Trauma Miasma and Infectious Diseases

What is a Miasma? How does Trauma spread? What makes us susceptible to catching trauma? What stops the spread of miasmas? How can we protect ourselves from miasmas?

Dear Ed,

I wish I weren’t an expert on trauma miasmas. I wish I hadn’t found out the way I did, the truth about trauma hormones being used to induce particular types of illness patterns in people.

But I did, Ed and I do know more about it than anyone else I know. We’re being exposed to trauma miasmas on such a huge level everyday that it would be positively criminal not to publish information on it at this time.

I’ll try to be as short as possible.

A miasma is a pattern of symptoms or functioning or life experience of a person that the medical establishment accepts as proof of a disease or condition.

For example, if you have a fever, cough, sore throat, it’s the miasma that’s called the Flu. If you have a headache every night, weakness, diarrhea, fever, there’s a good chance you have the miasma called typhoid.

Previous to about the 1800s these miasmas hadn’t been compiled and named yet. When you read old literature, you find people dying of acute old age symptoms, of injuries to the body where critical organs were wounded beyond the ability of the body to heal quickly enough, and people dying because of sudden “pestilence” or spiritual causes that afflicted bodies so quickly and suddenly that people died enmasse.

These seemed to have stopped being the once in centuries, famous events they used to be, and became very regular through the 1800s. So regular that they became written about, their symptoms gathered and names given to them. At any given time there were people in the population going through them.

The VAST majority of long term conditions today, Ed, are not caused by physical injury or diet, or aging. They are caused by trauma miasmas.

This is not revealed to the public as this information will stop people investing in the trauma miasma by constantly taking medical treatments that reinforce the miasma instead of healing it. The pharma industry does not want to lose its business.

Take arthritis for example. The symptoms are joint pain, swollen joints and the lessening of the synovial fluid between the bones of the joint, so the joint isn’t lubricated enough. This causes bones to push and touch each other painfully.

When the weather is damp, the pains increase. In the cold, the pains increase. Often the arthritis “spreads” from one joint to the other sometimes taking over the whole body crippling the person or animal.

The medical treatment for arthritis just alleviates the pain and discomfort for a while. You start needing to take higher and higher doses to get by.

Herbal treatment for arthritis is better, in that once the pain relief has happened, the contact with the joyful living energy of the herb inspires the person to consciously or subconsciously come out of the trauma miasma of arthritis and this inspires his or her body to start balancing and healing itself.

The CAUSE of arthritis however is not known. Some say it’s diet. Some say it’s “Stress”.

A fascinating clue turns up in the fact that while there is NO arthritis in the wild, and none recorded in pets until recently, in our times dogs, and mostly German Shepherd dogs have it a lot

Beautiful German Shepherd Picture Source

Somehow arthritis spread from humans to dogs and the German Shepherd breed got it the worst. It’s so bad that it’s now almost a guarantee that a GSD will experience arthritis as a part of aging.

You don’t understand this kind of thing until you understand how trauma miasmas work.

The very existence of soul and spirit and the memory of these has been denied by modern medicine, while these were even in the late 1800s a primary consideration of physicians while treating people.

This is very important because if you remove soul, spirit, energy from the picture, all we have left is a biological machine.

Trying to understand any illness then, is the equivalent of trying to understand the route a car is taking, while denying that there’s a human driving or directing it.

It’s like saying, “The wheels are now turning to the left. The speed has increased. The speed has decreased. The left brake is now down. The right brake is now down.”

Imagine treating the car by forcing the left brake to go back up, and manually turning the wheels to point in the other direction.

But now imagine understanding that the car is an instrument of transport and the person driving it has intention of getting somewhere and that is why the car is going faster or slower. The driver is a good driver or a bad one. He’s nervous, or not. She’s reckless, or in a hurry. She’s not interested or she’s fearful. He’s terrified, lost his nerve and that’s what’s crashed the car.

You see what I mean?

We can’t understand a thing about our bodies for real so long as we deny the role of the soul and spirit.

Trauma and illness are actually the same thing.

When the soul isn’t feeling well, the body reflects that in illness. It’s that simple.

When you have a particular sort of trauma, you have a particular sort of manifestation of it.

If you spread that trauma, you spread the manifestation of it. You have an “infectious disease” there.

Those who are vulnerable and catch the trauma, catch the disease. Those who aren’t, don’t.

We’re lied to about how the spread happens. That there are molecules in the air that crash into us and spread the disease. It’s just not true. If that were true, we would all be dead right now.

The spreading diseases spread through trauma.

How do Trauma Miasmas spread? What makes us susceptible to them?

I recently came across this man. He’s in his 50s I believe, pretty healthy. He’s been holding out through the “pandemic” with not a problem whatsoever. He went out with childhood friends though about a week ago, friends who had both tested positive for you-know-what, gotten jabbed and `now suffering the life altering side effects of those.

After he got home, he found himself itchy and discovered he had shingles type lesions. A doctor confirmed he’d got the shingles.

The question he had was, how come he hadn’t got anything from anyone else these past two years. Why was it those two childhood friends he caught not even what they had but what was supposed to be “going around” from?

