Sea Salt and Bio-rhythm Recovery after Shock, Trauma

How the Sea keeps the bio-rhythm of the Earth and therefore us, how Salt carries this vibration and helps us recover from rhythm disruption caused by trauma, shock, vaccination, radiation; How salt aids recovery of BALANCE of minerals in our bodies. 


Dear Ed,

As a lover of the sea you don’t need to be reminded of the healing power of salt. But I’m writing this, as I’ve been mostly a mountain and high altitude dweller and for me, meeting the sea has been an amazing experience.

Very often while working with those recovering from trauma, and in my own experience, I’ve found that one thing that stops herbs from working properly, and hinders healing, is the natural rhythm of the body being thrown out of course.

In extreme situations that shows up in heart beat arrhythmia – where the heart doesn’t beat rhythmically, and the result is a distorted energy patterns in the body causing widespread confusion and distress.

I found this especially troubles new born babies born through traumatic unnatural birth, those exposed to high levels of radiation and those vaccinated or given drugs that interrupt the frequency of the central nervous system.

A person who has experienced a rhythm interruption needs no further description from me about how it feels.

A bio-rhythm interruption isn’t always caused through physical means like vaccination or poison, or radiation exposure. It can also be caused by emotional and spiritual shock. Failure to recover natural bio-rhythm can result in anything from death, to long term unexplained fatigue, lessened immunity, sluggish organ function and the resulting illnesses.

I learned a principle of healing from my Granddad. He taught me healing by example. For example, if one is feeling weak, coming in touch with a strong vibrant energy, makes us begin to feel stronger by the sheer power of example.

This is the basis on which I base my treatments. I look at which herb and plant friends would help a person by the example of their being, and then I have them come in touch with them thrice a day and the person’s energy field changes as they come in touch with the robust, vibrant, spiritually steadfast herbs.

In looking for an example of a vibration that matches the human body to stimulate by example, a body fallen out of natural rhythm, I found a bit of a problem. Herbs have their own rhythm and if we were to take on their rhythm, we’d be herbs and not humans.

You’ll agree Ed, that that’s not something we want to be, as beautiful as herbs and flowers are.

While we need herbs and plant energies to heal and correct our energy patterns, we could be helped specifically by something from nature that brings us back to our OWN bio-rhythms.

Here’s where salt comes in. Sea salt to be specific. Let me have this explained in the words of Francis Ellingwood Abbot – read out in Dover, NH, IN 1857 – “Voices of the Sea“, now made available by the US National Library of Medicine.

The Sea is a thing of life. Regular as the pulsations of the human heart, constant as the inhalations and exhalations of the human lungs, are the ceasless motions of its waters; and, floating on its undulating surface, your are lapped in Eterbal Being, and fondled by the Eternal Love.

You see Ed, the Sea – the one big body of water keeps rhythm for or earth and all its living beings. And its gift to us, is salt.

I needn’t tell you all over again how critically important salt is for our bodies, how the level of salt in our bodies has to be maintained at a certain level for life to continue.

The reason for my writing this, is to say that unnatural salt – ie. chemical salt or sodium chloride or table salt, does NOT have the vibrational quality of natural sea salt. It fulfills the requirements of salt to keep life in the body, but as a medicine or maintainer of bio-rhythm in the body, it fails. That is why, pickling salt, or the salt that is used to preserve food is different from table salt.

The access to and availability of natural salt has been at various times in history cut off as a method of weakening a population.

A case from history is when the population of colonial India in the first quarter of the 1900s was banned from collecting sea salt from the shores, and told to buy salt for food. The right to natural unprocessed sea salt was famously demanded by Gandhi who led a march to the sea, defying orders, to collect sea salt.

Sadly Ed, these days, politicians don’t bother – even for the sake of the political benefits of posturing themselves as pro-human – to support the human right to stay healthy naturally, for the freedom to have fresh air, sunlight and exercise. (You know what I’m talking about.)

But coming back to salt. Back in the day it was everyone’s first medicine. It killed infection, cured meat and fish, preserved produce for well after the season and most importantly, it ensured the physical recovery of people from rhythm interruption – whether by physical causes or emotional trauma, by being the holder of the basic vibration of the earth, from which we all come and will return to (despite all the attempts of certain misguided entrepreneurs to send us into space).

I use natural sea salt as the electrolyte to extract silver into water, and used that as the base for every single herbal treatment I make. The difference between herbs taken with sea salt to help a rhythm interrupted body get back to normal and just herbs without the salt, is so so so so huge. The emotional effect of the medicine is so very drastic.

