7 Year Energy Cycles of the Human Body

John Waltham

A long long time ago a king had a dream about how his country was going to have 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine.

Joseph, the man who interpreted his dream proceeded to manage the resources of the country through 7 years of plenty and then to prosperity unheard of before through the 7 years of famine, selling stored up grain to the surrounding regions which had not saved up food, making the country a super power.

Knowing the times of our body, help us manage our energy and resources and prosper like never before.

The human body goes through 7 year cycles too, except it’s actually a 14 year cycle, because there are 7 years during which the body focuses on storing energy and 7 during which the body focuses on using that stored energy to express dna.

When we’re just born to when we’re 7, a lot of our nutrition and life experience and energy is stored up, some of which will last our entire lifetime. Between 7 and 14, a lot of that stored up energy is used to express what is in our dna and create the adult us. It’s more than just growing bones and gaining height and weight – that sort of expression of dna is happening all the time. This is about hormones, about the shape of us, our fine features, our personality and so on.

During the 7 years when our system focuses on building up stores, we would do well to understand and support ourselves in that.

During the 7 years when our system is expending energy, expressing dna in so many ways, we would do well to go with the flow and support that.

I know this is all rather vague, but if you will just run with the idea of the 7 year phases, find out which one you’re in, and just start supporting yourself in either building up or expressing energy, you’ll find a whole lot of confusing decisions become a lot simpler and the quality of life increases significantly.

Here are the 7 year phases so you can see which one you’re in before you continue reading.

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