Hormone Poisoning in Food causes Shock, Anxiety, Depression. First Aid & Recovery

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Things have changed. The products and processed foods we once trusted in, are not the same. The quality of food all over the world – from wheat to meat – have drastically fallen because of unnatural growing processes that involve hormonal interference.

To continue to keep people buying, producers have begun to supplement the products with actual hormones, hormones that cause adrenaline rushes, that fake the ‘effect’ of energy. These hormones, from humans, from fetuses, from animals are invariably filled with stress and shock hormones, and carry the consciousness of stress, trauma and shock, as the processes used to get those hormones are such.

They cause the similar effects in our bodies, so while we think the product still has some ‘energizing’ effect, in fact it’s an adrenaline releasing effect which is unnatural and has consequences.

These are now common in processed foods like cookies and chips, and also in sauces, and flavoring agents used in the restaurant industry.

The effect of having such a product regularly, is the depression that naturally follows the intense experience of adrenaline without proper recovery. Other problems could be blown out of proportion as we experience shock and stress regularly.

To deal with the situation…

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