Western Classical Herbal Medicine

Western Classical Herbalism is heir to a tradition going back millennia. There were great men of Greece and antiquity who wrote books with elaborate drawings naming and describing herbs and their uses in resolving illness and disease. They were and are however just the tip of the iceberg.

On the ground, though, it has been every day working men and women who have always looked to, and preserved the knowledge of how to use herbs. This is knowledge that survived the dark ages, that survived wars and the decimation of populations that happened as a result. What we have now is what has survived the sifting and straining of centuries.

Here’s a really old painting (12th Century) showing a man holding the herb Vervain, subduing some sort of scary serpent. Vervain is a nervine – which means a herb that helps calm and support the nervous system – just the thing to help you face challenges calmly and keep your nervous system strong.

On this knowledge, so precious people preserved it sometimes at great risk of their lives, so wonderful it has been part of conversation between neighbors for so long, is based modern orthodox medical tradition. Modern pharmacists are descended from the old classical herbalists who actually made their own medicines.

Herbal extracts like this vintage bottle of Irish Moss for nervous support is what doctors a century ago would prescribe quite respectably to their patients. This tradition of whole extracts is now the domain of classical herbalists.

In our line of herbal medicine, passed on from parent to child, plant material isn’t broken down to separate “active” chemicals from the others which modern medicine doesn’t know the use of.

We make and dispenses medicine in the traditional way – whole herbs extracted into mankind’s oldest known carriers of valuable plant matter – alcohol, vinegar and salt, natural preservatives if you will.

The most effective medicines are those which treat the whole human, not just the liver, or the kidneys or the heart. Because we ARE humans and not robots, as are our pets.

We invite you to give our herbal treatments an opportunity to get your and your family and pets a boost towards natural healing. Natural herbal supplements that still taste like themselves can end the downward spiral of deficient nutrition, disrupted metabolism, low energy and baseline depression.

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