Heal your Body by healing your Emotions – 5 Facts about Emotional Healing

Did you know that our actual physical cells mark just about every experience we go through? Its how lie detectors work – by measuring our body’s physiological response to issues, people and places. Our bodies are the databases of our lives’ experience.

While the physical foods we eat pass through our digestive system and the effects are gone in a few days or weeks, our emotions – happy or sad, angry or peaceful, are not that easily gotten rid off. In fact, our emotions stay until we have acknowledged them and after that they do ‘pass out’ or ‘go away’ – they stay and make a contribution to the rest of our blog for forever. While we cannot really help feeling upset, angry or happy and joyful what we can do is manage our feelings and emotions in such a way as to have them make our blog beautiful rather than glaring and warlike. Beautiful blogs attract people who appreciate beauty. Defensiveness and so on only attract more of the same.

Over the past 15 years my attention has been called repeatedly to noticing and healing the effects of emotions on the physical body. I’ve actually reached a point where I could visit a person’s blog and give you a complete breakdown of their physical well-being and health just by noticing which emotions they express – or try not to express. Emotions really are extremely powerful and if we learn to manage them naturally, there’s a life full of success, joy, and dreams come true waiting ahead.

Now I do not think it necessary to read books and articles and attend workshops about emotional healing really (though all those could be helpful).

Ultimately the following 5 points are the corner-stones of emotional healing, and managing emotions to keep your life peaceful and your body healthy and beautiful.

These are stones the builders usually reject – just because they’re simple!

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