

Water breaks when its energy field is exposed to radiation. Water purifiers that use radiation give you clean but broken water.

Earth energy fields that are broken (by use of strong electrical equipment, or highly toxic chemicals that enter the earth through plants who are carrying them for example) have broken ground water. Thankfully in this instance the water tastes horrible and most animals and humans would not drink it.

Broken water can be repaired by letting it sit for some hours (you’ll know its repaired when it tastes different); exposing it directly, for a few hours at least, to a form of water that not broken – a drop of spring water, a water crystal like Snow Quartz, or water you have allowed to sit still for a day or two.

Charcoal which is not water, also can be used because its energy field is a direct opposite of water’s energy field, so when water comes in contact with it, water gets all worked up and emphasizes its own nature. In ancient times and many parts of the world even today, charcoal is used to purify water. All you need is a little in your water and its even good for the body if a little gets ingested.

In 2011, I actually did an extensive documented experiment where I grew three trays of wheatgrass -one with tap water, one with water straight out of the RO Water purifier, and one with water out of RO water purifier but left to sit overnight with a little quartz crystal in it.

In stunning results, almost 80% of the wheatberries watered by tap water and RO purified water left to sit overnight germinated and grew to the size they could in those trays. The ones watered by water straight out of the RO/UV purified unit – only 2, I mean actually TWO seeds even put out shoots.

Being me, I had to talk about it while it was happening – I took photos every day for about 2 weeks. My digital camera in which I had those pictures was stolen from my house (nothing else taken but it), that second week before I put the pictures on my computer. Soon after, I moved away and didn’t buy an RO/UV water purifier after that.

I had already got my proof though that water purifiers break down water’s energy field, making it unrecognizable as water to natural bodies, and that repairing the energy field restores the water’s energy field.

Water purifiers are plenty useful, especially in places where there are high levels of drugs in water. Please however, get a container that makes you feel good every time you look at it – and let your water sit in it for hours with a crystal or charcoal, before you drink it. You’ll notice the effect almost immediately.

It’s so worth the effort.

There happens also to be available on the market, a Bach Flower Remedy called “Rock Water” – that’s not a flower but just the dilution of spring water from the 1800s. Putting a drop of it into your water container, your water bottle and so on, helps the water remember its pure state and repairs the energy field.

Remember water carries consciousness and if you repair it BEFORE it gets into you, you’re saving yourself that much time and effort.

Removing poisons from the Nerves & Subtle energy network

Poisons of the electric networks are a result of poisons of the physical network – or not. A poison here means a substance that has passed out of the body physically but affected the way electricity passes around the body so the body still behaves likes it has poison in it, and the brain is still panicked. It could also simply be exposure to electrical and energetic fields that the body cannot resist or recover from.

A large number of new age illnesses like cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia etc are caused by electric or energetic or frequency poisoning. You teach your body to maintain electrical and energetic stability and you achieve near immunity to all those problems.

The easiest way to get nervous and energetic toxins out is by stabilizing our breath while grounding our bodies – ie; keeping in physical touch with earthed surfaces or the earth herself. When our breath becomes stable, knotted and tense muscles begin to relax and the nerves start regulating their electric impulses.

Breathing exercises are obviously wonderful for this, but most people I know who have electric poisons find them very difficult. In such situations, sitting in water, lying down on earth, or being in direct contact with any energetically stable earth field (stone, rock, crystal, seeds, tree etc) will help immensely. Once the body gets earthed, the breathing gets stable on its own.

There are many herbs that help the body’s nervous frequency stabilize. My three most favorite ones are Cactus Grandflora, Digitalis or Foxglove and Ignatia or St.Ignatius Bean (Strychnos Ignatii). These are each well known for stabilizing heart beat, and they do so by stabilizing nervous frequency.

Digitalis or Foxglove, Ed, pops up everywhere the electric frequency is disturbed to heal the field. One of my best friends, Ed. A guide through days of such instability and upheaval. Those times I quite lost my bearing, lost sight of what matters, Digitalis brought me back to calm.

On a physical level, poisons in the nervous and electric body show up in the liver and lungs stressing them both out. Filtering them out, requires supporting the cells that do the filtration. One of my favorite herbs to do that is Lantana. Milk Thistle, Herb Robert and Dandelion are also liver support and should be included.

Removing poisons from the Consciousness

You’d think this was the least important but its the MOST IMPORTANT. If you are chronically poisoned despite years of doing everything to give your self a healthy life, its because your consciousness is being poisoned.

If our consciousness feels poisoned, our bodies will treat whatever triggers that false consciousness in us, just the same as a physical poison and react violently. Allergic reactions to otherwise everyday things are the result of the body associating attacks and intrusions of the consciousness with whichever physical thing it was exposed to at the time.

What is a poison to a consciousness? It is anything that does not match our soul purpose, which represents, our core identity.

Find out what your spirit lives for. That’s your purpose. Anything and everything in your life that doesn’t fit in with that is a poison to you. Cut it out.

