Vibrational Assault on the Liver – Signs and Herbs for Recovery

The liver’s work with frequency; Symptoms of Vibrational Assault on the Liver; Becoming allergic to one thing after another; Herbs for Recovery from Liver Trauma; Miasmatic Warfare; Liver Trauma caused by traumatic weaning off mother’s milk

Dear Ed,

Back in the day when Granddad was in the British Army, looking after horses, nearly all health problems were seen as aspects of liver weakness, damage, function and so on. Any sort of long term health support was rated as valuable or not on the basis of how much it supported the liver.

When I asked Granddad, how come, he said that back then, the difference between the armies of one country and another, was the ability of its soldiers and horses to adapt to different climates and foods. It is the liver that must adapt to make life possible in changed situations. Victory or defeat; life or death depended on the state of the army’s livers.

Now, in our modern times, all food is broken and classified according to its physical components. Rice, wheat, grains are all classified as carbohydrates. Meat, fish, eggs and so on as protein. Everything is about the physical components.

Decades of ‘eating healthy’ according the physical composition of foods has resulted in failure.

This is simply because foods are not just their physical attributes, but their vibrational.

In older times this was a known and respected reality. The storage of food was a big deal because it was well known that the storage affected the vibration of the food or drink, sometimes being the difference between poison and medicine.

But that is just one aspect of the vibrational qualities of food and water. I only mentioned it to show you how very aware people were of vibrational quality.

More important, were the subtler chemicals that affected the body on hormonal, electric and etheric levels. These have been blanked out of modern science. Why? I will leave that to you to work out. But they HAVE been left out of modern science, and the common human being is now without defence and at the mercy of vibrational assault and doesn’t even know when it’s happening.

Symptoms of Vibrational Assault on the Liver – Coming through food and drink

Mild – Recurring

  • Eye and vision problems, inability to focus
  • Wounds taking a very long time to heal
  • Swollen toes and fingers
  • Weak and brittle hair
  • Swollen anything
  • Recurrent gum, tooth and throat infections (laryngitis for example)
  • Peeling skin
  • Tinnitus and Hearing Hypersensitivity (Also read –Ear recovery from Vibrational Assault)
  • All manner of chronic recurring skin infections

Now, this means the carrier of the assault into our bodies is something we have regularly and most people already know what those substances are, and call them allergens. We find that not eating those foods keeps the annoying symptoms away.

However, it is sad but true, that very often, because we don’t understand how vibrational assault works, we don’t realize that stopping one carrier of vibrational assault, could make our system, assign that value to something else we eat regularly and so that other thing becomes our trigger. Soon there’s nothing left to eat or drink.

I feel, Ed, that this is something SO SO IMPORTANT to understand.

Now if someone in your gene pool is eating the same as you, but they don’t have an allergic reaction to it, but you do, it means that intrinsically that substance is alright, but you have a vulnerability to it. I would call such a food or drink, an “assigned assaulter.”

Let me explain it in terms of physical assault by an abuser. Let’s say a child is beat up in early childhood by a school bully. The bully goes away the next year. But the child still has panic attacks every time he sees someone wearing a big red coat.

As the years go by, big red coats go out of fashion, but the child now grown up still carries the old trauma. So now the child reassigns the assault value of the big red coat, to any coat with a zipper.

You see how this goes? Eventually the child is sitting down broken and wondering what is it about zippers (or some other obscure thing) that distracts him and makes him break out into hives.

So essentially, what I’m saying it, a lot of our allergens and triggers of liver based reactions are not because of that one substance, but because of its association in our psyche with trauma and abuse in the past, and not any old trauma or abuse, but something that directly and seriously attacked our liver.

Symptoms of Acute Vibrational Assault on the Liver

Vibrational assault on the body is when the cells of the body are forced to vibrate at a frequency not triggered or supported by the soul.

The nervous system reflects the changed frequency at first. The organs and glands of the body respond to this change immediately. They stop whatever they’re doing and recalibrate immediately to the nervous frequency.

For example, if an organ was say, making hormones for the growth of a child’s bones, it will pause that work and instead make distress hormones or whichever hormones are required according to the new frequency.

