Herbs for Battle – What sort of fighter are you?

There was a General named Valerian! His parents surely knew what they were doing.

This is about help for those make it or break it moments or days, when it’s all about nerves. True, there’s no replacement for the preparation that goes into you before the battle – but that’s another story for another day.

Today the topic is Herbs for Battle.

Everyone thinks GINSENG when it comes to strenuous performance. That’s great if you’re a stud dog or horse or a racer and big money’s gone into transporting you across the world to err… make your Poppa’s village proud.

But for humans, male and female, taking stimulants on battle days is nearly always not a good idea because once the body has been stimulated more than what it can energetically handle, it will swing backwards and go into sluggishness to try and recover.

You don’t want the downswing (unless you really only need to err… make your Poppa’s village proud that one or two times or for a few hours).

The only time you should resort to taking Ginseng, Guarana and other similarly stimulating herbs is when you’re recovering from a very serious accident or surgery or energy drain when the body will use the new energy to heal rather than expend. For example, if you use Ginseng AFTER a marathon that has tired you so much you cannot walk straight, in a sensible little dose, it will help you recover.

The not-very-stimulating but energizing herbs are the ones good for battles. To find out which ones would suit you, we need to find out what sort of fighter you are.

3 questions to get an idea of what sort of fighter you are.

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