My son and the pets I’ve taken care of, have never given me the least amount of trouble taking their medicine when it’s been in the sea salt and colloidal silver base. They only have a problem with very sour vinegar extracts which a little too much for their sensitive tongues.

But they naturally love the taste of sea salt. Who doesn’t!

It’s been my observation over years, Ed, that those who do not get some sea salt, either taken internally often enough, or through exposure to the sea itself, begin to have energy field knots and cramps and emotional energy blocks which can solidify.

From old times, a trip to the sea has been universal medicine to undo energy blocks and heal trauma.

I recently came across a page on the internet which described the effects of a homeopathic drug called “Natrum Muriatica” (available inexpensively online or in homeopathic stores) which actually is just plain salt diluted many times over. The woman who wrote that article has now passed on, but left us with a beautiful testimony to the power of salt, used in difficult labor, to bring out blocked emotion and speed up the birth of the babyThe article is at: Salt of the Earth – Homeopathic Natrum Muriaticum – by Peggy Sawyer, Ashland, Oregon.

See Ed, that sort of information should be available to every pregnant woman, but it doesn’t spin money for anyone so you have to look very hard to find it.

I’ve also found Ed, that you simply cannot correct mineral deficiencies in people or pets without using sea salt as part of the diet at some point or the other. Horses love their salt licks. Dogs get their salt in nature through the meat they eat, but need supplementation if they aren’t on a raw food diet. All animals will go looking for salt to balance their bodies.

You can take this mineral and that, but essentially if you want the BALANCE of minerals to be set right in the body, you need good old sea salt.

The best thing to do would be to replace table salt with sea salt in the kitchen. A lot of people believe that would lead to all kinds of illness because the added iodine in table salt is “required”. I’m no scientist Ed, but I’ve had sea salt (not even the expensive kind, just loose sea salt from local shops) for over a decade instead of table salt and so has Gabriel and we’re alright. It appears that all of humanity before recent times did not have access to table salt with added iodine and did well enough.

Those who fear the sudden lack of added iodine, can use sea weed, like Bladderwrack, (Fucus Vesicula) in tiny quantities for a few months while transitioning to using sea salt for food. I give Gabriel sea weed as a supplement, in very tiny quantities every morning (note it has to be in the morning because it’s stimulating) at times when our sleep cycle is disrupted. Sea weed supports the bio-rhythm dependent glands of the body (the thyroid glands for example) in recovering from sleep cycle disruption and metabolic imbalance caused by it.

For those who cannot shift to using sea salt instead of table salt, or need a huge lift into recovering natural body rhythm, especially those recovering from long term trauma, a therapeutic dose of sea salt solution – also called “Sole” every morning on an empty stomach is a great help.

“Sole” is nothing but a strong or saturated salt solution. You mix about a spoonful of sea salt into a glass water. Technically speaking, you should reach a point where no more salt can be dissolved into the water. But I’ve most often been in too much of a hurry in the mornings to check for that. I’ve just put half a tsp of salt into a glass of water and drunk it and been done with it.

What I find convenient for me, is to put some salt blocks – little ones into an old preserves bottle and fill it with water. I drink about a quarter of it – quarter of a cup – in the morning (diluted with more water) and fill it back up. The next day, it’s a strong salt solution again. When the salt crystals have worn down, I drop in more.


For some people, and when the body deems it necessary, a strong salt solution can work as a laxative. If you don’t like the effect, lessen the salt quantity to what works best.

This salt solution works amazing for traumatized skin too – whether that’s rashes, or rosacea, or acne, or hormonal dramas – just rub some on every time you wash your face.

I have some in a spray bottle with herbs like Arnica to use for episodes of hair fall or hair breaking. You’d be amazed at how comforting salt can be on the hair and scalp. Well maybe you wouldn’t as you grew up near the sea and you know very well how comforting and healing sea spray can be.

And now I would like to end this article with another excerpt from Francis Ellingwood Abbot’s speech “Voices of the Sea”. It’s about how the sea constantly responds to the call of the moon, just like the seas in us respond to the call of the moon.

It’s a deep and beautiful thing – too deep to write or speak of – something every person has to experience inside on their own – how our bodies are a part of one great living Being and how the seas within us that hold emotion are called by the heavenly bodies just as the Moon calls the tides of the seas. I’d spelled “tides” wrong there just now. I typed, “rides of the sea.” Come to think of it, it’s quite right. Isn’t a tide, a ride, a trip, a journey?



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