Datura (Jimson Weed, Moonflower) for Pain Relief, Emotional Release

I am writing now about a divine being called Datura – I write in eyes-wide-open awe.

There are various species of Datura – Datura Stramonium (jimson weed), Datura Innoxia (pricklyburr) and Datura Metel.

There are wild versions as well that don’t quite fall into a category. It doesn’t matter. The one you have growing nearby or which you can get, is the one you need. Follow instinct for the rest. You can buy the dried plant material, or get a whole plant from a nursery near you, dry it and use it, or order the seeds online and use those as is.

Datura for Pain Relief

Datura is classified as a poison because it has something called ‘scopolomine’. That ‘scopolomine’, the synthetic version at least, is used as a drug in the medical industry.

But the whole plant Datura when used for pain relief works like nothing else. You don’t need it for any old headache though – White Willow extract (Salix Alba), from which aspirin was made, will do a good enough job there. Devil’s claw, St. John’s Wort, Damiana, Scullcap, even Alfalfa (great for pain relief from carpal tunnel syndrome) – all these will work.

But there are times when pain is somewhere deep inside, in the spaces inside the body, where cold is trapped in so even though you’re warm on the outside you feel cold pain inside. Often it is wet and chilly weather on the outside and trapped cold in the body responds to that. Arthritis, rheumatism but also something that many experience as a result of poor calcium absorption caused by the general lack of good quality natural food worldwide for some decades now.

Raw pain – is what it’s most often – rawness, like you need cushioning even though you have enough flesh and fat.

There are emotions involved – so deep you can’t begin to comprehend them, maybe so old you cannot step back there without leaving here and now and the present and losing touch with reality. You ache because you cannot go back.

Datura works for this sort of pain. I do not use it in herbal medicine I make for others to be taken internally, EVER. But in the spirit of adventure, because you’re all big boys and girls reading this (oh my, I hope I’m right about that) I will describe the effects of Datura taken internally.

But first, externally.

How to make and use Datura Oil for Pain Relief

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