How to Rehabilitate your Teeth thoroughly – reverse tooth decay, loss of enamel and plaque formation


Herbs for dental health, to reverse tooth decay, loss of enamel and plaque formation

If you look at the teeth in the pic you’ll see I have a bit of my front tooth chipped off. You’ll also see my teeth thin at the edges – recovering from enamel loss. I’ve recovered my teeth from the edge of disaster twice when they got very stressed through the demands of pregnancy, breast-feeding, and several other not-good-for-teeth situations. In this article I’m going to tell you how to do it too – by making some changes to your diet, having some herbs, doing a breathing exercise and getting the marks off your teeth, healing cavities without going to a dentist.

There’s something pregnant women and long term smokers have in common. Their teeth need a lot of care.

This is for two simple reasons – the kidneys and the parathyroid glands. These two work together to regulate what bones and teeth are made of – calcium.

Pregnant women need more calcium than usual because the baby’s bones have to develop. The woman’s kidneys release substances that make them get more calcium from their food AND get calcium from the bones and teeth when required as well. This second bit is what causes a problem – because the teeth actually wear down and could lose enamel, become brittle, even break. Now it’s not all that bad usually, but it can get that bad as the pregnancy progresses.

Weirdly enough, smokers have the same problem, but for a slightly different reason. By ‘smokers’ I mean those who smoke factory made cigarettes – as those actually change or raise blood pressure very quickly, and actually have additives that very simply are toxins. A smoke once in a while cannot really have a long term effect on the system, and there are some cigarettes that do not have drastic blood pressure effects.

But the ones which do, they immediately stress the kidneys, just like a suddenly flooding river stresses the physical structure of a dam. The temperature changes suddenly, the force of the flow changes – and unlike dams our kidneys are not made of concrete but very sensitive tissue.

Add to that, all the other blood pressure messing up habits smokers tend to have – tea, coffee (the processed versions), adrenalized lifestyles, not enough sleep. All this contributes to stressed kidneys and with that stressed parathyroid glands.

There are 3 simple things that have to be done to rehabilitate the body and get the teeth back to healthy

1) Stop what’s causing the problem.
2) Rehabilitate the kidneys and the parathyroid glands.
3) Get the plaque marks off the teeth. Deal with the cavities.

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