The answer is, we catch trauma patterns from those we identify with. When you’re a child and you’re sitting with your friends, you’re a part of the “we”. If it’s good weather you all enjoy it together. If the teacher is in a good mood or bad mood, you’re affected together. You go through the exam blues at the same time, you go through the highs of sports day and holidays together. You become emotionally and energetically attuned to each other. If one of you is feeling sad, the mood can catch on. It’s just how we humans are made.

This is why our pets have begun to carry our trauma miasmas too. The attuning between us.

What stops trauma spreading and how can we protect ourselves?

What stops a trauma field is when we mix with others not exposed to it. Contrary to what we’re told, moving and mixing with large numbers of people from various different backgrounds is what ends the spread “infectious diseases”.

What spreads them is when people are restricted to an area and forced to attune to each other’s trauma without the healthy influence and “airing” of those outside that trauma field.

To NOT catch a trauma, is rather simple. We maintain our emotional fidelity to our own soul.

In various cultures, Ed, people have been trained to experience emotions together. This is not normal. What’s normal is people actually experiencing real joy together or real sorrow. You can’t catch anything when you’re experiencing what you yourself, your own soul is experiencing.

But it’s not natural when you feel an emotion that’s not yours but the crowd’s or the family’s. We don’t have that naturally, but several cultures have developed that and it’s even generational now, to experience emotions, or second hand emotion.

I was the queen of second hand emotion Ed. I thought I was being empathetic. I’d feel people’s pain more than they did. I would later feel like an ass because I’d find out that they hadn’t really felt as bad as I had for them. I’d put myself in their place and imagined that had happened to me, and woah, I’d just experience such horrific sorrow. They’d be well into another relationship while I was crying about how bad they’d felt when the previous one broke.

God knows where I picked that habit up from but it emotionally and energetically devastated me.

There was this missionary, who I used to pray for and support a lot. This missionary had several traumas and I felt them all. He then went to another country to preach, had food poisoning there and nearly died. Here, I began to experience similar symptoms. This was noticed by several people at the time as it was so odd. One moment I was totally fine and the next moment I was nearly swooning on the floor. It became quite spoken of because so many people had witnessed it. When the missionary returned it was found out that that had happened to me the same time he’d been food poisoned.

This incident mystified me. I couldn’t believe the whole “God did it” story. I couldn’t understand why God would make me go through something like that just to make me pray or something. God is not sadistic.

Only later I began to understand how second hand trauma or pain can cause the same set of symptoms to happen to another person.

Over the years I got out of the habit of experiencing second hand trauma and my health and life got so much better.

The circles in which I grew up, they’d ostracize you if you didn’t join in the trauma, so I’d developed the habit to try and fit in. It never really worked because I’d have sudden bursts of clarity and spoil everything.

I became seen as a nasty person after that, because if I didn’t myself feel something, whatever it was, I wouldn’t participate in the “emotion”. If for example, everyone was cheering for a sports team, if I wasn’t impressed I wouldn’t cheer.

I began to be insulated from media dramas where they tell you how to feel about which tragedies.

So you see, the number #1 protection from catching trauma miasmas is keeping emotional clear for yourself and not getting sucked into whirlpools of emotion.

Emotional integrity sets you up for a lifetime of robust health as the majority of all diseases in our times are trauma miasma based.

The Path to Emotional Integrity

Everyone’s got their own path to emotional integrity, Ed. I was so afraid to even “feel” what I wasn’t “supposed” to feel that it took years and years of telling myself it’s OK to feel what I really feel. I wrote diaries, drew things. I began to act on my own emotions and feelings thereby encouraging myself to be more expressive. I’m still very private and introvert but at least I live my own emotional life now. Emotional slavery is a thing isn’t it.

I’ve been massively helped by herbs in my journey to emotional independence, Ed.

I saw this picture once, of a flower, growing all alone in a hidden place at a high altitude where very little else grows. A flower is a feeling Ed, and it stunned me that where there was no one to see, here was a little one with the integrity of spirit to feel what she or he was feeling and express it fully. Not for reward, not to fit in, but because it was what she was experiencing.

The flower was Spikenard, Ed, and she became my special angel in learning to feel what I feel and honor it and act on it. I wrote about her – Do not try to control Spikenard; Energy Releasing Deep Healer

Other herbs have helped me so much too.
Larkspur or Staphsagriya has helped me exhume blocks to intense emotion, often rage or suppressed passion.
Mugwort has helped me keep my head through bitter experiences where there was the chance of falling into old patterns of trauma emotions.
Monotropa Uniflora or Ghostpipes helped me be aware of the core of my feelings instead of getting caught up in superfluity.
Poppy has given me clarity on days when I was in such a swirl with so many things happening all at once and all affecting me emotionally.

Once we decide to correct some pattern of us, or heal from something, Ed, our angels in various forms come find us to help us. The information we need comes to us. We need only be bold and fearless and accept our own soul leading.

Hidden Flower Picture Source

I will tell you more about Miasmas, Ed, the different kinds of Trauma miasmas, another time.

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