Vibrational War & Arnica for Energy Body Pain

The war waged on our vibration sensitive energy bodies, the importance of energy body awareness, 3 simple exercises and Arnica Montana my No. 1 energy body pain reliever

Ed; War is being waged through vibration on our systems while we are denied awareness of our bio-energy bodies lest we learn to defend ourselves. 

Being aware our energy bodies is not an option anymore. We cannot get through the current climate of vibrational attack without becoming aware of how our bodies are being affected on a vibrational levels and learning to protect and defend ourselves.

A lot of today’s drugs are extremely harmful vibrationally. They change the frequency of the nervous system and energy body so suddenly and drastically as to create energy body shock that can take forever to heal from.

Our waking awareness has been deliberately manipulated to distract us with a whole lot of unnecessary information on our biologically measurable parts. Every other person is an expert on nutrition and the physical pathology of body. But it is all just the science of a corpse until the processes of life energy are seen as generating and managing life in the physical body.

If the media were to stop all mention of an organ of the body that didn’t throw itself in our faces all the time – say the liver – for a few years, soon people would lose awareness of its existence even. It could slowly be dropped out of biology textbooks and soon be no longer a factor in treating the body. Most symptoms of problems of the liver could be relegated to problems with other organs and systems.

That’s what’s happened with the human energy body. By removing the energy body from medical studies (whereas once it was THE CORE part of human healing systems), the public has been trained to not even be aware of it.

This has exposed us to violence on a level unprecedented. Unable to speak out about where exactly it hurts and unable to understand why, humans everywhere have suffered incredible pain, debilitating conditions, sadness and suffering because of the effect of vibrational violence.

When dogs suffer vibrational attack – such as delivered by drugs and vaccinations that shatter their energy body and with it their body odor and hormonal patterns, their relationships with each other take a terrible blow as they stop  recognizing each other on a primal level. They’re dependent on each others’ body odor for primal recognition.

The same thing is true for humans. Drugs, vaccinations and other forms of energy body violence, can shatter our body and make us unable to primally recognize one another, causing immense strain on relationships.

At the same time, we become vulnerable to those who come around carrying stolen patterns of energy bodies. This isn’t crazy conspiracy theory stuff. That the perfume industry as well as several other industries use human and animal hormone signalling in their products is well known. There’s never been a time when they didn’t. This causes us to attract and have the wrong people for us in our lives.

The effects of vibrational violence in our lives go so far and so deep.

There isn’t just one magical fix. The only thing to do is develop awareness of our energy body and begin to take action to deal with that which hurts us.

Here are 3 simple exercises to become aware of your energy body:

I do these when I’m standing at the stove in the kitchen waiting for food to heat up and such.

When we become aware of our energy fields, we automatically start balancing it out. As we do, our various physical, emotional and mental imbalances fall into place.

These are simple, however, when you do them often and regularly enough (at least once a day) they will change the way your body works and the way you live. You need to try them to believe them.

1) Stand still with your eyes closed, feet firmly on the ground, hands hanging down limp. Just stand still for as long as you can.

In the beginning you might feel like you are ‘in your head’ or mostly in your uper body. Allow yourself to feel the feel of the floor beneath and enjoy that. Your energy field will slowly balance itself to become how it was childhood.

Such is the power of simply standing still, doing nothing thinking nothing, that the ancients, all over the world have left innumerable examples in art and sculpture of people simply standing.

When we are standing still, (or lying down straight in a symmetrical position), we begin to balance our entire energy body automatically. Imagine the healing that can happen if we do this regularly enough, and get into the habit of becoming aware of our own bodies and posture.

If you can’t stand still, lie down still and play dead. It’s amazing.

2) Raise your body up onto your toes and then fall back onto your heels with a thump.

Then go up again and thump back down again gently. Do this again and again, with your back straight and your shoulders straight. Every time you thump back down onto your heels you will feel the vibration going up your body, to your head and into the space (or energy field) above. Enjoy the vibrations and you’ll begin to sense the whole energy field.

3) Stand on one leg at a time, bending the other back so the sole of the foot is facing up behind you.

Even though your other foot is not touching the floor you will feel that some part of it still is.

You might remember doing it instinctively as a child. Most humans do.

Black Oyster Catcher comfortable on one leg, at Coon Creek Beach – Picture Source
Many aboriginal peoples of the world stood on one leg frequently, not just alone but even in groups. This is a scene from the movie “Walkabout” 1963 – showing an Australian aboriginal. 

There’s almost no illness energy field awareness cannot cure because it provides the one basic thing the body needs to heal from anything – energy.

Other simple ways to radically increase energy field awareness are;
Walking with your eyes closed (in a safe area of course)
Walking backwards

Most forms of dance and exercise, especially Yoga, have as their ultimate aim, energy field awareness. This is because unless we become aware of our energy fields we cannot really control our limbs, body, mind, or breathing.

My Top 3 Herbs for Energy Body Pain are Arnica, Datura and Oleander.

I’ve already written about Datura and Oleander, so I decided to write about Arnica today.

Arnica Montana has been famous as a painkiller for use in times of sprains, muscle aches and such. However, in its diluted forms such as you might yourself or could find in a homeopathic store, it is a powerful energy body pain reliever.

Arnica 1 M – which means Arnica diluted a thousand times (!) is one of my most favorite medicines because the more you dilute a herb the more its energy body effect increases.

Conditions caused by acute vibrational attack such as intense artificial radiation, vaccination, intense emotional or spiritual devastation, are helped immediately by Arnica 1 M.


In the days I was first introduced to the energy field of Arnica, I had a waking dream. I was walking in a forest when I heard a flower sobbing. I was intensely moved and searched for the crying flower. I found it in the undergrowth and saw it was indeed sobbing, even groaning.

“My darling,” I asked it, “What has caused you such pain?” The flower said to me, “It’s not my pain I’m crying for, it’s yours. I sensed it as you came by.”

As the flower said it, I could see her beauty as she faced my pain without changing her view of me or herself! Hers was not a view of pity but she saw me as nothing lesser of a person, because of my pain. She didn’t consider my potential reduced by my pain, she didn’t consider me weaker or being a defeated person. She saw all my glory as a living being, in the same moment as she saw my pain.

That’s Arnica for you. She who maintains the reality of the glory of you while facing the pain.

Find a form of Arnica that works for you, put it in your body lotion if you suffer from chronic pain or are recovering from a shock such as emotional or surgery or radiotherapy or chemo or vaccination. Carry a bit of Arnica mother tincture in a little bottle with you if you’re prone to sudden pain in public places or around strong energy fields such as mobile or electric poles. The same for when you know the chances of an emotional pain are high (one man said to me, “You mean weddings, funerals and family reunions?” LOL).

Hold Arnica’s hand and face your pain.

And now I leave you with two examples of ancient sculpture from Ercolano, Italy that show how central energy body awareness was to all ancient healing systems.  Modern medicine descended from this legacy, took on the caduceus – the symbol of two serpents representing the two polarities of our energy body – male and female wound together in harmony.

The symbol of the intertwined serpents are all over the ancient world, I’m just sharing these because I found them while writing this article.


Very precise Medicine Man!  – Picture Source
Baby Angel holding actual serpents mating! – Picture Source

(Note: The World Health Organization dropped the female serpent out of the picture on its logo. That says it all, doesn’t it?)

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