Who is Robert McDowell?


Robert McDowell, registered Herbal Medicine Practitioner, makes treatments for people, dogs, horses, cats.

Robert McDowell is a registered herbalist who entered full-time herbal practice in 1985, and, in 1991, as a result of requests from horse and dog owners, expanded the practice to include animals. He trained with Dorothy Hall in Sydney, then moved his practice to Bathurst, NSW and recently moved to Metung on the East Gippsland lakes of Victoria.

In the nineties, Robert McDowell began offering consultation and herbal treatments for people and animals over the internet, phone and fax resulting in him touching the homes and lives of thousands world over.

Robert McDowell has been known for his unique view-point of the causes of illness and imbalance in the body and his original and effective herbal recipes. Raising vitality and supporting natural immunity are the basis of every herbal treatment he prepares.

Robert’s book ‘Herbal Horsekeeping’ was published in 2003 and has received 5 star reviews on various channels.

Robert McDowell's Herbal Horsekeeping

Click here for more about Herbal Horsekeeping, the book.



Robert Alexander McDowell III was born in 1945 in Kaiapoi, New Zealand the first son of the local GP Robert Alexander McDowell II and his wife Barbara. Robert has an older sister Helen who lives in NZ and younger brother Max who lives in New York.  Robert has 1 daughter and 5 sons and four grandchildren.

Robert with his grandson Louis


Robert began his business career while still a student at Shirley Boys High School Christchurch.  He negotiated a contract with Woolworth’s supermarket chain to supply bundles of Lily of the Valley plants wrapped in Sphagnum moss.

Robert employed his school friends to deliver pamphlets around Christchurch to find plants and to pack the plants. He continued this business throughout high school years until he went to University to qualify for an engineering degree.

Robert was Surf-Ski Champion, 1963, at the Waimairi Surf Club

When Robert first went to Dunedin he and a friend  tried to retrieve a surfer who had been attacked by a Shark, and they were awarded the George Medal for bravery..

Robert McDowell, Herbalist being interviewed about his winning the George Medal for bravery.
Robert McDowell, Herbalist being interviewed about his winning the George Medal for bravery.

At Dunedin University he studied Mining Engineering (B.Sc Hons) and a (B.Com)in Management.



Robert obtained his pilot’s licence in New Zealand, and he took up the sport of Hang Gliding in Peru.  When he returned to Australia he loved windsurfing and sailing in his 45’ Catamaran named Oamaru,which he had built and for diving on the Barrier Reef and for long distance cruising.  He sailed to New Zealand twice and also built a Lancair home built Aircraft,in the 80’s,which he used for business and for pleasure.



Mining Engineer

Robert’s goals were to travel overseas and learn a foreign language and he was able to realize these goals when at 23 he secured a job with an American Mining Company (Marcona Mining) in Peru, and learned to speak Spanish fluently.

He worked for a number of other mining companies in Australia, Africa and South America provided enough experience for him to be offered a position by the World Bank where he was based in Washington and worked assessing/reporting on mining projects throughout the world.


Retail Tile Supplier, Renovator, Manufacturer

Robert moved to Australia in the early eighties and set up a business called Country Floors in Woollahra, where he and his partners imported Mexican hand painted tiles.  He undertook restoration projects of historic properties and the necessity for pressed metal ceilings led to the creation of Wunderlite Pressed Metal Panels, which became a very successful business.


Herbal Medicine Practitioner

While living in Woollahra, Sydney, Robert studied Herbal Medicine with Herbalist Dorothy Hall. Then he relocated his Wunderlite manufacturing business from Sydney to Bathurst and also his Herbal Medicine Practice.

Robert was the first herbalist in the Central West of NSW.

He established Bathurst Traditional Medicine Centre which produced and supplied the herbal treatments via his website https://herbal-treatments.com.

Robert saw patients at his office called BTMC, Bathurst Traditional Medicine Center in George Street, near the Town Hall, in Bathurst.

Between 2011 and 2016, Robert was in semi-retirement. He spent it wisely, learning to bake from his wife and bringing up alpacas.

Robert’s killer banana bread.
Robert and the Llamas

In 2015 Robert and his wife Anne moved to Victoria for a sea change and now his herbal practice has a wonderful view of the East Gippsland Lakes and Bass Straight.

Robert with his wife Anne

Today Robert continues to prepare and ship herbal medicine for people and animals around the world from Metung, Victoria.

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