When the frequency changes or comes back to normal, the organs and glands go back to their previous work. But now there are all these hormones circulating in the blood that have no use anywhere.

Guess whose job it is to clean up the mess! The liver.

So not only did the liver, like all the other organs disrupt its working schedule for the frequency change, it also now has the monumental task of cleaning up.

If you look into it, Ed, you’d be shocked at the overwhelming amount of debris in the body after a vibrational assault; the sheer physical result of something mainstream science doesn’t acknowledge as happening – outside of controlled radiation in a lab to break down tumors of course, or a chemical that induces a vibration assault on the womb so violent, it causes the uterus to contract so violently that any baby inside is killed and thrown out. Then it’s allowed to be happening.

You see Ed, we, and not just humans but our pets and all animals in programs where they’re exposed to “medical intervention” and things like tracking collars and microchipping, are constantly exposed to vibrational assault. And that’s not including the emotional and other life triggers of stress which also are mostly vibrational assault in our times.

The debris left over in the body gets so much that at some point the liver just decides to ignore some (cancers, tumors etc) and violently react to some because it reminds us of huge incidents of assault in the past.

A thing I have noticed Ed, over and over through the years, that the body will classify a substance as poisonous if it came to us, from or through evil intention. I didn’t write about it before because it sort of fell in the “magic” category, but over the past year or two, I’ve come across so many people talking openly about it, and it shows how human awareness has grown, of how intention affects us. So I’m talking about it openly now.

And high time too, because even more than the physical, our bodies respond to intention; our primal intelligence aid to making the right moves in life. We don’t want to be friends with someone who wants us torn down and humiliated, do we? We don’t want to share our meals with someone who wants us dead or in pain or devastated, do we?

Our liver uses our instinct to classify not just the food and drink that goes into our body, but also the frequencies we are exposed to. To the liver, it is all frequency one way or another.

And the liver keeps record of all the instances where it was overloaded and traumatized and through which channels the attack came, whether that’s food, a presence, a sort of sound vibration... Remember Ed, this is not an inert machine we’re talking about. This is a powerful consciousness sensitive recorder of events, a spirit manifestation with no less ability than the brain itself. It keeps records.

And the liver communicates loud and clear as well.

The signs therefore of Acute Vibrational Assault on the Liver are:

  • Vomiting
  • Face and head pain
  • Hands and Feet pain
  • Sweating profusely -a different pattern than usual
  • Liver infection and inflammation (Note that liver damage and failure are the result of sustained recurring vibrational assault while inflammation and infection are more of reaction in the moment to an acute vibrational assault.)
  • All the symptoms of blood poisoning; even though the delivery of the assault came through non chemical or non food/ drink means. A lot of people become allergic to foods simply because those were what they were eating or drinking when they were attacked emotionally or energetically.
  • Numbness and loss of sensation in the feet, hands and face
  • Hair loss
  • Skin breakouts

I could go on and on, but Ed, I’ve decided my calling is not to document things so much as communicate the awareness. Because I’m not writing for robots, but living beings. My awareness will wake up your awareness and that’s what matters.

But now you get the general picture, let me get straight on to how to deal with situation.

Liver Recovery from Vibrational Assault

As I write this Ed, I am thinking not just of humans, but all the pets I’ve treated over the years with stressed livers.

Recovery from vibrational assault, comes with all the usual liver treatment herbs, Milk thistle and Dandelion for example. They heal the liver BECAUSE they support recovery from vibrational assault. Their healing abilities are well documented already.

But what I want to write about, Ed, triggered by herbs I saw on Gabriel and my walk out yesterday, is:

Herbs for Recovery of Liver Trauma; Healing of Memory and Associations of substances with trauma; Recovery of normal frequency after long term assault


The time Gabriel was born I had this beautiful bowl of wheatgrass. It was cold weather but I was so cheered up just looking at this. Having wheatgrass growing around, increases quality of life so much. It has to be experienced!

One simple way to normalize the frequency of the body and the liver is wheatgrass. It just is one of the most resilient beings, frequency wise, and it will go through our body maintaining that frequency, despite going through our bodies! It’s like a bird which will sing her song of bliss and happiness no matter what the weather around. Because that’s her.