A few examples to throw light on what is a consciousness poison:

G wants to have a career in the arts. However G is convinced to do a course that will take G in a different direction than her spirit want to go in. G’s body will start reflecting G’s spirit’s unwillingness to be pulled in a direction away from heart and start reacting to things like the course material (that G is not really interested in) like it’s a poison. Later on the tools of G’s new “forced” career. And so on.

Yes it’s a rather extreme example, but God knows I’ve seen it often enough.

Another example of consciousness poison is anything that supports a false identity.

Children separated from their birth parents and brought up with an identity not their own, are often chronically allergic to substances that don’t trouble others around them. Allergies to wheat, milk and basic staple food items are often caused by primal energetic resistance to false identity. Sometimes this is inherited as false identity passes on to the next generation.

Another example of a consciousness poison, is being in a relationship or situation of deception. Your spirit isn’t buying what your mind is believing. The body reacts to the symbols of that relationship of deception by becoming hyper-reactive and treating it all like poison.

It’s been my experience that the majority of all auto-immune problems and histamine imbalance are associated with spiritual rejection of false identity and deceptive situations.

A little note about things. Every thing carries consciousness – even a piece of plastic does.

Letting go of things that don’t feel right to you is a huge aid. However, some people would have to throw away their entire household going by that.

Initially when I began to become aware of the consciousness of things I went out on a bend throwing away, throwing away, throwing away. Then I found that what I thought was ok a few months ago was now not. And something I was going to throw away before was alright now.

And I realized that things never hold a consciousness stronger than a living human being. Things have static consciousness which surrender to stronger energy fields. A changing energy field, like our human field, like the earth, the oceans, the heavenly bodies – these are all stronger than any consciousness field carried in inert materials.

Crystals, botanicals and all the things natural to our world are living, and carry consciousness even when they aren’t moving or growing. However, just like other living beings they change their energy field to match the energy fields around them. So they change in contact with us and other living beings and earth fields.

The key I have found to understanding all of this – is emotional intention.

It’s like this – a knife can do all kinds of things – from chopping up vegetables to killing people. What makes it right or wrong for me is the intention with which it’s there. If my intention is to cook and nurture my family, then so, the knife will do. If my intention is something else then so the knife will do.

The starting intention of everything – the intention of the creator of it – that is the consciousness everything will carry for as long as it exists.

I remember this celebrity on tv saying in an interview, “In my line of work, I’ve always got to know what the intention is of the person approaching me.”

That’s how we all have to be, with everything.

We can’t develop that ability by mentally psyching ourselves into “imagining” or “divining” the consciousness of someone.

Truly Ed, the simplest method is to actually start caring for ourselves truly.

When Gabriel was born, I found a whole new side of me I hadn’t seen before. I became protective. That meant being aware of the intentions and consciousness of people and things coming around him.

The truth is, I hadn’t valued my own self before, enough to be protective of my own self. Only when I had a child I realized what that was.

When we value ourselves we become naturally aware of whether something matches us or not.

I know it’s a vague thing to say, but its true.

When we are constantly remembering our soul purpose, we value ourselves, we remember why we are in existence. This makes us protective of ourselves and brings up our abilities to read consciousness and intention.

So remembering why we are alive, our soul purpose, is the key to consciousness health and healing.

There are ways for us to be helped in journey of course:

Herbs that awaken awareness of consciousness

The ones I have observed closely in detoxification on a holistic level are Larkspur/Staphsagriya, Cannabis and Datura. I do not have personal experience smoking or inhaling vapors of either so I can only speak for them when used boiled in milk, infused in water or oil or diluted into homeopathic potencies. Taken this way on a regular basis so that you have the chance to gradually clean the consciousness and physical body, they can help remove toxins on all four levels.

Cannabis is amazing in detoxifying on every level when you understand that the experience is one you yourself have blocked up within and the ‘drug’ is not ‘making’ them happen. A handful of fresh leaves with olive oil and a salad every morning or afternoon, or 1/4th of a t-spoon of dried leaves with milk or chocolate once a day.

Datura being poisonous is safest infused into oil and massaged on. You shake up one t-spoon of crushed seeds, or two flowers or two leaves with 500ml of oil and let it soak up for about a week. Massage it on wherever you feel like (face and feet are great for awareness when dreaming in your sleep) and just let it slowly raise your awareness every day. SHE is a great pain reliever, de-clogger of sub-conscious brain and improves circulation so you feel a lot warmer.

Larkspur or Staphsagriya used highly diluted as it is also poisonous (a local homeopath would have it already diluted – don’t get the pills, get the liquid) is a great way to break out of consciousness impasse or energy blocks. That feeling that you just don’t know what’s happening with you and you seem stuck or paused is just what this one can help with.

Larkspur or Staphsagriya is a powerful exhumer of suppressed memory or emotion.

There is more about these herbs described in my article: Herbs to Release Pent-up Rage.

Need help choosing the right herbs for you?

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