The Predator Cycle Principle of Holistic Healing

I describe the Predator Cycle method which nature uses when the very core and fiber of a structure is too weak for the usual healing processes to work.

Dear Ed,

I was recently reminded of the predator cycle principle of healing.

One afternoon, a whole ten years ago, when I was very ill, very alone and very helpless, I was in bed dozing.

As I dozed I saw a strange dream. You know those dreams in which you’re in the same place as you are, but you’re not sleeping, you’re awake and something’s happening that’s not happening in reality?

So I was there lying down on my bed, but now instead of my eyes closed, my eyes were open, and ahead up from my bed I was looking at the maroon rug on the floor. I liked it a lot, used it to exercise and do yoga on. It was really warm in the winter.

And I saw a section of it had gotten mite-infested. My err- dream vision zoomed in of the affected section of the carpet. There were hundreds of tiny mites living in the section of the carpet, clinging onto every little fiber of it.

I was in anguish – because the carpet was a delicate one and if I washed it roughly, or subjected it to chemical treatment I would lose bits of it and it wouldn’t ever be the same again.

How could I pick out each of those little bastards one by one without destroying the carpet’s delicate structure itself?

As I struggled to think of a solution, I saw a lizard creeping up. Now Ed, in real life, I don’t let lizards roam around my house. But in that dream state I was very calm about it.

The lizard came up with its tiny tongue began to pick the mites out of the carpet with high precision. A job I could never have done. The lizard picked the mites clean out of the carpet, every last one.

But now the horror washed over me – A LIZARD in my bedroom.

But as I watched, a rat ran up. In one clean gobble, it finished off the lizard.

And Ed, the universe and God can be such a creep sometimes. The rat runs from the carpet to the leg of the bed I’m lying on. That was so not neccessary in this dream. But well.

As I’m in… you can imagine what state… with a RAT at the foot of the bed, I look up and I see the window open up ahead, and a CROW coming in. The crow swooped right into the room, and got the rat at the foot of the bed and flew out. No hello, no bye.

And then, I realized my carpet was back to normal!

The procession of predators Ed, each one taking out the smaller one.


Ed, this is the way nature deals with infestations and situations where the very core and fiber of a structure is at threat because of those that would destroy it; when their numbers are so huge that it seems impossible to save the structure itself.

In the body I have seen the predator cycle play out for so many people.

All illness triggers off natural healing in us, which uses the usual methods of healing – increased blood circulation, release of infection fighting cells etc.  However, when one comes across something or someone that spurs reverse healing in a person, if it is required, this predator cycle of healing gets triggered.

What spurs reverse natural healing in a person, is a consciousness trigger. We can get triggered by contact with a herb or flower like Datura for example coming into our awareness again and again, or Larkspur or any of those beings in nature who vibrate on that level. Morning Glory, Heather (Calluna Vulgaris), Herb Robert (Roberta Geranium), Digitalis or Foxglove, and Pine come to mind. These are all plants which grow in electrically imbalanced depleted areas, because they have their own internal balance so fixed they aren’t affected by the ambient broken field. They heal energy depleted and energy imbalanced areas.

Herb Robert – Roberta Geranium grows in electrically disturbed areas healing them. A powerful consciousness trigger. 

We can also get triggered by people, real humans who vibrate on that frequency, by places that carry that frequency, and by TALK or awareness of it. 😉

But I’ve seen how the predator cycle works in the body. I will give you my own example.

My heart muscle was so ill in places, it was like what was once a very busy marketplace – tall buildings all close to each other, overhanging dark roads and lanes – now all in complete darkness, abandoned, falling apart, the decaying bits of rubble fallen down already on the ground. It was in such a state that wind could not be allowed in that section, wind – fresh air – that could’ve cleaned it up, because it was ALL so weak that a little wind would’ve brought down everything standing. So dark, so destroyed, so dangerous to even be in.

Imagine such a predicament Ed. A heart transplant was the only solution for my problem by conventional thinking. The heart muscle was so degenerated, one person said I was a walking miracle.

What happened, Ed, was a procession of predators – other illnesses in the body that caused the release of various hormones that began to exercise the heart muscle despite its being so fragile.

As the SURROUNDING and connected areas began to get exercised reacting to illnesses, the affected area of heart muscle that was in a static or frozen state for self preservation, began to move about very gently and then slowly heal.

That I’m alive now says it all.

This example however is just about the physical side of things. In fact what I want to convey is that Life triggers a series of incidents – each one of which reveals or/and heals an underlying problem which could not have been exposed or revealed any other way.

An absolute horror could fly in the window of your life only to reveal there was an absolute horror at the very leg of your bed, which had come in to take out the horror that took out the horror that had been eating at the very fiber of you.

So it often turns out that a gangrenous leg causes us to take treatment to heal what was a problem with bad circulation for years, which was a problem with the heart which pumps blood around the body. This results in us actually getting a life again and living longer.

Or we suddenly have a brain migraine that causes us to treat our nervous system, which causes us to treat the problem of temperature imbalance we were living with, which causes the healing of the hormonal imbalance we were living with since puberty slowing sapping our life away. This results in our sexual energy flowing again.

Or we have a skin condition, that causes us to treat our gut for yeast imbalance, which causes the treatment of lymphatic system clogged with toxins and pockets of tension static for years, which causes almost every area of our bodies to start being cleaned up properly again. This results in us escaping cancer, adding quality years to our lives.

That’s how holistic healing works Ed.

It’s messy work. And few understand it or appreciate it. The results take time, but when they come, they come. That’s how nature works to cause real healing.

I’ve written about this topic before Ed, in my article When Illnesses Feed Off Each Other, Build Resistance to Imbalance

It’s got valuable information in there, but I didn’t quite get the predator cycle out right. Writing my articles as if I were speaking to you helps a lot.

Earlier this year.



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