Legal herbs that disappear Melanoma, Warts, Skin Tags

Caraf Avnayt - Herbalist

Here’s some picture-proof that you don’t exactly need illegal herbs (unfortunately) like cannabis to get rid of melanomas, warts, skin tags and the like. We recently had a melanoma that had developed over 25 years disappear in a few weeks. The person already hyper-sensitive, was pregnant as well, and could not be given anything but the gentlest herbs. Still, the results were great.

Treating Program for Skin Cancer, spreading Warts with Herbs

You can read more about my herbal treatment program for melanomas and warts spreading here.

Some of our worst problems seem like they can never be solved just because so much time, so many years have gone by without us finding a solution, yet every day somewhere in the world an old old problem is being solved easily enough.

Never give up hope!
Caraf Avnayt

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