Here Tonight, Gone Tomorrow – Night Flowering Plants for Recovery from Shock

Night flowering plants are the super-star healers of the subconscious body and otherwise hard to reach areas.

I started using these plants on instinct for several people who seemed to not benefit from those herbs that usually work for their condition. Most adults in our times have bodies too complicated for the one or two simple herbs that would have solved their problems 30 years ago.

The stress of modern times and the extremities of sensory and emotional upheaval, have made the nervous system and vibrational body the battleground now. We need more and more of treatment of these sensitive and deep parts of us to get the physical body to the point where it can respond to the herbs which support the liver and the kidneys and so on.

A gardener with decades of experience once told me, as he dusted clods of wet earth off his hands, that while he considers most of his plants, his children, he considers the night flowering ones his ancestors.

It made me realize the subtle but strong effect night flowering plants have on the sub-conscious brain – just like our ancestors in our cells. We think our ancestors are dead and gone, but no, they and their lives and the times they lived through, the things they ate, the hormones they release, those patterns and effects stick around in our bodies and psyches influencing us and our lives in powerful ways.

In the same way, the plants that flower in the evenings and nights, besides looking lovely and smelling so beautiful, have effects on our bodies and psyche that are wonderful deep repair of hidden places inside us, especially for one of the most difficult conditions to heal – deep or hidden or inherited shock.

Here are my top 5 favorite night flowering plants for recovery from deep and hidden shock.


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