Do not try to control Spikenard – Energy Releasing Deep Healer

Spikenard Root
Spikenard Root
Dried Spikenard root ready for extraction.

This amazing herb is called ‘Spikenard’ or ‘True Nard’ in English. Its from the Valerian family and is called ‘Nardostachys Jatamansi’. Once growing all over the earth, in recent centuries it almost went into extinction – found wild only in the higher mountains of asia.

It’s the stuff of legend – a lucky charm, a sacred symbol associated with love (the Song of Solomon in the Bible) and regeneration of dying and lost causes.

I have found it all absolutely true.

There are a handful of herbs that can cure anything given some time – a heal-all, whether the problem is with body or mind, or gut or soul. One of them is Spikenard. When everything else fails, try Spikenard.

It is one of those herbs that affects people differently.

For example, given to children it helps them stay calm in stressful times – like exam-time, and gets their digestive system going. In teenagers it stimulates the production of the sexual hormones so their reproductive system develops properly, a great help for those teens who are stressed out about not developing physically like their peers.

In adults Spikenard supports hormonal re-adjustment to new environments – imagine what that means for people who move house to climates they are not accustomed to!  No matter where you lack energy in your body, Spikenard will cause energy to go just there.

This is also perhaps why it is one of the most difficult herbs to understand. What do you do if a herb that’s supposed to make someone sleep better, actually causes the person to feel more awake?

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