The Soul has a Homeland; Healing Energy Depression & Upper-Lower Body Conflict

The phenomenon of people getting energy and strength from other places they feel they belong to; Strained connection to soul-homeland as a cause of energy depression and upper-body versus lower body conflict. 

Dear Ed,
On an Instagram account I follow, a hypnotherapist spoke of how a client of his said in hypnosis that she’s connected to a particular place from where she as a soul is, and she derives strength from there for her life here.

This has fascinated me – how our soul stays connected to particular places – particular land forms and eco-systems for strength and sustenance.

It seems to me that the soul has a homeland. And that our soul connection to our soul homeland is vitally important for our health and well-being wherever we are.

In a way, we are the manifestation of our homeland.

Daisy – Picture Taken by Molly Day in Stanislaus Natural Forest


Granddad taught me that the fist herb to put in, while making medicine for people is one from the continent or eco system of their physical origin, to make them feel connected back there. That’s half the healing done already.

In cases of chronic energy deficiency which is often accompanied by a depression that is not alleviated by most of the normal things that bring a person out of depression, he taught me to assume the connection of the person to their home earth field was under very severe stress, and that it would have to be addressed to bring them out of the energy depression so that they could energetically connect to their home land again.

I remember this instance of a depressed five year old boy. It almost killed me to read about how the five year old had for months at the time, not been able to play. He’d try… he’d start… and then he’d just come away and sit down and stare into the distance. His health had begun to fail. He’d had a lot of muscle and bone loss in his legs which were beginning to curve in and had lost strength.

Often when a person has lost their connection to their soul-home-land, their lower body shows it first, by being significantly being “weaker” and not functioning as well as the upper body.

This can be seen in a person who has – for example- robust lungs, a sharp mind, and more or less strong hands, but the lower body – ie. sexuality, digestion and the bones and joints of the legs are not that robust.

There seems to be an upper-body versus lower body clash.

I was quite at a loss of what to do in the case of the five year old boy with this clash.

It seemed to me a most difficult situation because you can’t tell a five year old that he has to look in his heart and think of his soul-home-land.

Not knowing what to reply to his mother, I went to bed that night.

In my sleep, in the in-between stages of waking and sleeping, I remembered when I was little and my Granddad put in front of me a sprig of lavender, a sprig of something else and then something else.

These were herbs that did not grow in the tropical area I grew up in. As he put them on the rock though, before they even touched the rock I had begun to dance with delight.

My Granddad laughed with delight at my happiness. “Old friends, my girl?” he asked and when I shook my head, he tilted his head to the side to ask me, “Then what?” I used to take a thrill in whispering things to Granddad in those days. So I cupped my hands around his ear and whispered to him, “We growned together from before and before.” (Where “growned” is a combination of “grew up together” and “groaned together”.)

Granddad understood me. Whenever he made medicine for me he first put in those energies that my soul recognized – because sparking connection to your soul home land is half the healing taken care of.

There are lots of beautiful herbs and plants in this world that one can use to heal. Zone in on those few herbs which spark your soul connection to Earth (I hear some don’t believe they’re from this planet at all, and even they have herbs they feel connect them to OTHER places!) Our living universe is so big.

Yes, zone in on those herbs that give you soul joy. Forget their “properties” and have them because of how they make you feel connected to your soul home land.

As a child, Granddad did it for me by showing me plants from places he felt might be my soul home land and they lifted my heart and in that way healed me.

These days we have the internet on which we can look at pictures of flowers and herbs from other places. I know it’s not the same thing, but I can tell you, I feel that special heart lifting when I see herbs from my soul homeland.

I believe our soul home land is always trying to re-establish contact with us, just as we’re straining to re-establish contact or remove blocks in the energy flow between. Herbs and flowers are beings of consciousness and will come to as messengers from our soul homeland, as will other messengers, like old memories of places, like an instinctive pull to a place and such.

I can’t be sure what makes a person have that strong connection to one’s soul homeland – but do we really have to analyze everything? For reasons the mind doesn’t always understand, the heart and the soul consider a particular place “home” and being spiritually connected there is vital for our health wherever else we might be in our wanderings.

Perhaps the land wanders, tours the universe, through us.

I often wondered what makes a person lose contact with their soul-homeland in the first place – or have strained connection. I have found that in most cases there’s been a serious shock at some time in their lives; a shock to the energy field such as an emotional shock that upended their entire life view, or a shock to the nervous system as delivered by a drug, or a shock caused by a sudden and drastic removal from one earth field to a very different one.

In every case of energy depression and an upper body versus lower body conflict, especially when there is any sort of problem with the ovaries or testicles (the parts of the body that absolutely depend on earth energy flowing through, for basic fertility and vitality), long term treatment for recovery from hidden shock and trauma is essential.

I have treated very many people and pets for recovery from hidden shock and trauma. You know you’re right when they respond with soul joy.

Look for what brings you soul joy. That thing or activity, will no doubt support connection to soul homeland.

Herbs for Various Aspects of Recovery from Shock 

And now I leave you with a picture of a dog doing the right thing by his soul.

Felix –  More pictures of the boss

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