Shock Lung – How to Rehabilitate the Lungs from Shock and Trauma

Rehabilitating the Lungs from Shock and Trauma

Rehabilitating the Lungs from Shock and Trauma
Back in the days when soldiers were exposed on the war field to sudden strong vibrational assault from bombs and the like, they would often lose consciousness. The standard procedure was to resuscitate them, get the heart going and then do other things like clean and stitch up wounds and so on. As the soldier recovered however it was noticed that at at time when it looked he was on the mend, his lungs started giving trouble. Breathing became restricted and made it close to impossible for the healing processes that had to continue for them to recover fully from other wounds.

This backsliding of the lungs into trauma was called ‘Shock Lung’ and the medical establishment, unwilling to accept that nervous shock could cause such a powerful physical threat to life long after the moment, it became classified as ‘Acute Pulmonary Distress’ and other such terms and treated as an independently existing condition.

In reality, it has been known to traditional healers that one of the symptoms of shock or trauma is the clenching or cramping up of the lungs. Asthma, bronchitis, fluid in the lungs and lung cavity, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, all are the result of unresolved lung trauma.

There isn’t really anything drastic and sudden than can be done to get the lungs to get back to normal breathing. Full recovery is possible however with gentle consistent re-training to breathe normally and rehabilitating and regenerating the nerves around the lungs and heart.

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