How to help the Heart find it’s own rhythm for holistic healing

How can a heart find its own rhythm again?

How can a heart find its own rhythm again?The HEART is the motor that keeps the blood moving around our bodies. In doing so, it makes the work of every other organ possible.

Blood brings in raw material to the organs and moves out the result of the work of every organ. Blood supplies the hormones that trigger off everything the organs do. What keeps the blood moving is the heart.

When the heart is weak or unstable the blood doesn’t move around properly eventually resulting in all kinds of complications.

Most serious or chronic physical problems are heart problems that haven’t been diagnosed yet.

This is why I include some sort of heart support in just about every treatment I make. Over the years I have found people and animals responding better to other herbs and natural treatments when their heart has been supported through the treatment.

But there is only so far herbs can take you when it comes to the heart. At some point, our little motor needs to find it’s own rhythm and source of life energy or all we have a motor that’s being coaxed into working and that can get tiring.

How can we help the heart find it’s own rhythm?

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