Wheatgrass inspires that in us, on a primal level and it’s healing on every level.

Wheatgrass is available for juicing, wheatgrass powder is available most everywhere. Too much is not required. Just a little is enough. We’re working with frequency and memory here, we don’t need to drown ourselves in ANYTHING.

Comfrey or Symphytum Officinale

Comfrey - Symphytum Officinale
Comfrey – Symphytum Officinale

You know, Ed, Comfrey has bad press for being toxic to the liver! Just about every other thing is toxic to the liver if overdone, but it really made me look up when I read that about Comfrey. Because Comfrey is a specific healer of some of the worst liver problems that stem from repeat substance abuse, and long term vibrational assault; where the energy body is so splintered and broken up, that organs are each functioning in different frequencies

The heart is pumping out blood in one frequency, the organs are each in another and the blood is a highway of debris and hormones the liver has to sift though with these confused signals.

Comfrey is a complex energy field. An architectural marvel of nature. Its energy field is very much like the structure of our bone cells. That’s interesting because one of its folk names has been “boneset” and it’s the traditional remedy for wounds deep to the bone and bone injury.

Not much is widely known however about how, used internally in very small doses, it is a potent liver regeneration agent, a uniter of a body that is vibrating according to different frequencies in different parts. 

I wrote an article about it Ed, some years ago, I can’t remember where it is now. About how I find that sometimes our bodies have different parts in different times. It’s like if you travel through the country and you come to a town which is still in the 1800s. I don’t mean pretending to be, but actually still is, in the 1800s. And the next in 400BC, and the next in 2000AD.

How would commerce and basic things like postal communication function smooth if the towns are all in different times? How could that country function?

We however, manage to function after severe vibrational assault that causes that sort of splintering of frequency in us, choosing to be in one frequency with those characteristics for one activity and then another for another. This causes immense fatigue and over time the body weakens into all kinds of functional problems.

Comfrey in small doses, the more diluted the better, taken regularly over time, influences the body to unite into a common frequency, and helps the liver relax more, heal.

Heather – Calluna Vulgaris

Soul Memory and beautiful pics of Heather

I’ve written a lot about Heather, one of my Granddad’s favorite herbs, because it grew all over the place of his childhood, in the Hebrides islands of Scotland. He had relationships with particular heather plants growing in his favorite places to sit in as a boy, and year after year, a new plant coming up from the ground in place of the old one, would grow in the exact pattern his child hands had played the old one into.

The new plant was carrying on the memory and love of the older one. How beautiful is that!

The thing about Heather is, and why it’s a powerful aid for recovery from vibrational assault in general, is because inspires re-connection to cell memory.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about miasmatic warfare, Ed. It’s when a person or population is attacked with psychic suggestion (carried through substances, artificial rainfall, water in the public water system, television and other media programs) that they have or will get a particular miasm or pattern of illness. This causes large parts of the population, programmed now to react to something by manifesting those symptoms, according to the suggestion. 

Here’s a picture from a book from the 1800s.

This is the full drawing, showing soldiers pumping something out from a drum of liquid, to contraptions that are spraying it into the clouds.
Zoom in the top of the picture, and you see that the liquid is being sprayed into the clouds by these machines.
Zoom into the bottom of the drawing and it says on the drum of liquid “Typhus” and in French (it’s a french book) “Miasmatic Artillery”. That’s the set of symptoms associated with Typhoid fever, which we’re told we get through eating foods with salmonella poisoning.
At the very bottom of the picture it show a “Torpedo of Infection” and a chest with”Corps of Medical Offense” on it.

Now this could all be an allegory, but the fact is that throughout history warfare, population control, suppression of population, sterilization and such have been done through miasmatic means, often delivered via “authority” or “official” means.

The good news, is that miasmatic warfare is basically psychic suggestion delivered through trauma induction and if we learn to deal with vibrational assault and build resistance we only become stronger.

The main reason the liver and the body in general hold on to trauma patterns is because the cause of the trauma, or the identity has not been brought to awareness . The person is still behaving like the assault didn’t happen. The substance which carried the assault is still part of everyday diet. The person seems to have blocked out the memory or not been aware in the first place that there even was an assault.

