The Hormonal Ups and Downs of Puberty leave their mark. Herbs to Rehabilitate Hormone and Sexual Energy Levels.

When the hormones of puberty hit, boy do they create havoc. A good majority of human adults alive today have symptoms caused by a traumatic transition from childhood to adulthood. This is mostly because the old knowledge of supporting the body and psyche through life changes has been lost and human lifestyle hasn’t been supportive of human life processes for about a century now. A healthy diet, an emotionally balanced environment, enough sleep and waking rest, these are things that have been hard to come by for a while now.

Luckily for us, we have herbs that can help us even in adulthood to get over the effect of the hormonal excesses of the pubescent years. To talk about them in terms of nutrition, would be as insulting as describing a person in terms of their height, weight and fat composition. So I will tell it like it is in reality.

We have 4 major most-popular well proven herbs for hormonal adjustment. Between them they cover almost any problem resulting from the chaos of our hormones from birth to death and everything in-between:

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