Heather inspires the body, the liver, to hold its own memory, and use its own memory in its functioning.


I don’t drink coffee very often. But when I do I like to look at Wozlion meditating on sweet things, sitting on an orange cushion, in the middle of all the chaos of life.

It’s surprising isn’t it, Ed? But REAL coffee, ie., the actual coffee bean, is medicine first and beverage later. It is SO not famous for being good for the liver, because the processed instant type is anything but. But REAL coffee taken in decent quantities, according to the person’s natural instinct, is a huge tension reliever for the liver.

My favorite coffee company of all time – they roast the beans of your choice FRESH when you order!! They’ve been advertising this Father’s day basket on Facebook and making me think about my wonderful Dad, Patrick, and Gabriel’s dad, the most wonderful man in the world.

But getting back to coffee. 

The simple energetic influence of coffee, is focusing of intention. This is a big help for the liver whose job depends almost entirely on focusing of intention. It’s like when you’ve got a whole pile of clothes, or books, or whatever to sift through. Unless you have a clear plan – what do you want to do, and on the basis of that which sort do you want to keep and which do you want to toss away; you’ll just feel overwhelmed and confused and then tired. 

The very smell of coffee begins to influence the body towards focus on intention. It should be a big part of aromatherapy! Immediately the liver begins to focus and relax. 


I could go on and on, Ed. But those four herbs represent the four things one needs to do to rehabilitate the liver from trauma and vibrational assault:

Come down to earth frequency – Wheatgrass 
Unite the various parts of the body – Comfrey
Bring up primal memory  – Heather 
Focus on intention – Coffee 

There is one thing I would like to add here. 

There is one thing I have found common to most people with severely hyper-reactive livers. It’s that they were not breastfed at all, or their mother’s milk was suddenly stopped ie., the weaning was not gradual and easy but traumatic for them, and their liver suddenly exposed to other nutrition; or their mother went through a crisis or extreme stress while breastfeeding them.

It seems the trauma at that early developmental stage of the liver leaves its scars with the person finding it finding it very difficult when they have to adapt to a new diet. Every time they are in a new environment, they seem to take years and years and years to begin to adapt, and then they move again.

So it often happens that the last time they were healthy was in their childhoods, before they left home, for the first time. They just never adapted to other diets – or energies. 

They also tend to need a lot of dairy based food but are also allergic at the same time. 

The first line of treatment in such a situation is to establish some sort of stable diet. The person is usually attracted to foods from every continent and changes their diet every other week believing that to be better. So the first thing to do is get some sort of stability in the diet. This will comfort the liver no end. 

The second is to make peace with dairy. Stop hating it or stop loving it. Whatever the heart wants, that’s the right thing. Just end the conflict.

Like Jerry Lee Lewis. His wife goes (him in tow) to this gospel meeting and gives her life to Jesus, crying at the altar there. And the preacher just happens to be Jerry’s cousin, Jimmy Swaggart. And Jimmy’s position was, “If you give your life to Jesus, you got to stop playing the devil’s music (all non religious music was devil’s music back then).

And the whole church is looking at Jerry. His wife is sobbing her heart out kneeling at the altar in a paroxysm of emotion. The whole church is looking at him. Such tension crackles in the air. Jerry looks at his cousin the preacher and he remembers what it means if goes and kneels by his wife at the altar. It means he won’t be able to play the piano the way he likes to (Great Balls of Fire), not without guilt and shame anyway. 

So he says,

“If I’m going to hell, I’m going there playing the piano..”

He turns on his heel and walks out the church. 

That’s how it’s done. Make up your mind. Spit it out. Turn on your heel and walk straight to what you want, hell or heaven. 

The third thing to do is to take liver rehabilitation herbs. The ones mentioned above especially, and long term, because it’s going to take the liver a long time to change patterns it grew up with.

We just have to make a fresh childhood for our liver again.

Granddad told me something sweet, Ed. He said, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” I find that having our childhood again heals everything. 

And now I leave you with some devil’s music. 😉  Narcotic piano by Jerry Lee Lewis.

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